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Check out this Prime Male review including my own personal experience with it and find out! In 2014, TestoFuel had owned the top spot for most year, and later in the year, we came across Prime Male. The new ingredient formulation is the most powerful combination of ingredients with optimal doses that we have come across and it is the best testosterone booster for 2016 – HANDS DOWN! This product FLAT OUT GETS THE BEST RESULTS WE HAVE EXPERIENCED and thats the most impressive thing about it!
Read the review and you will see why Prime Male has re-claimed the #1 spot as the Best Testosterone Booster out there!
Prime Male is an incredible product produced by a company that clearly wants to give their customers the best possible product! Unless you know what to look for (like me) then you will not know any different, and it’s easy to fall prey to cheaper competitors offering substandard products. Prime Male contains the best possible quality and form of EVERY SINGLE ingredient it contains. Guys, if you’re looking for an the best testosterone booster with scientifically proven ingredients with meaningful dosages, then you need to take a look at Prime Male.
Prime Male is a test booster that is designed to to help any average guy add lean muscle mass and strength, increase energy, and even give your sex drive a real boost! Prime Male is designed to help you optimize your body so you can get the most out of it throughout the years, even well into your 40s, 50s, and beyond!
The key to this product’s massive market success is all about the scientifically proven highest quality and forms of ingredients it contains in combination with the perfect dosages that actually produce REAL RESULTS! Prime Male was the new king of testosterone boosters, however, its reign didn’t last for long when TestoGen entered the market in January of 2015. This testosterone booster was developed with the most powerful, pure, potent, and effective blend of twelve different ingredients that have been scientifically proven to give your body incredible benefits like boosting your natural testosterone levels, increasing your energy levels, revving up your sex drive, and significantly boosting your stamina! Prime Male spared no expense getting the highest quality and highest forms of scientifically tested and proven ingredients. Before looking at exactly what the ingredients are, I wanted to comment on the fact that I have conducted countless test booster reviews and have done endless hours of research on testosterone boosters and other muscle building supplements, and it is so important to understand that not all supplements are created equally. Offering the perfect symphony of ingredients and dosages that work in perfect harmony with each other is so critically important in determining the power and effectiveness of any supplement – especially test boosters!
Some test boosters include ingredients that claim to boost testosterone levels even though they have been scientifically studied and clinically proven to show that they actually have no testosterone boosting effect whatsoever. I’m not saying that these natural ingredients don’t provide any other health benefits, but when it comes to boosting testosterone, they just don’t do it. Other test boosters include proven testosterone boosting ingredients like Vitamin D or D-Aspartic Acid, but the dosages are too low to be meaningful or effective. A product brand can claim they have proven ingredients to boost testosterone, but it means nothing when they don’t give you the right dosages.
D-Aspartic Acid (1600mg) – one of the most powerful and proven ingredients to boost testosterone levels. Bio-Perine (10mg) – increases your body’s absorption rate of all these powerful test boosting ingredients by up to 20x! Boron (5mg) – the superior chelate form of Boron is used in this product to increases free testosterone up to 28% by decreasing the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).
Luteolin (60mg) – a very powerful aromatase inhibitor that puts the brakes on the production of the testosterone-killing hormone called estrogen!
Mucuna Pruriens (300mg) – its primary function is to prevent the depletion of free testosterone, but that’s not all, it also is a natural source of L-Dopa which increases both testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH)! Nettle Root 10:1 Extract (160mg) – natural compounds in the nettle root bind with SHGB which frees up more testosterone for your body to use. Vitamin B6 ( 7.5mg) – stimulates androgen receptors which provide the signal to your testes to start producing more testosterone. Vitamin D3 (5000 IU) – low Vitamin D levels in men have been directly linked to low testosterone levels and even decreased life span. Vitamin K2 (45mcg) – Prime Males uses a high quality and form of K2 called Menaquinone-7 which is much more effective than other cheaper forms.
Zinc Citrate (30mg) – you need luteinizing hormone (LH) to stimulate the production of testosterone, and zinc citrate releases more LH so your body can produce even more testosterone!
It cannot be understated how impressive the ingredients formulation of Prime Male really is. Not only that, they chose to only use the highest quality and forms of all the ingredients included.
Finally, they didn’t short-change you on the dosage levels of each of the ingredients. I am so thoroughly impressed with the new formulation of ingredients and dosages in Prime Male. You won’t find a single testosterone booster out there with an ingredients and dosage formulation that is as powerful and proven as this! First things first – I decided that I was going to use Prime Male for 3 months to see what kind of results I would get.
I decided to cycle Prime Male for 1 month on and 1 week off for 3 months straight to get a fair sense of whether this product worked or not. To me, cycling supplements (and even types of exercises) keeps the body from adapting to them and so it maximizes the benefits of them when you are on the cycle. Full transparency, I went into this with positive and high expectations because I had already tried and liked the old formula, and when I saw the changes they made in the new formula, I knew this test booster was going to be kick ass. Look, if you read this entire review, it’s difficult to find things to NOT like about Prime Male. Prime Male uses the highest grade of all their ingredients, they use the most proven and tested ingredients, and they provide you with the most optimal and meaningful dosages. Check out the pricing table comparison of our Top 3 testosterone boosters of 2016, and you can see that Prime Male is more expensive than the #2 (Testogen) and #3 (TestoFuel) winners.
I changed my focus to the fact that I was buying a product that did what I wanted it to do, and I was willing to pay for the best results. After 4 weeks of using Prime Male, it really felt like my energy and vitality did when I was in my 30’s!
The extra energy seemed like it was giving me just the boost I needed to start getting over the hump on lifting exercises that I had been struggling with for a while. It was right around the 4 week time period where I started also noticing a consistent overall increase in my sex drive.
I continued using the product for the full three months, and I can honestly say that this is the best test booster I have ever personally used, and the reason is because it PRODUCED THE BEST RESULTS for me! I increased the amount I could lift in every exercise I did, so not only was my strength increased, but it also produced a nice increase in lean muscle mass.
I also have to say that I have really enjoyed the boost in overall energy and especially the boost in my libido! Part of what goes into the TBR voting process for choosing the best testosterone boosters is checking out other reviews on the products and especially checking out customer testimonials and feedback. Normally, I’m not a big fan of endorsement videos like this, but after I watched it, I was actually pretty impressed.
You always need to take care and caution when putting anything into your body because there could always be an odd corner case side effect.
However, having said that and after going through all the ingredients in this product, I have not come across any research or analysis that suggests there are any adverse side effects associated with any of the ingredients in Prime Male. I think it’s safe to say that there is significantly low risk of experiencing any adverse side effects.
Prime Male is not the cheapest T-booster on the market, but you certainly get what you pay for.
THE VERDICT IS IN – The new Prime Male formulation has regained its crown as the best testosterone booster on the market!

If you really want to boost your testosterone levels, and increase your energy, vitality, strength, and libido, then look no further than Prime Male! The previous formulation late in 2014 was good enough to unseat the long-time king of test boosters, TestoFuel.  Then TestoGen came in and barely edged Prime Male out of the top spot.  Now, with a new and improved formulation of ingredients and dosages, Prime Male is back in the driver’s seat as the market-leading top dog testosterone booster! Bottom Line – Prime Male actually works and does what it is supposed to do!  What a concept, right?
It has the highest quality and forms of proven ingredients and meaningful dosages to make this product the most powerful and effective test booster for 2015. It’s the only product on the market that has this set of ingredients and there isn’t a competitive product that even comes close!
If you really want to get a rock hard body you can do it all without using steroids but you most likely are not going to get the quick and big results that you want. There are some steroids that work slowly but if you get the right ones you are going to see amazing gains in a very short time. Whenever using Dianabol you get a powerful formula that will mimic the steroid Methandrostenolone.
Dianabol (D-Bal) is a fast acting formula that boosts your strength and stamina as it enhances your nitrogen retention and rapidly increases muscle mass. You will get amazing pumps with the increased oxygen transportation and you will see the muscles being stacked up. Anadrol (Anadrole) mimics the anabolic effects of Oxymethalone but doesn’t give you the side effects that come with it.
Anadrol increases strength and protein synthesis and quickly increases your ability to pack on lean muscle.
This all-natural testosterone booster has been formulated from the extract Tribulus Terrestris. There are both anabolic and androgenic properties in this steroid and it helps to increase protein synthesis for strength gains as well as the reduction of body fat while enhancing things like sex drive and even fertility.
When you use Testosterone MAX (Test-Tone) it promotes massive muscle gains and protein synthesis. You can use Testosterone MAX in both the bulking and cutting cycles and it is even a medical alternative for erectile dysfunction. When you buy your products from a reputable company however, you will get the info you need on how to use each product or stack the proper way for the maximum results.
The name of this package should give everything away, with Crazy Bulk’s Bulking Stack designed for those of you who want to pack on the muscle. Crucially, rather than subjecting your body to wicked side effects, all four products are made completely naturally. Crazy Bulk have put these together based on scientific evidence, but there are real results behind its success as well. We should add a final point about Crazy Bulk, and just how established this company really is.
Cutting Stack will work to drain you of the dreaded body fat, allowing your muscles to shine through to rippling effect. It will also give you an extra boost of energy which will make those grueling workouts easier, and make the recovery period faster as well. Just like the previous product we looked at, Cutting Stack is a combination of four different items. Those of you who have used steroids before can breathe a sigh of relief as well; there are no needles here, each of the products is consumed in capsule form.
Gone are the days when you’ll have to slog it out at the gym for six months to see the benefits. Anything that has been holding you back before is not able to hold you back anymore because you have the best steroids on your side. You will be the energy and envy at the gym as all of the other guys look at you and wonder what you have been doing to get so pumped.
Whenever you go on the website to purchase you can see the different recommendations that are available so you can properly stack them if you are not used to taking steroids.
These steroids are powerful enough on their own but if you really want to get those extra results it won’t hurt to put some extra into your body to get those results.
Sign up for our newsletter, Get the latest tips on fitness, workout, style, dating and a lot more! A good, legal and efficient lean muscle building stack is every bodybuilder’s dream come true. It is extremely safe and side effect free and will give you the best increase in muscle mass in the shortest time. It helps in improving protein synthesis and collagen synthesis due to which the recovery time greatly improves and muscle and joint inflammation is greatly reduced.
During cutting, when your caloric intake is low, you usually lose a lot of gained mass instead of fat but due to IGF-1 you don’t lose any mass. It promotes better blood flow to the muscles hence better nourishment for the muscles is ensured.
These are the best selling muscle building stacks in the market and you can choose one according to your needs. Some people are of the view that losing fats and building muscles at the same time is not possible. Yes, it is possible to lose fats and build strong muscles by proper diet and regular exercise. Genetic freaks are doing this process naturally and Steroid users intake different steroids which lead to the above mentioned processes at the same time. As mentioned that people can lose the fats and build the muscles at the same time, so let us discuss that how this is possible. If anyone is really serious about his body physique and wants to make it attractive, than he should intake low calories diet. From the above knowledge, it is clear that though steroid is helpful to body but it also have side effect.
Experts also advice that people should get enough sleeps daily because less sleeping in hindrance to both fat losing and muscles building. Should take such supplements which are free from steroids and any side effect to enhance the processes of losing fat and providing energy for muscles building.
In addition to these advices, if someone is finding that this is causing negative effects to the body, then consult the experts immediately. The views of most of the people are proven wrong by the fact that people can lose fats and build muscles side by side. Although, steroids are the alternatives of diet and exercises but it contains some harmful chemicals which can cause negative effects to the body. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
The information located on this website is intended for educational use only, has not been evaluated by the US FDA and cannot substitute the professional health care advice.
This product was the only product that was able to knock off TestoFuel from the top spot as the Best Testosterone Booster on the market.
Even though it wasn’t by much, TestoGen beat Prime Male to become the best test booster in early 2015. They were inspired to come up with a new and improved ingredients formula that would be the most powerful and potent synergistic blend of natural testosterone boosting ingredients ever.
The Citrate form of magnesium used by Prime Male is much higher quality and it is absorbed significantly better in the body than other lower quality forms of Magnesium. It also has the added benefit by increasing your body’s absorption rate of the other ingredients in the product.
There are numerous studies that show that men with higher levels of Vitamin D also have higher testosterone levels. To me, 3 months is a good amount of time to give a product the time it needs to produce meaningful results if it’s going to do it.

Getting a new infusion of energy kind of sets off a positive domino effect for the other goal benefits I was looking for. I have to tell you that really made me feel younger and revitalized again – especially as a 48-year old!
It was really reaffirming to me to see so many other positive Prime Male reviews and so much positive user feedback from other men that are taking Prime Male! Building your body to a massive size without the use of steroids can be very frustrating as you workout multiple times per day or per week and see very little results. It creates a highly active anabolic environment and allows for the increase of Nitrogen retention in your muscles.
You will notice blood flow is in optimum operation during exercise and that you have more focus and drive.
This potent anadrol anabolic formula increases the production of red blood cells and helps to delay fatigue. You can see huge muscle gains of about 15-20 pounds in lean muscle mass in the first cycle. Your red blood cell production will have increased oxygen delivery to muscles and gently improve nitrogen retention. You will be able to use this to amp up your bulking and strength cycles with no injections since you can take it orally. It has been designed to spike the production of testosterone in the body safely and effectively with no negative side effects.
In short, they simply refer to the amount of time that you will be using a particular steroid. Most men will stick to an 8-12 week cycle, before having an off-cycle period of a similar length.
The name gives a lot away here, as stacks just refer to when an athlete is using multiple steroids at any given point.
A lot of athletes have found that by taking advantage of two types of steroids, the rewards can be multiplied terrifically. It’s all about finding a stacking formula that is going to work effectively for your goals. It contains DecaDuro, TBal75, D-Bal and Testosterone Max – allowing you to tackle muscle growth from umpteen different angles. You’ll be able to pile on the muscle much faster while recover from workouts at speeds like never before. Crazy Bulk suggest that it will take just thirty days before you start experiencing the results. This means that you won’t suffer any ill-reactions whatsoever; Bulking Stack is completely safe to use and won’t cause any harm whatsoever.
For example, most men who have used the product seem to be able to increase their bench by at least 15 lbs.
This company have been around for years and are the brand behind some of the most successful legal steroids around.
While this is the primary aim of the modern-day man, there are times when we also need to cut fat and chisel your body to perfection. Crazy Bulk have devised a package that will net you bulging results without putting any strain on your body whatsoever. Most men are losing up to 5% of body fat – this is a tremendous loss that will transform your body, and transform what others think of you as well. This company has built a business on legal steroids; as they are one of the few enterprises out there who make them so well. You have to remember to put in the proper diet and exercise so you can get the amazing pump that you want.
You can be proud to share the information with them so if they put in the work they can get pumped too. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Body building is serious business and to get best results and optimize the outcome of all the hard work it is important to take right and legal supplements.
Here you are going to read all about the best muscle building supplement stacks you can hope to find.
All the ingredients mimic the effects of steroids and hence, give the results without any side effects.
One of them is bound to fit your needs perfectly and make your body building experience more rewarding. This is because they haven’t bothered to do such exercises which burn the fats and build the muscles simultaneously.
Actually, losing fats require burning of calories while building muscles require consumption of calories.
Fat beginners join different gyms or take assistance of experts for different exercises and proper diet while people who are regaining lost muscles intake maximum protein diets which permit them to regain the lost calories without increase in the weight. Following are the ways for how people can lose unwanted fats and build the muscles at the same time.
By this, most of the digestive hormones of the body will react on the fats and burn them effectively. The article provides guidance for the people who are tired of their over weight and weak muscles.
So, people should follow the advices of experts in order to lose their weight and build muscles side by side. But it also means a more effective product. Prime Male likely costs more to make than its competitors. You simply take this steroid orally and you will notice amazing results in size, confidence and strength. This means you get increased protein synthesis and the strength and size comes immediately. It provides amazing strength gains and helps to increase lean muscle mass as well as gives you vigorous energy for insane workouts. The market is full of a variety of supplements but to find the ultimate muscle building stack that is efficient and has no harmful side effects is a pickle. The energy released by body will eventually be consumed by the muscles when people will do exercises.
So, by taking proper diets and daily exercises, people can lose the fats and use the decomposed energy for muscle building. After taking Prime Male for 3 months, I am now at 203 lbs, and I now have a goal to get under 200 lbs, which I haven’t done since I was in college!
But because of this it is also significantly more effective (I can personally attest to this!).
It provides energy to the consumer for hard workout and enhances the metabolism rate of the body side by side. Although, using steroids have benefits but it also causes harmful effects to the body due to different chemicals used in it.
Check out the medical research that shows how D-Aspartic Acid can increase testosterone levels in just 13 days! Experience Improved Sexual Drive and Performance, CLICK here to buy Testosteroxn on the official site nowWhat is Testosteroxn?Testosteroxn  is considered to be one of the best all-natural top testosterone boosters currently on the market.Boost Testosterone. Yes – your purchase is covered with 7-Days Money Back Guaranteed!DISCOUNTS and GIFTSGet A Bottle FREE. If you in South Africa, Australia, Afghanistan, Europe, you pay a mere $12.99 for all your order!CLICK here to Order Max Testostrone OnlineGo read more about detailed muscle enhancing aids report.

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