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LikeA eating healthy during pregnancy, eating healthy while breastfeeding involves getting the right balance of good for you foods. Eating nutrient-rich foods throughout the day will maximize the lack of energy you will have as a new mom. Aim to get the following servings of nutrient-rich foods as a regular part of your diet: Trust me, your body and baby will thank you! And while your doctor may say you can eat ANYTHING after baby is born including sushi, unpasteurized cheese, etc.

If youa€™re nursing, the quality of your breast milk will pretty much stay the same regardless of what you choose to eat. Keep in mind some foods may not agree with baby such as excess of caffeine, chocolate, broccoli, beans and too many high fiber foods.
Its easy to fall off the clean eating plan but trust me, both you and baby still need to eat foods that boost energy and give you stamina to be the best mom to your little one. So making sure youa€™re getting all the nutrients you and your baby needs will benefit both of you.

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