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Chemotherapy may be administered to your patents (Brest Cancer) prior to surgery to shrink the tumor and provide a systemic treatment to effect – or after surgery. Woman fear Chemotherapy more than probably any other part of their Breast Cancer Treatment.
The oncologists instruct the patient to take her prescribed medication during Chemotherapy and she is advised not to take supplements, vitamins or herbal preparation without the doctor’s advice. When Chemotherapy is administered before surgery the patient and her doctor can actually see how effective the drug are in specifically destroy her cancer cells because the tumor in the breast will get smaller 40% of the time. The patient are assessed by physical examination before starting Chemotherapy and if needed dental scaling or treatment is completed before Chemo, as during Chemotherapy dental cleaning and extraction is not recommended. The patient need to inform her oncologist of any symptoms or side effects she is having so that they can be adequately heated as they occur.

Exercise is a good way to control fatigue Blood work will be done at specific intervals to monitor your whole blood cell counts. In most cases, Yes as long as patients are travelling to an area where good medical care can be received urgently if necessary. The decision regarding the need for Chemotherapy is based on histopathologic feature of the tumor known from biopsy and from breast imaging studies, and from other possible staging information.
Most women today do not experience this problem with the use of modern prophylactics antiemetics. However it is recommended that patients do not travel during their first cycle of Chemotherapy, because at that point the side effects and tolerance of the therapy are unknown.
Patients need to see the oncologist starting their treatment to address routine health maintenance issues.

She should also avoid being around people who are sick with respiratory illness such as flu or cold. But dear readers the hair loss following Chemotherapy is always reversible, and it usually response after 1n half– 2 months following completion of Chemotherapy.
It should not deter the patients from agreeing to Chemotherapy, when recommended as part of the treatment.

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