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About Me“The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his information and his recreation, his love and his religion. If you are a bit like me, maybe it is easier for you to work with printed documents when you are producing something at work. So, if it makes your work easier and it helps you increase your productivity, then print the documents you need.
A great habit that you should create at work to increase your productivity and work faster, is to prioritize. What you can do is to separate and organize the documents that you need to do certain activities and mark them with different color “post it” according to a priority or category.
Another thing you can do to remove clutter from your working space is to create the habit to have all your documents digitized.
Do not leave  useless documents on your desk only because you think they are too important to throw them away. This is a Lean Manufacturing strategy that works at any place and any time: organize your things according to the frequency of use and set a place for every single thing.
Rule #4: Keep visible anything you use on a daily basis, but use an organizer on your desk. By setting a place for everything you will be able to find things easier, save time and increase your productivity.
Synchronizing will make you save time, get better organized and definitely be more productive.
In the same way that technology keeps evolving to make us gain time, there are a few things that we can do to simplify our lives. Whether we talk about clutter at home or at work, having things out of their place can only cause time wasting. So, take a day and clean everything out, apply some lean principles and remove everything that you do not use very often.
Save the things that could be useful in a place that do not block your way and eliminate everything that you haven’t used in a year, especially those things that you don?t even remember you had.
Expressing your true feelings and communicating correctly (Not hurting people and transmitting the right message) will definitely simplify your life. Being involved in transformation projects, it is impossible for me not wanting to write about the methodologies that I like to apply. Taiichi Ohno, a Japanese business man who invented the Toyota Production system (that became later Lean manufacturing in the United States), is the father of one of the methodologies that creates huge impact in time and costs reductions in many processes and companies. However, both the client and the employee have to wait at some point (the client after ordering and the employee after preparing). I took the time to apply some of the tips from the group and other organizational skills to create a better place in my own house and to save some time. Applying Lean Management principles to my own place, I found out that sorting things out and setting a place for everything is a very effective strategy. In spite of our best efforts, there are things that we cannot change, and telling the other person every time that he (she) should or should not put things in a certain place can create a hostile environment instead of a harmonious one. Know your habits and those of the one you live with and make a space for those things you cannot change!
We do not have the same organizational skills, by separating spaces we can find a way to live in peace. Once you have sorted things out, gotten rid of the useless things, separated spaces and set a place for everything, it is time to make a commitment. Big thanks to everyone in the group Organizational Skills, Time Management & Project Management (OSTPM) for your very valuable pieces of advice!
In every career path and even in your personal life you will probably have to delegate the least important things for you. I had a project once, in a big company, and I had to work with one of those managers that makes you wonder: How did she ever made it there?
International Shipping - items may be subject to customs processing depending on the item's declared value. Your country's customs office can offer more details, or visit eBay's page on international trade.
Estimated delivery dates - opens in a new window or tab include seller's handling time, origin ZIP Code, destination ZIP Code and time of acceptance and will depend on shipping service selected and receipt of cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab. This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. Having a proper place to work will allow you to save time, increase your productivity, and simplify your working days. All of this will impact on your career and is part of your personal development.
Brushing your teeth, reading the news paper at a certain time, working out, reading, eating, etc. The digital era is amazing but sometimes you need to put your hands on a printed document, mark it and smash it if you will. On average, we can waste an hour per day only by looking for emails, documents and even meeting rooms or phone numbers.

Include fruits and vegetables in your daily meals and try to eliminate the flour, salt and sugar. When you communicate things, you will: avoid misunderstandings, avoid bad assumptions, reduce rework, gain time, create a space for agreement and team work, and even avoid the risk of diseases.
He managed to identify seven types of waste called MUDA (waste in Japanese) that can be eliminated from all the processes creating a new lean process, making the work flow easier and increasing the value to the customer. Waiting:In every process there is a moment when we have to wait, as a client or as an employee. Rework: Every defective unit means that it has to be remake and the client is not willing to pay for this.
Motion: this waste appears when the working layout is not placed correctly and the work does not flow easily. Processing: Some processes include activities that do not create value and delay other activities, making longer the processing time. Transportation: This type of waste, if is not controlled, can increase the costs in extraordinary levels.
And even if you work from home, I am sure that there are many wastes in your daily activities. We all have different characters and organizational skills, what is messy for me can be OK for you, and what is OK for me can be a mess for you. This does not mean that we will no longer share a life together under the same roof; it is simply a division of space that allows everyone to feel free to have the things as they want. For me, the easiest thing you can do is to divide the tasks according the highest values of the other person. As long as we are able to communicate the things that are bothering us and to involve everyone in the solution, we will get closer to a commitment.
Chaos is a natural tendency in the world and if we do not monitor the things and processes, they can all easily come back to chaos. There are a few methods that you can use to identify the urgent and important activities such as the Eisenhower method, the ABCD method, Pareto analysis, etc. I do not doubt that she was smart, but it was not a matter of intelligence, it was a matter of lack of organizational skills, time management and productivity.
While having clear what has to be done is extremely important, it also is choosing the right person for it.
It is not a matter of babysitting, but it is important to follow the progress and let the person know that you are there in case of any doubt.
Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. Moreover, you will send a great message to your team; they will see that you are an organized, rigorous and disciplined person. Well, if you know that you have the bad habit of having a cluttered working place, then I have a great news for you: it takes about 21 days to create a new habit! Do not accumulate useless documents that will mix up with the ones you actually need on a daily basis. Our body is a reflection of our thoughts, when we accumulate things, especially anger and frustration, our body will let us know that something is wrong through a disease or pain. It is a simple exercise and it is proven that when we can create in our minds the ideal life, we become automatically more creative, which make us invent more ways to approach to this ideal life.
So, whether you believe in creative visualization, this exercise will bring you at least some moment of happiness and a huge smile on your face, and this is already a great step into simplifying your life. The burgers are produced following a “pull” system (Which is a part of the Lean Manufacturing principles); meaning that they are only produced after the client has ordered them, therefore no product goes to waste.
It is better to spend a bit more time doing something correctly than having to spend double time having to make it twice. Let?s see another example: A secretary has to make at least 15 copies and 8 prints during her workday, but the printer machine is located on the floor above. For instance, when we need a payment approval and the validation process is made digitally through a validation click made by two managers but also a paper copy has to be signed by them. Having high levels of inventory is translated into higher costs of storage, maintenance and transportation. Even when it is more common in industrial activities, we can identify this type of waste in different services as well. Lean principles are applicable at all levels, all types of processes and, combined to other organizational skills, they even work to organize your own home.
From the moment we decide to live with someone, we need to set some organizational rules in order to create harmony. For instance, I have the tendency to put my hand bag in a small table when I got home, but usually this table is full of many things because it is too visible and is very easy for random things to land in there.
I used to live with my sister for quite a while, and she needed things to be extra clean at all times and me, I liked things clean and organized but I am not that strict.

Regardless the method you use, make sure you focus on the most important things for YOU and on your highest values. Every time I had to meet with her, I ended up wasting at least two hours and left the meeting with no clear instruction of what had to be done. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. There are many software and applications that can help you create an effective to-do list and save your meeting details in one place.
When you determine your highest values and you do the things you love the most, you automatically reduce the levels of stress. Moreover, when exercising becomes a habit, your body will ask you for more, which will reinforce your habit even more. But the dessert follow a “push” system, meaning that the product is done and is has to be “pushed” to the client. Let?s take our first example, the pizza order: if the pizza is cold and the client refuses to take it, this means that the transportation from the restaurant to the client?s house and back to the restaurant has been a waste.
A few weeks ago, I started a discussion in a very useful LinkedIn group and the answers I got were amazing! Take a look at your living room, your working space, your room; I am sure that there are many things that you haven’t touched in a while. So, I moved this table from this place and I put it next to my bed, leaving a blank space on the table for my bag when I arrive from work.  There is no more empty space for random things, it’s gone! Here at my home we say: “my space, my mess, my problem!” It makes things easier and reduces the disagreements. Finding a solution together is not communicating your organizational needs and imposing your rules, is to find a way that works best for everyone, even if it means that some things won?t be exactly as you wanted them. In a busy day, there are many activities to do, deadlines to meet, interruptions, urgent things to deal with, etc.
During the meeting, we both exchanged ideas and tried to find a solution but somehow the results were appalling. Delegating should be about sharing a vision and dividing activities according to each one’s highest values. Regardless the fact that the chosen person is the best for the activity, it is your responsibility to revise and make sure that the goal has been reached.
A whole hour, imagine all you could do in an hour if you didn’t have to waste your time looking for your keys, your t-shirts, or some files. If the employees make 3 cheese cakes in a day, a cake only last 3 days and only 4 slices of cake are sold, on average, per day, it means that at least 1.5 cakes will go to the garbage the third day. I asked for advice on organizational tips at home and how to create a system to solve the chaos. Take the things that you never use, that probably are blocking the space and making the cleaning process more difficult, and save them in a storage room, or the attic.
I also left a blank space in a table (smaller) in the corner for those who like to empty their pockets when arriving home. So, tasks division was fairly easy: I used to cook and she did the dishes, I used to clean but left things out of the way in case she wanted to clean again. And the reason for this was that, in general she could not identify what had to be done and what was my part on it. Make sure that the person you are delegating something to is good at it, is interested in it and will find value in this activity. Moreover, the employees will have to exploit their organizational skills to find a place to storage the three cakes for the next days.
The advantage of mastering great time management skills is that you can create a more balanced life while you still meet your deadlines and achieve your objectives. Evidently she needed to delegate a big part of the project to me but her message was not clear. Set a place for the things that could become handy at some moments, such as: scissors, tools, pens, scotch, etc.
I realized then, that getting good results is a combination of a good briefing a good comprehension. To sum up, if you are not clear about what has to be done and you do not provide with a mean to do it, do not expect an outstanding result, and be ready to do the work again.
Another advantage of labeling is that the people you live with (hopefully) will feel guilty for putting things in the wrong place.
Remember that it is always possible to create new habits to improve your organizational skills, the use of our time and space.

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