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Hand eczema, which occurs slightly more often in women, begins as very itchy small bumps that appear along the sides of the fingers and then develops into a rash. Dyshidrotic eczema symptoms include small itchy blisters or bubbles along the side of the fingers and the palms of the hands. Fungal infection - In some patients, a distant fungal infection may result in symptoms of hand eczema. Colds and allergies - Dyshidrotic eczema is sometimes associated with skin conditions resulting from colds and allergies. Diet - A small percentage of individuals with hand and foot eczema have noted flares in their condition after ingesting metal salts, specifically cobalt, chromium, or nickel.

Emotional stress - Dyshidrotic eczema often appears during times of stress, anxiety, or worry. Once someone has suffered an episode of hand eczema, the risk of having another one increases greatly. Approach your eczema treatment understanding that past failures in treating your skin do not have to be repeated.
Examine your current treatment regimen and discard what didn’t work, let it go and move on. Identify the things that make your skin react and if possible avoid them and if that trigger or allergen can’t be avoided, then find ways to minimize the impact.
Be alert to what you actually wash your hands with, hand sanitizer will dry your skin and in many studies has been shown to actually cause more germ resistance thereby being totally ineffective in its intended purpose. Simply wash the affected area using warm water and fragrance-free cleanser such as Neutrogena (the transparent facial bar) "dry skin formula - fragrance free" is very good option as is the Dove 'Sensitive Skin Unscented Beauty Bar'. Dry hands after washing them by blotting them dry gently and immediately apply a moisturizer. Avoid using hand sanitizers or antibacterial hand cleansers as they contain alcohol, solvents, fragrances and other ingredients that can dry and further irritate the skin.
Wear vinyl gloves when peeling or handling potatoes, meat, peppers, onions, tomatoes, citrus fruits and. If contact with chemicals, ink, dye or solvents in the workplace is causing dyshidrotic eczema your doctor can help you determine which or what irritating chemicals or work practices are contributing to this condition.
This may be accompanied by burning and pain especially when walking or moving of the fingers or toes.

In 10%, only the feet are affected and in the remaining 10%, both hands and feet are involved. Of the people with hand or foot eczema as many as one half of them also experience atopic eczema. Let go of what hasn’t worked for you and let go of the belief that because one treatment didn’t work, neither will any other treatment. Afterward, launder reusable gloves inside and out and allow them to dry thoroughly before reusing. If it is necessary to wear waterproof gloves for longer than that, apply a drop or two of jojoba oil to the hands before putting on the gloves. To reduce irritation, clean rings regularly by soaking them overnight in a mixture of one tablespoon of ammonia added to sixteen ounces of water.
Clearing up hand eczema depends largely on how a sufferer changes daily lifestyle routines. When performing wet chores, use cotton gloves and then cover them with powder-free, unlined neoprene or vinyl gloves.

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