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How much ever embarrassing it may be, but constipation is an important health issue and something that you must certainly not ignore.  It is a condition which can affect anyone at anytime and it is generally caused due to improper dietary habits, faulty lifestyle, inadequate water intake, lack of physical activity and most importantly irregular habit of defecation.
If you find yourselves facing much difficulty in passing of stools, and if you are passing dry stools less than three times a week then you might probably be constipated. Also known as Rumex Crispus, yellow dock root is an effective herb generally prescribed in form of capsules or tea to improve general health. Being a medicinal plant with a lot of health benefits chicory is also used as a substitute for coffee. The seeds of the flax plant are an excellent source of dietary fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Rhubarb also known as ‘Turkey Rhubarb’ or ‘Chinese Rhubarb’ is traditionally used in Chinese medicines.
Cascara Sagrada is an effective laxative with digestive properties and it is also known as a ‘colon cleansing herb’. Senna is a fast acting powerful herb which is said to relieve constipation within 10 hours of its consumption. This is also a medicinal herb and a tea prepared of this herb is said to provide good relief for constipation.Usually, the aerial parts of the plant are more potent and hence an infusion prepared out of them could be a good laxative in treating constipation. The last time you were constipation you wished you had these natural constipation remedies. Natural Constipation Remedies such as floor exercises and eating foods for constipation is the best detox laxative. Besides drinking prune juice and doing only who knows what to do for constipation, there is a way in doing floor exercises such as flutter kicks, leg lifts, and L-shaped tilting that helps you quit being constipation just as fast as eating foods for constipation. As much as people are not likely to admit when you are trying to lose weight being constipated tends to be obstacle preventing you from getting slim impairing your metabolism. Before taking all the precautions to avoid being constipated, you may want to know more about how constipation affects your diet. It might not seem that way at first but the causes of constipation may be more diet related that you think. One reason why calorie cutting is not recommended is not just because it can often end up leaving your body in shock not knowing what to do or when your next meal will come but because it may make you constipated fast. Steep calorie counting goes hand in hand with low fat diets that are indeed too low to sure not to trigger constipation related problems in your body. Not getting enough water in your body or dietary fiber in your diet can often lead to complications such as constipation. When you are looking for a way to curve hunger pain away and even cure constipation drinking a cup of cocoa before breakfast is one option you have in your bag of tricks to helping your cure constipation fast. Cocoa gives you dietary fiber you need to remedy constipation cleaning out your digestive tract minimizing the bench time you spend waiting for your condition to get better. Dietary fiber you get from drinking cocoa as well as other foods good for constipation promote healthy gut flora that you can trust to have a positive outcome in your body.
Eating Caspian Sea Yogurt is said to help remedy constipation as well as promote healthy weight loss and reduce dry skin.
On top of being a great diet for constipation, yogurt reduces the number of bad bacterial in your gut helping your cleanse your body more thoroughly giving you less dry skin.
It may not be as bad as constipation but getting sick catching a cold can sit you on the bench waiting too long for your next serve if you are not careful.
Eating dry fruit such as prunes, dried figs, and mango give you portable fruit nutrition not to mention the dietary fiber you need to put a stop to constipation in your diet. Getting enough insoluble dietary fiber in your diet prevents constipation related issues from coming up preventing you from moving forward in your diet and exercise routine. The only problem with drying to get all the dietary fiber you need quit being constipated is eating too much because it tastes so good. With great health benefits you can see surfacing in your body the cabbage diet gives you what you need to reduce calorie consumption the natural way. Simplest natural body cleanse that works to flush the toxins out of your diet just by taking on the watermelon detox diet not to mention time-warped antiaging benefits.

There are many ways to get rid of constipation and any remedy that doesn't require taking a laxative is second to none. On top of the many other ways you can remedy constipation there is always the standstill of getting enough fiber in your diet. The flax oil naturally contains omega-3 fatty acids that play a vital role in lubricating the walls of the colon and smoothes the stools to have a great relief from constipation.
Castor oil has been used since ancient times as it is the most excellent home remedy for the constipation problem.
As the orange fruits are naturally rich in fibers and the olive oil forms a defensive covering around the walls of the colon and alleviates the bowel movement. Dates are naturally rich in iron and fibers and functions as a natural laxative for constipation. Pour ten cups of water to this mixture and boil it until the water is decreased to half the capacity. Since constipation becomes a never ending kind of health problem, people generally do not take medicines for this digestive disorder. Drinking prune juice and eating dried prunes on regular basis also helps in cleaning bowels. Drink a small glass of prune juice at bed time and eat 5-7 dried prunes sometime in the day. Due to constipation the bowels are not fully emptied from your body, and hence it may cause building up of toxins which again may seriously affect your immune system leading to numerous kinds of health ailments. However, treating this condition with the help of certain special herbs can give you great results without any side effects. It is actually the root of the yellow dock plant which is rich of nutrients like oxalates, tannins, anthraquinone and glycosides. These nutrients greatly help in inducing water secretion into the intestines hence acting as laxatives they help in relieving constipation. All the parts of the plants such as leaves, flowers and roots are said to be enriched with the properties to prevent all kinds of diseases and it promotes general health.The latex from this plant is a good laxative and a powerful remedy to relieve digestion related problems.
This herb is usually used to treat problems like gall bladder disorders, cancer, stomach upsets, constipation and loss of appetite.The roots of the chicory plant are a mild laxative and hence the intake of this herb in any form can provide relief in constipation. Apart from providing relief for other kinds of ailments, chickweed also provides great relief for stomach related problems. Having a cup of chickweed tea regularly promotes digestion and cures stomach upsets and constipation.
Ground flax seeds are said to lubricate the digestive tract and they act as intestinal cleansers.Hence, the intake of flax seeds can be a best remedy for problems related to indigestion and constipation.
The root of this herb is used for curing all kinds of stomach ailments and it proves much helpful in treating severe constipation.As it is a harsh purgative, the excessive usage of this herb is not recommended and it should be taken only when other milder herbs and changes in diet does not prove to be effective. The anthraquinone element present in this herb is a cathartic which helps in contracting the colon walls initiating an urge to pass bowels. This herb is available in the form of dried bark, liquid extracts or capsules. Due to the presence of anthraquinones and other important compounds it acts as a purgative agent.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. When you want to relieve constipation naturally the best home remedy is a combination of exercise and just eating right helping you quit being constipated alleviating bowel problems all while allowing you to detox your body. Despite eating right and exercising regularly constipation is something that just crepes up. The best diet for constipation combines eating foods to help with constipation with being active promoting healthy bowel movements.
Whether you are trying to lose weight are not, constipation has a negative effect on ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The little things you do to help get slim may be the very reason your progress right now are future effort may be slowed down when you are stuck being constipated. Not getting enough fat in your diet is just asking for constipation, which is why it is not included as one of the natural remedies for treating constipation. If you find yourself feeling constipated with the stress in your diet, changes are that you are not getting enough you time.
However, that doesn't mean that the superpower of helping you get rid of constipation isn't possible by eating bananas. If you find yourself eating bananas to ease constipation avoid freezing or cooking bananas reduce the effect it has on your core temperature and chance of destroying important digestive enzymes.

So if you don't want that to happen be sure to hydrate your body drinking water regularly throughout the day. On top of helping you ease through constipation, prunes give you antioxidants for antiaging.
With so many benefits such as helping to prevent overeating, why shouldn't you be getting more fiber in your diet?
Where you draw the line is exactly where you would while dieting, before getting carried away. Certain lubricant, stimulant and saline laxatives are employed to empty the colon for bowel or tests, and may be complemented by enemas under some conditions. There are numerous natural home remedies that can be employed to release the stools and stopping occurrences of constipation in total. The constipated stools will get hydrated to alleviate its passageway through the colon by drinking two glasses of lukewarm water.
This oil assists with the motivation of the walls of the colon and alleviates the bowel motion.
Prepare a mixture that contains equal amounts of orange juice and olive oil and drinking the juice so prepared once or twice a day. This barley water can be taken together with some other fruits to act as a superb laxative agent. Take this strained mixture two times a day in the morning and night to get great relief from constipation.
They are efficient in their performance and provide an ideal solution for treating laxative naturally.
It causes lots of problems like Indigestion, lack of appetite, flatulence, gas, stomachache, weakness (due to inadequate diet intake), etc. Others will also work but those varieties are not that effective as extra virgin olive oil. The following are some of the herbal remedies which can help you in treating constipation and save you from the health related issues arising out of it. Hence, having a tea made of dandelion can be best cure if you are suffering from constipation. This herb smoothen the muscles of the intestinal tract and facilitates the transportation of the digested food, thereby enhancing the peristaltic contractions and an urge to pass bowels.Senna pods are less powerful than the leaves.
Taking laxatives may be a home remedy for constipation but not something that mixes well with healthy eating. The aloe juice will not only provoke motion, but will also assist in the curing of the colon and stomach walls that might have been infected due to the constipation problem.
Castor oil as well assists in the avoidance of amalgamation of liquid from the intestine, which is the root cause for constipation. First, mix two tablespoons of licorice, a quarter cup of pearl barley, a quarter cup of raisins and a quarter cup of figs. Constipation makes one feel bloated all the time and one finds straining oneself while passing hard stools. A dosage of 300 mg capsule taken during bedtime helps in the easy passage of bowels in the next morning. Continue with this home remedy for a few days and soon you will find a difference in your bowel movements. These leaves are available in the form of tablets or capsules and the dried leaves of senna can be used for herbal tea preparations.

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