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If you want low maintenance, hassle-free hair that is smooth and straight, make an appointment at iLLustria Hair Salon in Milwaukee for a Brazilian Blowout keratin Treatment today!
Please join us on Saturday, October 13, 2012 as we support The Dragonfly Foundation with a fun-filled day of music, food, laughter and encouragement.
I found this super cute video from our friends at Nature’s Knockout and thought it “highlighted” exactly what we love about this pencil so well. ELIXIR 11 – A multipurpose miracle treatment that protects your color and strengthens your hair. Elixir 11 is perfect for use on wet or dry hair because it gives hair a soft healthy feel and doesn’t weigh it down.
The very first product ever created by Jane for the jane iredale makeup line, was Amazing Base. When you first open your brand new Amazing Base, you will notice that there are a series of holes in the top plastic, covered by a clear sticker. Come in the month of July for our ‘Summer Time Fusion Extension Special’ and receive 20% off the list price!

While supplies last, get ANY SoZo 8.5oz Shampoo for FREE when you buy a 1-Liter SoZo Silk Protein Conditioner. We just finished a new video at Bajon Salon & Spa and wanted you to be one of the first to see it.
Each of the principals at the Salon has over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry.
We provide excellent and individualized service to all customer, we strive to offer a pleasant and satisfying experience to our customers.
We take our last walk-in one hour before close and our last chemical two hours before close.
Not only is this pencil great to use on your eyes, it is also fantastic for your lips, cheeks, and even your nose! I recommend poking 4-5 of the holes in that sticker at first, screwing the top back on, tipping the foundation over and gently tapping the bottom 3 times. It was weightless, good for your skin, contained a broad spectrum sun protection SPF 20…and it is still all of these things!

When you flip Amazing Base right side up and carefully unscrew the top, you should have enough powder for your first application.
Simply call and book your Fusion Extension consultation, and get those beautiful long locks you’ve always wanted.
Nearly 20 years later, Amazing Base continues to be one of the great hero products of the jane iredale makeup line. If you feel you need more powder during your application process, you may pop more holes or peel that sticker off all together. That is why today I wanted to write about this product, one of the most powerful tools you can have in your makeup bag, for everything from everyday coverage to major concealing.

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