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Our mission is to improve our clients’ homes and lives by making their living spaces more beautiful and more energy efficient. So fill your entrance-way with the lasting beauty, classic elegance, style and security you can only get from Long Doors. Long Doors carries a full line of exterior doors and complete entry door systems with customizable options to fit any lifestyle. Long Doors are made with the finest materials and backed by our Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty. Choose between Long Door’s solid wood or steel doors for your entranceway to keep your home safe.

The Long Doors Lifetime No-Nonsense Warranty covers parts and labor on every aspect of the door including glass, seal failure, frame and hardware. Through honesty, integrity and hard work, our employees help homeowners in the DC, MD and VA areas save money, conserve energy and enhance their lifestyle for years to come.
It’s the first snapshot of your life seen by new visitors and friends, the place you greet guests on holidays and special occasions and your passageway to relaxation after a long day. We offer fiberglass doors, steel doors, French doors, patio door systems, vinyl patio doors, storm doors and pet doors to name a few.
We install high quality locking mechanisms that yield extraordinary security and protection-and the installation of your door and locks are guaranteed with our Lifetime no-nonsense manufacturer’s warranty.

Add in internal blinds, internal and external grids, decorative glass and details and the possibilities are endless. Long Doors help keep out moisture, air and dirt and help eliminate drafts from the outside.

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