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Within the brain, there are chemicals called neurotransmitters that carry out many very important functions.
Whenever we do anything, react, feel emotions, think, our neurons transmit messages in the form of electrical impulses from one cell to another. A neuron sends an electrical message out, via a chemical messenger, where it is picked up by a neighboring neuron.
Of the 30 or so neurotransmitters that have been identified, researchers have discovered associations between clinical depression and the function of three primary ones: serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine.
Theories about how neurotransmitters may be related to a person’s mood are based upon the effects that antidepressant medications have on relieving depression in some people.
What is seems to boil down to is that there appears to be a strong relationship between neurotransmitter levels in the brain and clinical depression, and that antidepressant medications work for a great many people, but we are not absolutely certain of the actual relationship between neurotransmitters and depression.
It is unknown whether changes in levels of neurotransmitters cause the development of depression or depression causes changes in neurotransmitters. Serotonin: This neurotransmitter is probably best known as the neurotransmitter that affects mood and depression.
Dopamine: This neurotransmitter affects the pleasure center of the brain but is believed to also play a role in addictions and elevating moods. Norepinephrine: Norepinephrine is sometimes called Noradrenaline is tied to heart rate, blood pressure and the conversion of glucose to energy.
A lack of norepinephrine is often associated with a lack of energy, lack of enthusiasm, a low sex drive and slow thinking.
Many studies have covered what we can do to aid in lowering our stress, anxiety and depressive states without the use of medications.
You can also partake in many different forms of meditative therapies, such as yoga, tai-chi or meditation. People suffering with anxiety or depression disorders need to be very concerned about what they eat.
Focus on eating fresh fruits and non-starchy vegetables, like broccoli, kale, lettuce and carrots and have smaller portions of starchy foods, meat, and low-fat dairy products. Remember – fresh is good, processed is bad and you will feel a lot better and your body will have the right building blocks to naturally battle anxiety and depression.
Will a few crunches and a lap or two around the school yard actually prevent my depression?
Another study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 1999, divided 156 men and women with depression into three groups. A follow-up to that study found that exercise’s effects lasted longer than those of antidepressants. A study published in 2005 found that walking fast for about 35 minutes a day five times a week or 60 minutes a day three times a week had a significant influence on mild to moderate depression symptoms. My name is Kevin and I have family members who have suffered from severe anxiety and depression. MNT – Hourly Medical News Since 2003 Sign in Your MNT Email address Password Remember me ?
Post-traumatic stress disorder occurs after a person is exposed to a traumatic event, though not everyone that experiences or witnesses such an event is affected by the condition. Researchers from the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) have identified two gene variants that could influence the risk of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), 6.8% of the adult population of the US experience PTSD at some point in their lifetime. Symptoms can vary in intensity over time and can be triggered by reminders of the traumatic event that caused the disorder to occur in the first place. Previous research in 2012 involving these samples led to the discovery that survivors carrying two gene variants associated withdepression were more likely to have PTSD than those that did not carry the variants.
For the study, published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, the team assessed the roles of two genes in the DNA samples, taken from 200 individuals. Anyone can be exposed to a traumatic event and be affected by PTSD, regardless of age and gender. Recently, Medical News Today reported on a study finding that women experiencing large numbers of PTSD symptoms could have almost two times the risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared with women who have not been exposed to trauma. The first thing you need to be aware of, if you're not already, is that there is no currently known cure for the herpes virus which is the culprit behind cold sores. Before you panic and think that nothing can be done for your child's cold sores, consider for a moment what the constant appearance of cold sores actually means. What this means is that when a cold sore starts showing, the only thing that should touch that area is a topical treatment. This might seem like an unusual and expensive tip, but you'll be glad that you did it in the end. If your family includes meat in your meals, it's a good idea to give your child a good helping of it along with their greens. While you're upping your child's meat intake, also lower the amount of nuts they eat or cut it out of the diet entirely.

Follow this tip and the others above, and your child can achieve a better life with less bothersome cold sores. DrMomma Note: As unpopular as a few find this suggestion to be, we urge parents to NOT let others kiss their babies or young children on the lips. First of all, depending on the severity of your depressive state your medication either may not be the right one for you or alternative treatments for depression may have been a better option. Unfortunately some doctors put all forms of depression into the same bucket, prescribe medication and apply a wait and see attitude.
When you are taking more than one anti-depressant at a time – you may have a hard time distinguishing between medicated depression and the side effects of your meds because most anti-depressants come with a long list of potential side effects.
The key here is that antidepressants act differently on each person depending on the state of your depression.
It’s the lack of these chemicals produced by our neurotransmitters that causes our depression. Basically, they help transfer messages throughout the structure of the brain’s nerve cells.
These three neurotransmitters function within structures of the brain that regulate emotions, reactions to stress, and the physical drives of sleep, appetite, and sexuality.
It is believed that these medications are effective because they regulate the amount of specific neurotransmitters in the brain. If you suffer from anxiety, low self-esteem, fatigue, eating disorders, low libido, impatience or impulsiveness you may have a serotonin deficiency. Dopamine can boost libido, promote a sense of satisfaction and help you to be more assertive. The truth is that your serotonin levels can be impacted by eating right, exercising and receiving a bit of sunshine!
These practises help to control your emotions thereby improving your mindset and your ability to cope with your illness. Your diet should include fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, beans, and low-fat dairy.
Be especially careful about loading up on foods that are high on the glycemic index (GI), a system that ranks foods according to how they affect glucose levels.
Fast food is loaded with refined carbohydrates, trans fats, and sodium, which are very unhealthy for people looking to eat right!. One group took part in an aerobic exercise program, another took the SSRI sertraline (Zoloft), and a third did both. Researchers checked in with 133 of the original patients six months after the first study ended.
Now that in no way makes me an expert on the field but I have studied these and other mental illnesses with a passion as I try to find out as much as I can about the root causes and what it means to me and my family's life. New genetic research may now explain why some people develop the condition while others do not.
This discovery could lead to improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of PTSD in the future.
Goenjian traveled to Armenia in 1988 after a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit the country, destroying many cities and killing more than 25,000 Armenians. The genes were COMT, an enzyme that degrades the mood regulator dopamine, and TPH-2, a controller of the production of serotonin. Goenjian says the team hopes that the study’s findings will lead to molecular methods for screening people at risk for PTSD and identify new forms of drug therapy to prevent and treat the disorder. Children often get upset when a cold sore starts developing on their lip, as the experience can be very unpleasant and embarrassing. Yes, it's an obvious sign that they have the herpes virus, but it also means that there's a lifestyle change in order. Your child might be compelled to touch the area with their hands due to the discomfort of a cold sore, so it's good to continuously remind them of this hazard. You can both worsen the cold sore and transfer the herpes virus more easily because people tend to have unknown cuts or tears in the mouth area.
Many proteins such as chicken, fish, beef and other meats contain what scientists have called lysine. Studies suggest that the amino acid in nuts known as arginine can activate the herpes virus. People can struggle for years trying to get the right balance of all the necessary nutrients, so we suggest supplements. She currently lives with her very supportive and loving husband, Dave, and their two adorable Yorkies, Oscar and Maggie, in Hermosa Beach, California. One of the primary ways young people end up with herpes (causing 'cold sores') is being kissed as an infant by a well-meaning relative who gave them the virus.
In some instances there may have been natural remedies or alternative treatments, without medication, that may have been equally as effective.
To understand what happens in the brain when a person becomes clinically depressed as well as how antidepressant medications work, it is first important to learn a bit about the function of neurons and neurotransmitters.

Because they move so quickly, our brains can react instantaneously to various stimuli, such as pain. Over time if your body is not producing sufficient levels of dopamine you may not be able to feel happy – this can contribute to biological depression.
So spending time outdoors exercising and eating right can help to regulate the neurotransmitters in your brain. Foods that are high on the GI list include white breads, white rice, and especially soda pop or soft drinks.
Even salads from fast food restaurants are loaded with additional toppings which drive the caloric count beyond reasonable limits. A review of studies stretching back to 1981 have concluded that regular exercise can improve mood in people with mild to moderate depression. They found that the people who exercised regularly after completing the study, regardless of which treatment they were on originally, were less likely to relapse into depression.
During this time, many families agreed to have blood samples sent to UCLA so that the team could analyze their DNA for information pertaining to psychiatric vulnerability. He recommends that research into this area continues in a bid to uncover more of the genes involved. WebMD (website) is also filled with useful articles and information that can be linked to peer reviewed journal articles.
When the diet isn't right and their immune system isn't working efficiently, the herpes virus has more room to wreak havoc.
Hands have bacteria, which can make the cold sore worse and touching the area puts others at risk of accidently catching the virus (mouth-hand-friend contact).
As soon as a cold sore shows up, throw out your child's toothbrush and use a new one until the sore is healed up. In her leisure time you can find Carrie walking her dogs on the beach, doing Bikram Yoga, as well as developing her cold sore home remedies website.
In fact, the CDC reports that 60% of those who get the herpes virus, contracted it before the age of 10 - and this is almost exclusively from being kissed by a loving relative. About 60%–70% of the people in all three groups could no longer be classed as having major depression. The herpes virus can also get into the eyes, which makes touching a cold sore (and then touching the eyes) a bad idea. Children with the herpes virus can be at risk of reactivating it when they eat too much sugar. It can be relatively simple as all you need is some rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide and something sterile, like cotton balls or q-tips, for application. This is not fair to the child, who never 'asked' to be kissed and infected, and because we advocate for the conscious protection of our children and their bodily autonomy, we encourage you to implement a "no kissing on the lips" policy for your friends and relatives.
Upon landing at the receptor site of neuron, the chemical message of the neurotransmitter may either be changed into an electrical impulse and continue on its way through the next neuron, or it may stop where it is.
Much of the reliable information you will be able to find can help you toward an easy strategy for home treatments.
Keep the sugary snacks out of your home and teach your kid to make healthy choices when they are at school or with friends.
Put them in an easy to find spot in the bathroom, label it and make sure your child knows their purpose. This suggests that for those who need or wish to avoid drugs, exercise might be an acceptable substitute for antidepressants.
Genes and inherited traits may play a role determining an individual’s risk of developing PTSD.
Show him or her how to use them and by the time they are old enough, around eight, they will be able to do it on their own.
Keep in mind, though, that the swiftest response occurred in the group taking antidepressants, and that it can be difficult to stay motivated to exercise when you’re depressed.
Researchers from the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) have identified two gene variants that could influence the risk of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
I got the herpies virus from my mother when she forced me to kiss her while she had an outbreak. So even if I don't have a sore I do not allow any of my children to kiss me on the lips.
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