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Evogen is a company that will pop up every so often in my Instagram discover feed, and make me stop and be like ‘what the heck is that!’. Raspberry Lemonade (Best): I’m a lifelong ‘raz-lemonade’ fan so naturally this was the flavor that I chose for my tub of Evogen Carnigen.
Cherry Limeade (Worst IMO): I say it’s the worst but honestly all three flavors are at least palatable. If there’s a phrase that makes me shudder more than ‘stimulant-free’ I don’t think I’ve heard it.
Other than just improving my workout quality, I can honestly say that I have noticed some added leanness and definition in my thighs, calves, and even my neck and shoulders. On top of THAT, you have some added B-vitamins, and some Bioperine Black Pepper Extract to improve the uptake of the formula. That type of trust is incredibly powerful in the dietary supplement industry when everyone is trying to fight over your dollar.
The final thing I’ll touch on with regard to packaging is how nicely they’ve used contrast to bring your attention to critical elements on the label. Hi, my name is Allie and this blog is my hobby :) I am passionate about being fit and active, so making a blog about my experience with different products that help me stay healthy made sense to me. I was able to try samples of the cherry limeade and also the watermelon flavors (from my friends tubs’), but I am happy to say that (of course) my flavor choice was the best with the raspberry lemonade. They did a nice job of balancing out the sweetness with the sourness in this flavor, and the results are quite tasty. It was not quite as good as the raspberry lemonade, but Evogen has done a nice job with their watermelon as well. I think some companies have really done the cherry limeade flavor WELL (ie Pre Jym, Athena Intense), while others have more or less failed (C4 Ripped). The only reason I am not giving it an ‘A’ is that I don’t think I have taken it long enough to be able to say without a shadow of a doubt, ‘yeah Carnigen is a super effective fat loss supplement’. I would say my face and cheeks look a little bit leaner too, but I don’t want to jinx it, LOL. As I mentioned before, some companies get so caught up with adding more and more ingredients to a product that they end up with a Franken-Supplement that is really stretched too thin to be effective. This fat loss pre workout is just a tiny little scoop, but within that scoop is a strong dosage of pure Carnitine in four different forms. Unlike Rev Labs (Ugh I was in such a bad mood when I wrote the Revburn review LOL), Evogen has really top-notch branding and a look that you just trust instantly.

The white, almost pearly finishes on the Evogen products make you think you are getting the very top of the line, upscale products.
Similar to PES High Volume, and even the PES Select Protein, Evogen has done a nice job making the flavor callout very prominent and presented in a way that makes you want to instantly rip the seal off and try the product out.
Even though it will not be entered into the running for this years best pre workout rankings, I think you should really consider grabbing a tub, and ADDING it to your pre workout of choice. I’m going to categorize this as more of a stim-free pre workout because the instructions advise to take the product before you work out. I’m going to do a brief description of how each flavor tastes so that you can decide for yourself which one would be best for you.
What I like best about this flavor is that it does not taste super artificial and you get a very authentic taste of actual watermelon, which is rate for supplements with watermelon flavor. I’ve taken it just about four or five times now (I can’t remember) and I must say that my cardio sessions have been strangely effective.
And believe it or not, I forewent (yes, that’s a word)(Silicon Valley, anyone?), my pre workout to give Carnigen a real shot as a pre workout. The all-time favorite of mine is the L-Carnitine L-Tartarate because it has actually been heavily researched and proven effective at burning unwanted fat.
I do like how all the Evogen products share a consistent appearance with the whites and shades of blue. The other area of contrast is on the front panel, beneath the ‘Carnigen’ product title, it says ‘Convert Fat to Energy, and promotes recovery’. The stuff is fabulous on it’s own, but when added to a comprehensive pre workout formula, you have a fat-loss machine that is quite frankly without comparison.
There are so many of these little speciality brands that sometimes you forget about some of them- just like Evogen. Anways, from what I remember this guy is a super knowledgable bodybuilding trainer and most likely has a crazy acumen with regard to pros trained and their respective accomplishments. I would have liked to see them add some more sweetness to this flavor, instead of making it more about the sour. As you know from reading my pre workout reviews, (yes, this is my 60th one!), I have an, er, problem.
On two of the days, I will admit, I just added it to my own regular pre workout (Neon Volt), just to give it some added fat loss benefits before my cardio sessions.
The Acetyl L-Carnitine is my second favorite and is responsible for some added stimulant-free energy and focus.

It’s a minor detail, but I like how you look at the product and instantly are told what it is supposed to do.
MESOPUMP contains a custom formulation of extracts and nitric oxide precursors maximizing your body’s potential for energy, vasodilation, endurance, and minimizing effects such as fatigue and catabolism. There are some new lines starting to form on the outer calves that I didn’t have a week ago. There are still products out there where you look at them, and have no idea what it is supposed to. This nitric oxide l arginine energy boosting supplement works great for both men & women.What is Nitric Oxide NO2? If you are looking to buy Evogen Carnigen you should still go with the watermelon or raspberry lemonade though.
Of course alot of this can be tied back to the high-intensity cardio that I’ve been doing (rowing, mostly), but I really do attribute some of these new improvements to Hany Rambod’s Evogen product.
For example, my Onward energy drink review is a perfect example of what happens when a product just seems to have an identity crisis. But with Carnigen it is pretty clear that the purpose of this powdered fat burner is to, well, burn fat. As with all my reviews I’ll start this one off with a little bit of comedic off-the-hip chit-chat about what’s going on in my life. After that we’ll discuss the benefits and effects- meaning we’re going to bascially find out if Evogen works. We will then move into the supplement facts review where we take a look under the hood at what is in this supplement.
Finally we’ll get to the final review summary and award a final grade to this pre workout fat burner. So grab some coffee and get your reading glasses on- it’s time for my Evogen Carnigen review!

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