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It’s 2pm and rather than concentrating on your work, the only thing on your mind is the struggle you have to stifle your yawns and stay awake. Instead, you resort to a double cappuccino and bar of chocolate to give your power levels a much needed afternoon energy boost, which seems to work its magic – but only for the next half hour or so! There are several reasons why the mid afternoon energy slump seems to wash over us post-lunch. Good news then that there are several things you can do to boost your energy levels so that you can get through the afternoon feeling wide awake and raring to go. Never skip lunch – skipping this meal means your blood sugar levels will remain low throughout the afternoon and continue to drop leaving you not only tired, but also unable to concentrate, irritable and hungry. Always include a portion of carbs with a high-fibre content and a low to medium glycaemic index (GI) at lunchtime such as wholegrain or rye bread, oatcakes, bean soup, brown rice or wholewheat pasta in a salad. Always eat protein-rich foods at lunchtime such as chicken, lean meat, tuna, eggs, beans or reduced-fat cheese. If your energy slump hits several hours after eating lunch, have a snack to top up blood sugar levels again. If you can’t manage to exercise at lunchtime, take a 10-minute walk when tiredness hits, preferably outside.
If all these tips fail, check you don’t have a medical problem that causes extreme tiredness. Salad made from ½ small red onion, 1 tomato, a handful each of mangetout, French beans and baby sweetcorn, 3tbsp red kidney beans, 5tbsp cooked brown rice and fat-free dressing. 1 wholemeal pitta filled with a handful of prawns, watercress and 1tbsp reduced-calorie seafood dressing.
Salad made from spring onions, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, 5tbsp wholewheat pasta, ½ small can tuna in water and 1tbsp reduced-fat mayo. Bowl of lentil soup plus a chicken salad sandwich made with 2 slices wholegrain bread, 2tsp low-fat spread, 2 slices chicken breast and salad. Sleeping on the job was once grounds for dismissal but employers are coming round to power naps. Desk Yoga stretches: link your hands, push your arms out in front of you and raise them above your head. If you must have chocolate, stick to a few squares of high-quality plain chocolate as it contains less sugar and the richness means you’ll want less.
Low afternoon energy is down to what we eat from the moment we get up and this meal does what it says on the tin: refuels the body by breaking a fast. Afternoon drowsiness is a major problem for many corporations — it is estimated that lost productivity costs billions.
A study from Harvard University considered worker burnout over four days of training and the effect of napping. By clicking "Create Account", I confirm that I have read and understood each of the website terms of service and privacy policy and that I agree to be bound by them. I would like Chatelaine to send me alerts, event notifications and special deals or information from our carefully screened partners that may be of interest to me. Subscribe to our newsletter, and get this FREE PRINTABLE cheat sheet with our most popular green cleaning recipes! Reach for a healthy snack with protein and fiber to help you pull through the rest of the day. Something as simple as stepping outside for a quick walk can do wonders for your mood and energy levels. Get up and do some stretches or yoga to help clear your head and freshen up your whole mood. Be careful with this one, because sleeping for too long will only make you even more groggy and can also affect your nighttime sleep; so keep that nap short and sweet at 10-20 minutes for best results.
One of my favorite ways to start the day is with a delicious green smoothie that’s loaded with fruits, leafy greens, and healthy fats. I know some people swear by these types of supplements, but I’ve never felt comfortable with them as most of them are highly processed and filled with preservatives, soy, artificial flavors and sweeteners. If you’re looking into protein powders and similar supplements, you want to look for something that is whole food-based, organic, and contains none of the artificial stuff. I recently discovered the Daily Green Energy from Kaeng Raeng, and I must say I am loving this all natural, organic superfood and protein powder mix that’s loaded with probiotics and energizing B-vitamins! You can add the Daily Green Energy packets to your green smoothies, or mix it into some juice or plain water. Probably the best part about Daily Green Energy from Kaeng Raeng is the fact that it’s safe for pregnant and nursing mamas – score!

You can learn more about Kaeng Raeng and their Daily Green Energy at their website, and stay in touch with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Sign up for our FREE email newsletter to get the latest natural tips, tricks, and DIYs straight to your inbox! There's no need to chug crazy canned concoctions or buckets of coffee to get through the day without a 3 p.m. Nothing seems to boost your energy levels and all you want to do is rest your head on the desk and sleep. Yes, your usual afternoon energy slump has kicked in with a vengeance and frankly all you want to do is take a nap. According to research, around 8 million people in the UK suffer from the desire to take a daily afternoon nap, with around half of us beginning to zone out from 2pm.
At the top of the list, experts believe our bodies are actually programmed to take an afternoon nap thanks to our circadian rhythms, which in turn are controlled by our very own built-in body clock. These will help to keep your blood sugar levels topped up, preventing slumps that leave you needing a nap.
A bar of chocolate and can of cola will rapidly boost blood sugar levels to give you a quick energy boost. A 30-minute swim or session in the gym, or even a power walk around the shops will help to boost levels of feel-good endorphins, which will help to make you feel upbeat, positive and less tired. If you’re sleep deprived, the effects will be most obvious at times when your body hits a natural low in energy levels. For example, depression or anaemia can include symptoms such as fatigue, a lack of energy and poor concentration. After Cornell University found they increase productivity in the workplace, some US companies, including Nike and Deloitte Consulting, started encouraging employees to add an afternoon snooze to their to-do list, and some firms have installed beds or sleep pods. The high glycaemic index (GI is a measure of how high a food type pushes up your blood sugar) in a sugar-filled snack might give you an energy boost, but your blood sugars will crash quickly and you’ll probably feel more tired than ever, warns nutritional therapist Shona Wilkinson.
And ideally, eat your snack half an hour before you know you’re likely to slump because it takes the body that long to convert what you eat to energy, says Wilkinson. Replace white bread, pastas and dessert with protein (chicken, tuna, hard-boiled eggs) and a slow-digesting carb (brown rice, lentils, sweet potato). You’ll need a healthy, sizable breakfast with complex (slow-digesting) carbohydrates and a little protein.
We recommend upgrading your browser, checking your Compatibility Settings or switching to another browser for an optimal experience. Try out these tips to get your energy levels up and get through the afternoon without yawning.
A possible obvious solution is to allow 20 to 30 minutes of napping per day when it is deemed necessary, creating a work environment that may actually help to boost workplace productivity rather than hinder it. Avoid eating too many carbohydrates, such as breads or pastas, at lunch and be sure to have some protein with your meal: Also, ditch the sugary snacks — they will just cause you to crash later on. Take a vitamin B complex and 100 to 200 mg of coenzyme Q10 with your lunch: These are helpful supplements to keep at the office, since they not only boost energy, but also help the body to adapt to stress and support healthy heart and adrenal function. Ditch the java for a cup of green tea: Green tea is a better alternative to the caffeine in coffee or tea and it actually has a calming amino acid called theanine, which is known to support relaxation during times of stress without causing drowsiness. Ensure seven and a half to nine hours of sleep per night: Undersleeping is just as harmful as oversleeping.
Check your iron levels: If you find that your fatigue is increasing, you may want to ask your doctor to check your levels of ferritin, the storage form of iron. You really have to blend it up or shake it in a covered bottle (Kaeng Raeng also sells a separate blender bottle), because this stuff will NOT dissolve by simple stirring.
Dietitian, Juliette Kellow tells us what we can do to boost our power levels and what foods are energy boosters.
Our circadian rhythms affect many of our bodily functions, including our metabolism, appetite and energy levels as well as our sleeping and waking patterns. And we all know a doughnut and cup of sugary tea is no substitute for a healthy, balanced lunch!
Good choices include oatcakes with low-fat soft cheese, an apple, pear, orange, a pot of fat-free yogurt or a salad sandwich on wholemeal bread.
Plus, a quick brisk walk will improve your circulation and help you breathe more deeply so you take in more oxygen – an essential ingredient for the brain. Low blood sugar and the body’s circadian rhythm hitting a natural low are the culprits. Opt for a snack with low GI, such as oat cakes or hummus and carrot sticks, to raise your blood sugar levels steadily and keep them up, she says.

Eating protein with carbohydrates can bring down the glycaemic load, so a turkey sandwich on wholewheat bread or a salad nicoise is a win-win. Good choices include an egg on wholemeal toast, oats or sugar-free muesli with berries and natural yoghurt, or porridge with semi-skimmed milk and a banana. In today’s fast-paced society and tough economy, however, most companies frown on napping in the workplace rather than encourage it. But the good news is that the study found that workers who were allowed to take a 30-minute nap on the second day of a four-day training session experienced less decline in visual tasks.
For best results, look for multivitamins and all other supplement products that are free of binders, fillers, artificial colorings, preservatives, yeast, sugar, starch, hydrogenated oils or other additives. A salad topped with olive oil and grilled chicken, turkey or shrimp is a great choice for lunch that won’t weigh you down for the rest of the day. Over long periods of stress or overwork, they can become strained or lead to burnout, which is why herbs to support their function can be beneficial to increase your energy reserves and put a bounce back in your step. If you find that you consistently need more than nine hours of sleep per night, a trip to your doctor’s office for some simple blood tests to evaluate causes of fatigue may be worthwhile. Other ideas include mixed nuts, nut butters, smoothies, fruit and yogurt, and granola bars. And it probably comes as no surprise to many of us that when we study our circadian rhythms over a 24 hour period, our mood, alertness and energy levels tend to be at their lowest between 1-3pm.
A one-hour nap was actually found to return performance back to normal in the last two sessions.
If you have many food allergies or sensitivities, you may want to be particularly vigilant about peeking at your vitamin labels. Coenzyme Q10 depletes with aging and with the use of certain medications, including those commonly used for cholesterol reduction (statins). Similar to the effects of meditation, it also stimulates alpha brain waves naturally associated with deep states of relaxation and enhanced mental clarity. Please check your email, click the link to verify your address, and then submit your comment. Lactose, corn starch, various sugars, soy and yeast can be used as fillers, and may cause digestive disturbances or even fatigue in sensitive individuals. For more information on the symptoms of hypothyroidism, revisit my article on boosting your thyroid. If your ferritin is too low, use a supplement of iron citrate daily with 1,000 mg of vitamin C.
If you can't find this email, access your profile editor to re-send the confirmation email. In many cases, what you get is what you pay for so it’s worth it to spring for product manufactured by a reputable company or purchased through a practitioner’s office, as these often run through a rigorous testing and purification process. These effects are likely due to the natural dopamine boost brought on by L-theanine, making a perfect beverage for a mid day boost at the office.
Along with your ferritin levels, ask your doctor to test your folic acid, vitamin B12 and complete blood count to rule out anaemia, which can contribute to fatigue. The trick is not to cat-nap for more than 15 to 20 minutes, because the most you’ll get is light sleep, which is easy to get out of.
One study found chewing gum can increase alertness and improve mood.Effects of chewing gum on mood, learning, memory and performance of an intelligence test. Researchers have even suggested a three-minute long cold shower could be enough to counteract some of the effects of chronic fatigue.
Listening to music and tapping those toes significantly increased college kids' alertness in one study.The effect of personality type and musical task on self-perceived arousal. Lemon is considered a stimulating scent, and one study showed it improved subjects' moods.Olfactory influences on mood and autonomic, endocrine, and immune function. Sit up straight, though—that's shoulders back, eyes dead ahead, and lower back slightly arched—to feel more energized and possibly even get a boost of self-confidence.The effects of upright and slumped postures on the recall of positive and negative thoughts.
Whether it's a quick walk or a long lunch, take some time to wake up away from the glowing screen.

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