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Available in a tangy flavour that tastes good, Glucose D from the house of BeSure is a delicious way to rejuvenate yourself. I started drinking Glucose D as I take part in various sports and like to stay at the top of my game.
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Trans-fat and cholesterol free, MCT Energy Booster Powder can be used as a healthy creamer in beverages to strengthen the immune system. Add 1-2 teaspoons or your desired amount of our MCT Energy Booster Powder into your everyday drinks, shakes, coffee, food, etc, hot or cold! Consisting of various rich nutrients like sucrose, glucose, vitamins, minerals and salt, this energy drink comes in a powdered form which can be easily mixed in water. Kids can be tough to handle and Glucose D helps me stay energised and on my toes the whole day.
This again adds up further to the environmental factors and the pressure of fulfilling our family commitments, which causes our mind and body to stress out. MCT Energy Booster Powder is also suitable for convalescing individuals and elderly folks who are in need of an instant source of energy.
Although made keeping in mind the special needs of athletes and sports people, Glucose D is safe and rejuvenating to one and all.

All these things take a toll on our stamina, affecting our energy levels; and hence, we keep feeling tired and lethargic all throughout the day.
Now, we are all aware of the fact that whatever we eat has a great impact on our body’s stamina. A healthy lifestyle and diet will definitely help you stay fit in the long term, but what if you need a quick boost in your energy level?
What if you are not actually hungry but still are feeling depleted of stamina and need to give yourself an instant pick up? One of the easiest ways to give a kick start to your energy level is by paying attention to your sugar levels.Consuming sugar foods have been a very effective methodology to give a temporary yet instant gearing up of your endurance levels. This trick has been around from a very long time, and the question that arises here is, how do sugar foods boost energy level? So, here in this article, let's discuss how and in what ways sugar foods boost energy levels.
Quick Increase Of Energy In The Body Every time you eat a sugary food, the sugar in it takes almost no time to dissolve and instantly rises the level of glucose in the bloodstream, which in turn results to a quick increase of energy in the body.
This uplifts the stamina even though temporarily, and it gets you going at least when you need to do so. The human body uses blood sugar more like a fuel to burn up and generate high level of energy for the body to function.
The raise in energy level is quite proportional to the amount of sugar consumed by the person.

So, consuming a large amount of sugar foods can raise a person's energy level to a great extent, though for a certain time duration only. Sugar Foods Have Sucrose In Them In a human body, the somatic cells principally need glucose for energy. However, the molecules of this very dietary sweetener are made of two simple monosaccharides, which are fructose and glucose. Help In Insulin Regulation To Provide Energy When we consume sugar foods, our body gets glucose from them. As a result, the pancreas releases insulin that ultimately signals the somatic cells of the body to begin the absorption of the glucose. The cells are fueled up with the energy and this entire process results in the raising of energy levels. Provides ATP For Metabolic Processes When cells absorb glucose from the blood stream, they break it into two molecules of pyruvate. This is then transferred to the mitochondria, which further processes it to yield adenosine triphosphate or ATP, which is the basis of all the metabolic processes in the body. Sugar Foods Are Instant Energy Boosters As sugar is high in glucose content and also can be digested easily by the body, it is a power house of instant energy.

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