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She was distinction holder during her academics received MNAMS from National Academy of Medical Sciences.
Done extensive work implementing and customizing big JIRA instances for Project Tracking, Test Management, Support Tickets and Agile tracking. LAPAROSCOPIC surgeries result in faster recovery, lesser stay in the hospital, gives less pain and results in better healing. This is usually preceded by a phase of irregular periods, which can involve abnormal vaginal bleeding and unstable hormone levels.

To reach here you can either get off at Punjabi Bagh or Kohat Enclave Metro Statio and take an Auto. Less common are genital herpes (which can also be transmitted by oral sex, Human Papilloma Virus (responsible for cancer of the cervix, genital warts, vulval and penile cancer), syphilis, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. We offer Antenatal packages in consultation with the Obstetrician who does fortnightly check-ups. Patients with High Risk Pregnancies those who have heart disease, previous pregnancy losses, growth retarded babies are looked after thoroughly in conjunction with medical specialists.

Our pregnancy outcomes are excellent due to the superior pre-pregnancy and pre-natal care that is provided.

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