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Boost energy drinks give your customers exactly what they want — Energy, and Sport drinks for mental and physical stimulation, that our customers tell us taste just as good as (if not better than) other market-leading brands, but are available at an awesome price too! The new campaign, which launched last week, is said to target the 16-24 year old male market and was created by Big Communications.
At the moment, just two posters have been revealed, one featuring a bulldog the other an aspiring bedroom ninja – each of which conveying that Boost Energy is a great way to quickly get over short periods of tiredness. The campaign also pushes the new Twitter hashtag #Boostism in which the brand will convey sales messages about Boost Energy and amusing one-liners to suppor the brand.

This campaign will also be supported by a number of other mediums including radio advertisements, sampling activities and POS material.
Simon Gray, Boost Drinks Managing Director, added: “The launch of the ‘Boostism campaign comes at a really strong time for the business. Visit The Whisky Exchange – for great drinks offers on a variety of spirits and wines. It features some rather interesting messages with a humourous twist that aligns itself well with in-your-face youth marketing that attract the viral audience.

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