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The motor is tucked away inside the well ventilated case on antivibration mounts which makes them that bit quieter.
They will run high speed 4250 rpm CNC machinery and just about anything else within their power rating.
WARNING - If your required application is listed in red in the table below, special considerations must be made.
We also supply phase converters for passenger lifts and ground source heat pumps but for these applications it is essential to obtain a full specification from the supplier, particularly the total electrical power requirement in kW at full load. It is very important that you consider cable sizing as part of your purchase, the table below shows you what size cable you should use for your 240V and 3-phase cable runs for this Booster.
Step 4: PCB Boost Converter 500VIf you have the resources I strongly suggest the you make this Printed circuit Board Boost converter instead of the protoboard one.

I would not recommend putting two separate boost converters together as they will not be synchronized and therefore disrupt each others frequency and the combine output would be different each second it is operating.
Another thing you can do is use the LT3751 chip from Linear Technology, the data sheet guides you through the whole design process and you can get well over a couple hundred watts if you have batteries capable of it putting out that much power. They feature electrically noiseless sealed solid state electronic switching so swarf or debris cannot affect the converter, and so the converter will not create electrical interference. This is the chip I am using for any portable coilguns or railguns I'll be making in the future.
In the ON stage the Semi-conductive Switch is conducting and current builds up in the inductor producing an electromagnetic field, this field stores energy. In the OFF stage the Semi-conductive Switch does not conduct and the electromagnetic field collapses.

Voltage doubler circuits on the web gives around 100mA which is not sufficient for motor driving. This happens several thousand times a second via the pulses from the NE555 Timer Chip and the result is being able to charge a high voltage capacitor from a low voltage source.

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