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If ever there was a permanent cure for migraine, homeopathic medicines are the only one that can do this miracle. Glonoine, I have used it as a general medicine for migraine and have succeeded in many obstinate cases of migraine. Listing of Belladonna here at number 2 in this article, doesn’t mean that it is any less effective than glonoine.
I have used this medicine for migraine headaches that are attended with severe nausea and vomiting.  Nausea can be so strong that the patient is not relieved by even by vomiting. I ma having severe headache and the same time acidity problems also starts mostly after travelling. I am suffering from headache from the last 20 years and my headache is occuring only on one last for one to two days and after that the headache on the other side starts and it also last one to two days. My request to u is to tell me d name n dosage of such medicine so that whenever she has this pain, i can instantly give her d medicine.
Respected sir fast 5 yo 10 years I am suffering from migranil headache, now I want this headache medicine, I am living in Chennai,Thanking you, manoharan.
My self shubhangi shitole and I 21 years old.i suffering from strong headache on forehead,nose,pressure on eyes,that effect me to unable to see infront also. I cant do my daily work thats why properly even eating also this problem is from augast 2015.

I m 33 yes old and suffering from right side half cc migrain from last 14 yes from head to leg.
My wife was operated for brain tumor in February, 2012 in IVth ventricle and tumor and she was getting recovery but suddenly she has started severe headache specially on the forehead. Herbal supplements & natural remedies, ayurveda herbs, World' leading herbal remedies natural supplements.
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Vertigo treatment details - natural cure , (traditionally believed to be useful in vertigo accompanied by hormonal imbalances and migraines) the freedom kit with om 10 vrt formula is a combination of natural.
There are no hardcore specific symptoms to prescribe Glonoine but general features of migraine like congestive headaches, throbbing headaches. Most of the time headache also starts from air coming from car windows if i closed my ears with cotton then that time i dont get in to this problem. Symptoms that lead to prescribing glonoine in headache are quite similar to glonoine as both of them are used for congestive headaches. The top five homeopathic medicines that I have found to work best to cure migraine headaches are Glonoine, Belladonna, Iris Versicolor, Epiphegus and Nux Vomica. Other indication when Glonoine is strongly indicated is that Head feels enormously large as if the skull were too small for the brain.

We started homeopathic medicine but never got to know d name as he used to give two small bottles with tiny sweet balls in each. Main indication for use of belladonna is headaches that become worse with light, noise, jar, lying down.
Recently I took homeopathy medicine for it.I have some white spots on the body so when I took the homeopathy medicines ,in 5-6 days I felt aggravation in white spots. When pain starts inside the head, it feels like hammering, eye becomes heavy and nose getting block. Another very important indication for Glonoine is the strong relationship that headaches have with sun. Another important indication for belladonna in Migraine is that headaches tend to aggravate in the afternoon. I have used glonoine in various potencies ranging from 30c to 10m depending upon the merits of the case.

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