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It's getting warmer outside — which means it's time to leave your dark denim in the closet and go with something lighter. There might be a more comfortable running shoe out there, but if there is, we don't know about it. If you've been thinking "all Vans really need are a perforated upper", than we have some good news for you.Vans OTW Perf Sneakers ($80-$90) are a collection of four classic silhouettes featuring the aforementioned perforated Nubuck uppers, mint-colored hangtags, and mint-colored alternative laces.
Canham Drinks: Suppliers of soft drinks, coffee cups, snacks and disposables in Norwich and Norfolk.

The cushioning in these new Adidas Energy Boost Running Shoes ($150) is all about what happens after that. Both black and gray colorways of the Alcon, Lasdun, Prelow and Stovepipe will be available starting next month. Replacing traditional EVA foam in the midsole is the company's new energy-returning Boost material, which aims to make your runs easier by bouncing your foot back up after each step. Crafted from stretchy Turkish denim, they're hand-sanded, stone-washed, and treated for a just-right fade that pairs perfectly with bright spring and summer tops and requires no break-in.

Other features include a breathable techfit upper, Torsion technology for midfoot support, an external heel counter for a better fit, and compatibility with Adidas' miCoach system. And as with all Mott & Bow jeans, the price is lower than you might expect since they sell direct without the usual markup.

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