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When a brand as big as adidas Originals  gets in contact with you and asks you to help create a lookbook for an upcoming project, you simply don’t say no.
During the Y&Y site hiatus and redesign, we were invited down to the Energy Boost launch where adidas unveiled a new running shoe that it claims will be a revolution in the running scene.
Your brain is the control unit of your body and your energy distribution too is regulated by it.

We were intrigued by the bold claims and over the last 10 weeks, Annabel and I have put the trainers to the test. So, it might not be a bad idea to periodically rest your brain, especially when you are gripped by stress and fatigue.
Initially when the brief was explained to me, it kind of went in through one ear and out the other – I was puzzled.

Our task was to showcase the versatility of this style trend in the form of a lookbook and the challenge was accepted hastily by me without any real consideration of how difficult it would be haha.

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