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Since the CERT funding scheme came to an end last year, we’ve had several people ask us if there will still be funding for free insulation in 2013.
A surprising amount of water goes into producing some of the everyday things we consume, from T-shirts to chickens to car tyres.
There are thousands of iPhone and Android apps out there to help you save energy in the home and on the road.
In this week’s Top 5 we have Hollywood directors, ethical paper, an actual real-life freeze ray, gigantic wind turbines and volcano power! For some years now, companies such as ours have been offering free retro-fitting of cavity wall insulation as part of a government effort to reduce the country’s carbon emissions. You might think finding energy-saving window treatments that are still attractive decor elements is a difficult task. 3 Day Blinds offers the best of both worlds with high-quality custom window treatments that are energy-efficient.
The construction of our Cellular Shades, (also called Honeycomb Shades) makes them ideally suited for increasing energy efficiency in the home. Our Cellular Blinds, also known as Flexcell Honeycomb Blinds, are among the most versatile energy-efficient efficient window treatments we offer.
From playful to elegant, 3 Day Blinds’ Roller Shades come in a wide range of colors and patterns.
Like many of our other offerings, our Curtain and Drapery Panels are available in room-darkening and light-filtering fabrics.
One of the best ways to save money and build your savings account is to work hard at reducing your electric bill. If you are lucky enough to live in a state with a deregulated energy industry, take advantage of the opportunity to shop around!
It might cost a few extra bucks a month but it’s worth the cost to opt-in to a renewable energy source plan.
Turn off the lights when you aren’t using them (install motion detectors if you have a hard time remembering to do this). This is more of a money tip than a power savings tip: budget at least 5-10% more for your utility bills than you think you should need (use your largest power bill over the last twelve months to get this number). As a special tribute to our readers, Gridpar has provided a custom solar calculator to estimate approximate energy saving you can achieve by adopting Solar. With the brand new AC system being installed in our home, we expect to see major drop in summer energy bill, we are also planning to use more of the table fans. SB is a husband and working as a software professional for a Fortune 100 corporation in Florida. You can receive free full-text articles from One Cent at a Time in your email inbox by entering your email below. With the many changes we made, our current budget amount is under $140 per month-a savings of around $300 a month.

I now spend my time showing others how they can do the same thing, which to many is a God-send in this economy. Thanks for the tips, hopefully your readers will take it to heart and make some simple changes that will drastically improve their economic lives.
In my household, we do not use the dryer( allowing for the clothes to come out softer than if dried by machine) and try to use as much natural daylight before having to turn on the house lights. This site will look it's best if you upgrade to a newer version — click here to find out how. This week we have solar-powered planes, eco-friendly shopping centres, hybrid tanks, expensive petrol and a solar-powered tablet computer. This infographic from Loch Ness Water Gardens reveals which products are the worst culprits, along with six handy tips to reduce your personal water footprint.
Normally this is done by drilling a few small holes into the walls of a house and blowing rockwool insulation into the cavity. Actually, there a variety of energy-saving window treatment options that will look fantastic in any home and are extremely functional. Selecting the right options can not only save you money, but it can also help you to reduce your carbon footprint. They trap air in their hexagon-shaped cells, just like your blanket traps air around you, keeping drafts out.
Choose room-darkening fabrics for windows that let in a lot of solar energy, and you might be surprised at how much it lowers your cooling costs during the warmer months.
Like our Cellular Shades, these blinds provide an excellent thermal barrier for your windows.
Paired with another window treatment such our Flexcell Honeycomb Blinds, they are elegant and functional, adding another layer of style, insulation and light control. Think about it: the lower your power bill (and other utility bills), the more money you have in your pocket that you can either save or use for other things you need. Almost every deregulated state (and a few that don’t) have websites where the different utility company rates and reviews have been compiled to give you a quick and easy way to compare benefits. Your power is already automatically partly supplied by renewable or sustainable sources but there are programs that will give you 100% of your power this way. Solar powered device chargers cost money but, over the course of their lifetime, they’ll save you more on your power bills than it cost you to buy the charger to begin with. At the outset, LED lights are by far the most expensive lighting option, coming in at an average of $20 per bulb. Estimate how much you can save money and contribute to environment by using the calculator below today! Your email will only be used for subscription, and each email will include a link you may use to unsubscribe at any time.
We do however have a separate gas line so in the winter months our electricity plummets while the gas goes up.

It really wasn’t that hard or expensive, but we are very conscious of every watt we use. Energy resources are not infinite and I think most will agree that we need to save energy for future generations. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.
The opinions expressed herein by him are his own and not those of his employer or anyone else. Fitting large windows and sliding doors with Vinyl Verticals can help keep homes warmer during the winter by trapping heat inside the home, and cooler during summer months by blocking out solar energy. They are also available in room-darkening fabrics, which make cooling your home much less costly. Here are some practical and important ways to save power while substantially increasing your savings. Just to emphasize how important it is to your finances and the overall betterment of the world we live in to save energy consumption. Opt-in so that you won’t feel guilty about the power that you do still use (even after you make the following adjustments). It’s even worth it to get the upgrade so that these chargers can power up your laptops or tablet computers as well as smaller portable devices like phones, mp3 players, etc. The US Energy Information Administration report finds decreased energy consumption per household in 2012 compared to the previous years. We found a company that was able to charge us a few cents less than the main company in our area. Most of the new appliances in the market consume less energy than their older counterpart, so in my case I make it a point to check out the energy consumption of the appliances I have at home especially the ones that tend to consume a lot of energy and are already outdated to see which ones I need to replace. They use less power than incandescents (some as much as 80% less) and even less power than CFLs (LEDs “beat” CFLs in power savings by 10-15%).
They are one of those smaller companies that piggy back off the main company’s lines.
As a result, we save enough energy that our utility company gave us a 20% discount on our February bill. Our landlord will soon replace the AC system, before the summer really kicks in here in Florida.
We consume 40% less energy than the national household average of $2024 per year, a little solace! They can save you hundreds of dollars in power savings over the course of their lifetime, which makes the initial $20 investment well worth it.

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