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Scheckter’s have been marketing this products quite a bit and I am sure I am not alone in having been exposed to their messages frequently in the media. The ingredients include spring water with a blend of sugar, elderberry, lemon and pomegranate juice and the addition of guarana, coffee seed extract, ginseng and ginkgo biloba.
As an energy and caffeine source it all sounds good for use around exercise although the dose from a single can may not be enough to reach performance enhancing effects (for more on caffeine read here).
Beyond this issue I would like to focus on a few of the claims you will find on the can or on their website.
Brazilian guarana for physical and mental endurance?  Guarana is another form of caffeine.  See coffee seed answer below. In summary, it tastes good and can be used as an energy and caffeine source for before or during exercise.  It is unlikely to have any other health benefits, especially when considering its high sugar content.
Verve Energy, 5-Hour, Shark Energy, Crunk Energy are also among the best energy drinks in the industry of today.
After popping the tab and leaning in for a whiff, I was taken completely aback by the disgusting aroma I had discovered. Arizona Green Tea Energy Drink comes packaged in a 16oz, two serving can for the dirt cheap price of $0.99, making it one hell of a value.
Arizona Green Tea Energy Drink has a pretty solid flavor, a decent kick, and costs only a dollar for a 16oz can. I am very pleased to see the effort and focus they have placed on being Fairtrade as well as their recent Informed Choice accreditation for safe use by athletes. Caffeine can increase metabolism for up to 3-4 hours post ingestion, but it does not provide a source of energy rather a reduced perception of effort. Research does not support this claim as ginseng has not been reliably evaluated as an isolated compound.
Lemon juice contains vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and citric acid, both used as preservatives. And because of that, more and more individuals desired to have a high level of energy all day long. In addition, despite of the advertisements on these energy drinks nowadays, there are assumptions these may have more than a few side effects on the health of the consumer.

Sure that kind of scared me from wanting to try this, but this is AriZona, the people who are famous for their canned teas. A while back I reviewed their All City NRG energy drink, noting lackluster aroma and flavor but praising the fantastic energy boost.
He then assured me it tasted pretty much just like green tea, with no tunaness to be found.
The drink possesses 100 mg of caffeine, taurine, ginseng, and guarana, among a few other ingredients, and naturally has 100% of your vitamin B6 and B12 from the tea. Too bad the awful, tuna smell is so much of a turn off that I can’t even imagine ever wanting to drink this stuff ever again. The nutritional content shows 105 calories per 250 ml can all of which is from sugar (26.5 g) with 85 mg of caffeine.
Pomegranate juice and concentrate have been shown to assist in lowering cholesterol and improving artery health but mainly in mice and trials in very specific populations (diabetics) in the East.  This still needs to be shown in general and Western populations and greater consistency in study design and dosages is needed. You would have to drink a case of these things to get to those levels but it can be toxic nonetheless.
While raw cane sugar does exhibit a moderate GI it is not really plausible to say this will provide sustained energy, in fact the totally unnatural high fructose corn syrup or isomaltulose used in other drinks can have a lower GI. This is the best energy drinks because it has carbohydrates and vitamins which are significant components to boost the energy. It is important to take note that you must never consume these beverages when you’re dehydrated to avoid any health problems. I was expecting something similar to this in terms of quality and attributes, maybe a bit more focused on the green tea flavor though. It takes around half an hour to take full effect, but once it kicks in you’ll find yourself to be a bit more alert and slightly more chipper. It really smells just like a can of freshly opened tuna fish, and it’s enough to make you gag when you first smell it.
Elderberry juice is a source of flavonoids although the beneficial effect of these is not well proven. Gingko, ginseng, and guarana have been proven to boost the energy level of the individual if consumed.

The flavor carries no trace of the atrocious odor that fumigates from the golden liquid, but instead possesses a flavor very similar to regular Arizona Green Tea. Not only it is the best energy drinks, Red Bull also the number one energy drinks industry in the world with more than 50% of its share in the worldwide levels. Actually, Monster Energy Drink slowly making its way in worldwide competition of the best energy drinks, and reports have predicted that it would going to compete its number one rival industry, the Red Bull. Many people would also opt for this since it is not that strong unlike other energy drinks today; it also gives a citrus taste which is liked by a lot of people. A few differences are present, for instance this is slightly less sweet and a bit more bitter, and also has a slightly more pronounced earthiness to it. This beverage have certain ingredients and that would include caffeine, guarana, and glucose, which give the body more stamina and energy.
Maybe it comes in powder form so health nuts can mix it with water, and energy fiends can snort it instead.
I even poured it out into a cup, thinking that maybe there was just some canned fish juice that had spilled out onto it.
I used to work for one of the financial backers of the product & he is an awful person.
PLEASE do not endorse this product, because if you do you are endorsing a millionaire who treats people lower than dirt & has no regard for anyone but himself!!!
A clean, long lasting, no-crash energy boost from natural ingredients helps me feel alert and focused without the jitters (Something that other products cannot provide). The subtle flavor can be modified depending on the amount of water you add to the supplement (DUH!).
Best of all, Eboost uses ingredients that are actually capable of boosting your mood- like 5-HTP.
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