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A Stretch Web outsole with a perforated, elastic design puts runners closer to the BOOST cushioning, allowing them to maximize the energy-return benefits.
To ensure Ultra BOOST can deliver ultimate comfort and energy return mile after mile, adidas put the shoe through the ARAMIS testing system most commonly used by institutions including NASA, Boeing and Audi. As anticipated, the new leader of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen resorted to rhetorical ambiguity in her inauguration speech.
She harped on the same old string of neither crossing the mainland's red line, nor endorsing the 1992 Consensus on one China.
As she had done on multiple previous occasions, she pledged her administration will strive to preserve peace and stability in cross-Straits ties, as well as the existing mechanisms of dialogue and communication. She wants all the benefits cross-Straits rapport has brought to Taiwan, but without acknowledging what made that possible. Both the mainland and the previous administration in Taiwan led by Ma Ying-jeou agreed on the 1992 Consensus, which established the political bedrock for the good momentum in cross-Straits ties over the last eight years by highlighting the one China principle.
She said she respects the historical fact that the two sides talked and reached a number of agreements in 1992, and said her administration will handle cross-Straits ties in accordance with the "Constitution of the Republic of China", the "Regulations on Relations between People in the Taiwan and Mainland Areas" and other relevant laws. Which on the surface at least sounds fine, because the "regulations" contain a mention of "national unification".
Nor does Tsai's vow to abide by the island's "Constitution" qualify as a tacit nod to one China, for it does not have a specific definition of the territory of the "Republic of China". It should not be forgotten that Tsai was believed to be a main contributor to previous Taiwan leader Lee Teng-hui's definition of cross-Straits ties as "state-to-state". During her 2012 bid for the Taiwan leadership, Tsai again threw out the core slogan of "two states", saying "The Republic of China is Taiwan, Taiwan is the Republic of China".
Tsai has even taken a step back from what her Democratic Progressive Party predecessor Chen Shui-bian said in his inaugural speech in 2000. Despite Chen's capricious antics during his years in office, that speech did give some predictability to cross-Straits ties under a leader from the DPP. Her inaugural speech, however, was a sign that the relationship may be anything but predictable in the years to come. Just as the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council in Beijing commented on Friday, what Tsai presented was an "unfinished answer sheet". In the long shadow of her and her party's denial of one China, Tsai has plenty to do to make sure the hard-earned goodwill between the two sides does not evaporate overnight and trigger more uncertainties.
Saturday marks the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China.
While the leaders have changed in Beijing and Islamabad over the decades, the bonds of friendship and brotherhood have remained strong and the two countries have always stood shoulder to shoulder.
We have walked together for 65 years now, and we see 2016 as another promising year for the mutual prosperity and development of our two countries. With the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence introduced by late Premier Zhou Enlai, China has followed a foreign policy that has earned the respect of the world.
President Xi Jinping's Belt and Road Initiative is central to peaceful and prosperous regional integration. The Belt and Road Initiative, the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, has all the attributes of binding many geographical regions into a well-knit robust economic block.
History bears witness to the fact that economic partnerships have turned rivals and foes into friends and partners.
China and Pakistan are resolved like never before to work together to "achieve a community of shared destiny" as envisaged by Xi and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Police officers are entitled to use force when they or members of the public are under threat. In other words, the police's countermeasures should be proportional to the issues they intend to solve. In the first place, the police officer who kicked the man, who had already submitted himself to police control, infringed upon the man's legal rights and violated police regulations. The two college students had the right as citizens to supervise the police law enforcement process. The officers had no justification for restricting the two students' freedom and taking them to the police station by force, where the violence inflicted on them was predictable. The statement of the superior public security authority in the city indicates it did not know about the case until the photos appeared online.
The question is whether the public security system's self-monitoring and self-discipline mechanisms can function well when they are needed, no other police officers intervened to stop the physical punishment meted out to the students. That is not to deny, the police don't contribute to maintaining social stability and protecting public security. How deeply embedded is the old evil of "favoring a son over a daughter" in some people's minds? She is an excellent employee in the human resources department in her company and gets quite a good salary.
The show has been a huge success, with viewers nationwide discussing how they would help her. Search "favoring sons over daughters" online and you find as many as 10,000 cases like Fan's. The topics "how to help Fan" and "families like Fan's" have been among the hottest topics discussed on social media recently. During the Spring Festival this year, reporters from China Central Television conducted a survey in Northwest China's Shaanxi province, and found that most parents ask for gift money of over 100,000 yuan ($15,333) from those who wish to marry their daughters. And sad to say, the girls that are exploited by their parents belong to a "luckier" group, because they at least survived gender selection. Though the gap in the gender ratio has fallen a little in the past several years, the ratio remains 1.13, which is much higher than the natural ratio would be. Even today, when the high male-female ratio becomes a serious social problem, media outlets and officials ask: "What to do when so many men cannot find wives?" They might not realize it, but they worry about the lack of females while some do not care for females at all. The Pentagon has once again pointed accusing fingers at China, this time for what it claims was an "unsafe" intercept of one of its spy planes by two Chinese fighters over the South China Sea on Tuesday. The US has again defended its innocence by stressing the spy plane was flying in international airspace.
Because the two militaries have agreed upon a code of conduct to control risks and to deal with unplanned encounters at sea and in the air, the event will probably end up as just another footnote in the history of the perennial cat-and-mouse game on China's doorstep. Reports indicate the US conducts more than 1,000 spying missions close to China's borders each year, more than the annual number of spying missions it conducted against the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Yet it insists it is the wronged party and that it has no intentions of trying to contain a rising China.
US saber rattling in the South China Sea has intensified in recent years, particularly after Washington announced its "rebalancing to the Asia-Pacific". Thanks to its military and economic supremacy, the US has assumed the role of rule-setter worldwide.
While more communication is needed between the two militaries to ensure that their militaries' air and sea encounters are safe, the safest bet for regional peace and stability is the US reduces, minimizes and finally ends its flagrant spying on China.
To peep into other's courtyard uninvited is at best impolite; to criticize the host for objecting to such behavior compounds the injury. In a recent clarification to domestic and foreign media on its stance on the case submitted by the Philippines to the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague on its territorial dispute with China in the South China Sea, China's Foreign Ministry emphasized that the court has no power of jurisdiction over what is fundamentally a sovereignty case and its ruling has no legal force.
China News Weekly and National Interest recently published a co-signed article by Fu Ying, a senior official in China's top legislature, and Wu Shicun, an expert on South China Sea studies, which pointed out the various provocative moves made by the United States under the pretext of stopping "China's expansion" have only spurred China's stronger determination to safeguard its national interests. While the US with its ingrained "exceptionalism" defies the constraints of international rules, it demands other countries accept these rules. Under the universally recognized "sovereignty exclusion" principle, China has the right to refuse the Hague court's arbitration.
Despite the ray of hope offered by a change of Philippine president, whether or not Rodrigo Duterte will be able to extricate his country from the influence of the US when he takes office remains to be seen. Particularly, how to tackle the South China Sea dispute from a Philippine perspective rather than from the perspective of coordinating with the US' "rebalancing to the Asia-Pacific" strategy will put the political wisdom and capability of the new Philippine leader to the test. A MAN WAS seen continuously beating a 10-year-old boy in a street in Jiulongpo district, Chongqing, in southwestern China. Before they knew the boy was the man's son, some bystanders tried to stop the man hitting the boy. Domestic violence harms minors physically and mentally and damages the dignity of a family, especially as it is women and children who are the victims.
On March 1, the Law on Domestic Violence came into effect, it not only gives government agencies above the county level the right to intervene to protect women and children; it also extends special protection to the victims. The law is designed to protect the rights of women and children within the family, and to prevent domestic violence from being tacitly condoned by being considered an internal family problem rather than a social issue. STUDENTS AT A PRIMARY SCHOOL in Fuzhou, East China's Fujian province, were reportedly required to clean the school toilets to "help them nurture good habits". For some of the pupils and their parents, who strongly opposed the idea of their children cleaning the school's toilets, the school is supposed to provide students with a proper education, not the opportunity to be school cleaners. But they fail to see the benefits of youngsters collectively doing such chores, which have great potential to instill in teenagers a sense of responsibility and a do-it-yourself mentality. In fact, parents, schools, and society as a whole, play an equally important role in developing the character of youngsters.
In recent years, parents tend to make mountains out of molehills when it comes to non-academic activities in schools. As a result, many elementary schools, especially those in big cities, do not allow students to take part in outdoor activities during breaks, fearing that they might get hurt.
What the primary school in Fuzhou is doing to enrich the students' in-school experience, as well as their efforts to carry forward the practice when challenged by a number of parents, are therefore praiseworthy.
The kids who are "required" to clean the school toilets and their parents will thank the school later for teaching them the spirit of rules and teamwork. AFTER SHANGHAI Disneyland Resort began its trial opening on May 7, some of the visitors complained online about the high food prices inside the theme park. Beijing Youth Daily holds a different view and said the resort will have to adjust its food prices in order to welcome more low- and middle-income visitors. Market-oriented reforms over the past 38 years have created an economic miracle for China, but they have also left many vulnerable groups behind.
The solution is rooting out corruption and making the market fairer, while providing ample social welfare to the vulnerable. Brexit supporters claim that Britain could strike its own special deal with the EU, cherry picking the provisions it likes. The author, a former economic adviser to the president of the European Commission, is a visiting senior fellow at the London School of Economics' European Institute and the author of European Spring: Why Our Economies and Politics are in a Mess - and How to Put Them Right. However, the bottleneck in China's domestic tourism market is now none other than its "inadequate, dirty and chaotic" toilets. That was why, the CNTA launched a nationwide three year "Tourism Toilet Revolution" in January 2015, with the goal of building and reconstructing 57,000 public toilets by the end of 2017.
There is no doubt the Chinese government has the capability to deliver any ambitious infrastructure commitment quickly.
That could be remedied by following the "ABC" rule, namely architecture, behavior and cleaning. First of all, public toilets have to be user-friendly to a wide variety of people of both genders, from mothers with babies to kids and adults, as well as the elderly and disabled. Clean toilets also require the professionalization of cleaners, facility managers, and owners. The ancient Chinese had a culture of recycling excreta into fertilizers and this practice created plenty of toilet designs that facilitated the manual collection of excreta especially in rural areas even today. Now, with the past 30 years of rapid economic growth, Chinese people enjoy quality lifestyles in almost every aspect.
Jack Sim is founder of the World Toilet Organization and visiting fellow at the Institute of Water Policy from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore.
London black cab drivers are famous for learning "the knowledge" so that they can prove they know how to take a passenger the quickest route from A to B and, of course, their taxi vehicles are expensive to buy but very spacious, reliable and fit for the purpose. There have always been some alternatives to licensed cabs such as pre-booked airport pick-up services but such companies cannot legally "ply for hire" in the street. For some visitors it seems to have increased the number of taxis with green lights on display that speed by rather than stopping because they are responding to an app booking.
Clearly there is still work to be done to establish the long term role of this game changer.
The author is an economist and director of China Programs at CAPA - The Global Education Network, which cooperates with East China Normal University in Shanghai. With the US government now refusing to engage directly with the DPRK, Trump's words have made major headlines in the United States.
China's Foreign Ministry has generally remained cool in the face of the frequent outrageous rhetoric regarding China by US presidential candidates.
China has been long pushing for a direct engagement between Washington and Pyongyang to defuse the growing tension on the Korean Peninsula. In February, State Department spokesman John Kirby confirmed that the US rejected the DPRK's proposal to discuss a peace treaty to replace the 1953 Armistice agreement, citing the DPRK's lack of sincerity in dropping its nuclear program.
Instead, the US has increasingly relied on economic sanctions and shows of force, such as its frequent military drills with the Republic of Korea aimed at the DPRK, something that further justifies the DPRK's concerns for its own national security. Such a US approach, however, has repeatedly proved to be a failure, with the DPRK continuing its nuclear and missile program despite the continued US pressure and threat. Yet the failure of its approach has not made the US try some thing new, such as offering the DPRK security assurance by replacing the armistice with a peace treaty.
In his 2010 book How Enemies Become Friends: The Sources of Stable Peace, Charles Kupchan, a former US government official now a Georgetown University professor, argues that diplomatic engagement with a rival is crucial to rapprochement between adversaries.
NASA Administrator Charles Bolden noted in a seminar at the Brookings Institution on May 9 that if you want bad people to become good people, you've got to engage them. That is how China and the US have been dealing with each other since July, 1971, following Henry Kissinger's secret trip to Beijing. Still, given the more than 90 dialogue and consultation mechanisms between the two countries, it's abundantly clear that they have to do an even better job in managing differences, such as through more meetings between the top leaders and more effective dialogue at the annual Strategic and Economic Dialogue, this year to be held in Beijing next month. It would be hard to imagine how the US and the DPRK can handle their stark differences without even one dialogue mechanism and with no diplomatic relations.
Understandably, a brief single meeting is unlikely to achieve something significant or resolve major issues. After the election reform package proposed by the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region fell through in June last year, many members of the opposition camp have remained agitated and expressed their cynicism about almost everything the government is doing in the SAR. The participation of four Hong Kong legislators representing the major political groups in the city's opposition camp in Wednesday's meeting with Zhang, who chairs the National People's Congress Standing Committee and oversees Hong Kong affairs, suggests the welcome return of reason and pragmatism within the opposition camp - at least as far as the mainstream of the opposition is concerned.
This is of paramount significance to settling any controversy regarding any issue in the SAR, particularly those affecting its future development.
Only with reason and pragmatism can the members of Hong Kong's opposition camp engage in constructive discussion on any issue regarding the SAR's future. More importantly, in demonstrating their willingness to communicate with and present their views on significant issues regarding Hong Kong's future development with the top legislator, the opposition leaders have recognized that the central authorities in Beijing too have a stake in the success of Hong Kong, over which it has constitutional rights and responsibility under the principle of "One Country, Two Systems". Indeed, a meeting with Zhang is a great opportunity, by any measure, for them to present their views on local issues to the central authorities.
After all, what better channel or opportunity is there than directly conversing with the top official in charge of the country's constitutional affairs for that purpose? There might not have been enough time for the attendees to present all their points at the 40-minute meeting. It is to be hoped it heralds further dialogue that can bring Hong Kong together in pursuit of a common future. As part of the increased interaction in the run-up to May 20 when Taiwan's leader-elect Tsai Ing-wen is scheduled to take office, US Secretary of State John Kerry reiterated to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in a telephone conversation on Monday that the United States' stance remains unchanged and Washington will not support "Taiwan independence".
Since its establishment of diplomatic ties with the Chinese mainland, the US has maintained essentially quasi-official political, economic and military relations with Taiwan.
Concerned that Tsai's predecessor Ma Ying-jeou's policy was too "pro-mainland", the US demonstrated a strong preference for Tsai's pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party during the island's election. A recent report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, an influential US think-tank, even proposed the US government demand the Chinese mainland allow Tsai to use "equivocal terms" regarding the 1992 Consensus to show a more flexible attitude toward the island.
Washington's DPP-tilted approach may be because it wants to play the "Taiwan card" against the Chinese mainland in the context of the strategic competition emerging with Beijing in the South China Sea, and its perception that cross-Straits peace would not be sabotaged if Tsai does not directly challenge the one-China principle.
The US undoubtedly underestimates the possibility of DPP pursuing "Taiwan's independence", which risks destroying Washington's skillfully employed "neutral and balanced" policy toward the two sides of the Taiwan Straits. A MINOR IN WENZHOU, East China's Zhejiang province, recently told the media that he was sexually assaulted in prison last year. In order to build rule of law, we need to break the taboos and ensure there are legal solutions to such hidden problems.
Last September, an amendment to the Criminal Law was passed by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, China's top legislature. Before that, Zhang Datong, a middle school teacher in Shanghai municipality, was found to have sexually violated male middle school students for 20 years but was not found guilty of committing any crime. If the prison officers knew of the assaults but failed to curb them, they should be held accountable for neglecting their duty.
When males are sexually assaulted, they suffer psychological and physical wounds, too, and that's why the 2015 amendment to the law is to be applauded. FOLLOWING THE INAUGURATION OF the United States' first antimissile defense system on European soil in Romania on May 12, NATO has begun building a second one in northern Poland. It is no exaggeration to say that the nuclear contest between major powers, including the US and Russia, has reemerged in East Europe and East Asia, which poses a challenge to world peace.
As a result, the Washington-backed system was temporarily suspended after US President Barack Obama assumed power in 2008. The truth is, it was already deployed in East Europe before the P5+1 Iran nuclear deal was reached last summer, to "protect the US and Europe from Iran's possible attacks".
The just activated antimissile defense system in Europe, which the US claims is part of a global antimissile defense system and is not aimed at destroying Russia's nuclear missile potential, will undoubtedly deal a major blow to the current strategic balance. Despite globalization and the free trade and cultural exchanges that have followed it, military might still plays a central role in balancing the major power relationships. It is noteworthy that Washington's deployment of the antimissile defense system has been welcomed by some East European states, which are now at the forefront of NATO's confrontation with Russia. JAPAN HAS denied allegations of bribery in Tokyo's bid to host the 2020 Olympics, after French investigators found a total of 230 million yen ($2 million) had been transferred into the account of a Singaporean company owned by ex-IOC member Lamine Diack between July and October 2013.
If the allegations prove true, it would be a major scandal that would not only damage Japan's image but also cast a shadow over the Olympic Games.
Istanbul, which lost out to Tokyo, is now complaining that the failure of its bid was because it did not give money to influential IOC members. Her choice, be it advocating the one-China principle or equivocating about the consensus in fresh pursuit of the island's "formal independence", will mark a turning point in cross-Straits relations. That Tsai has stressed the need to "preserve the status quo" in cross-Straits ties while avoiding questions about her stance on the 1992 Consensus (under the name of respecting Taiwan people's decision), indicates that she is inclined to take the second path, as much as she craves and needs the dividends of the eight-year-long peaceful exchanges.
On its part, the mainland will not give up persuading the DPP to adhere to the 1992 Consensus, but it has also prepared for the worst-case scenarios, which are very likely to happen given Tsai's long-time advocacy of "independence" as well as her latest equivocal remarks.
Taiwan's participation in the upcoming World Health Assembly from May 23 to 28 in Geneva as an observer, to a point, will offer an indication of whether the island's new leadership takes the 1992 Consensus seriously.
The one-China principle, that both the mainland and Taiwan are parts of one China, has been widely recognized among the international community and is also reflected in the UN General Assembly Resolution 2758. The principle stands on firm legal ground at home and abroad and has been made clear even in Taiwan's "constitution".
Claiming that Taiwan's participation in the WHA has nothing to do with the one-China principle, the DPP has attempted to make a mountain out of a molehill. True, the timing is a bit delicate because the island was invited to the meeting under the Kuomintang's eight-year rule, and will be represented by the pro-independence DPP in Geneva a week later. Such being said, should the DPP representatives seek to challenge or protest against the principle in Geneva, the party's promise to maintain the status quo will be seen as being no more than lip service to the voters that favor it.
He said, the Chinese medical team is familiar with the relevant techniques and the first patient to undergo such an operation will be Chinese.
We are not sure whether the surgery is as mature as he suggests and whether a head transplant would succeed. More importantly, if most medical professionals strongly oppose such an operation but the doctor still insists on doing it, and the patient dies, what responsibility will the doctor bear? Many argue that the law should be more tolerant of medical developments and experiments are needed to realize medical progress. Another problem is the legal aspects of such an operation: Where will the body used for the operation come from?
Even if some healthy person promises to donate his or her body after their death, and even if the surgical operation succeeds and the donated body and the transplanted head combine into a new person that only raises more issues. More importantly, do the relationships of either person, such as marriage and blood relationship, continue? An obvious issue is, whatever the new person's legal identity is, he or she cannot have two spouses at the same time. Reports say that the initial candidate for Canavero's head transplant operation is Valery Spiridinov, a Russian scientist who has Werdnig-Hoffman disease, a rare genetic disease that gradually wastes away muscles.
The ethical problems are so big that even Professor Ren Xiaoping from Harbin Medical University in northeastern China's Heilongjiang province, who is said to be the main co-worker of Canavero in China, said they must solve the ethical problems first.
Actually, there are ethical problems with many other medical technologies, too, such as human assisted reproductive technology, namely human clones or surrogate births. Duterte needs to ally the fear in the US that his presidency will lead to the cooling of Philippine-American relations, considering his nasty remarks against the US during his election campaign. Because the Philippine Supreme Court has declared the constitutionality of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, Duterte has committed to the inevitable implementation of the EDCA. So it seems the Duterte presidency will depart from the excessive pro-US stance of his predecessor President Benigno Aquino III. While Duterte seriously values the Philippines' long-standing security alliance with the US, he seems to be more enthusiastic about repairing the Philippines' damaged political ties with China. Duterte prefers the exploration of peaceful options to address the Philippines' South China Sea disputes with China.
Although the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague will soon announce its decision on the Philippine's unilateral arbitration case against China, Duterte seems to be more interested in pursuing a policy of accommodation with China than forcing the issue of international arbitration.
The Duterte presidency, however, must be wary of the effect of excessive accommodation of China just to get investments, improve trade, boost tourism, and revive development assistance. Duterte's presidency should stick to a foreign policy of hedging by continuously enhancing the Philippine's defense alliance with the US while resolutely improving its political ties with China. The author teaches at the department of international studies at Miriam College, the Philippines, and is the director of the Center for Intelligence and National Security Studies (CINSS), Chairman of the Philippine Institute for Peace, Violence and Terrorism Research.
At a meeting of the Central Leading Group for Financial and Economic Affairs on Monday, President Xi Jinping particularly stressed efforts to expand the middle-income group and improve the income distribution mechanism.
This newly-found sense of urgency to further increase the number of middle-income workers is surely related to the role that consumption is now playing in ensuring the stable, moderate growth of the world's second-largest economy. Although China's economy expanded by only 6.7 percent year-on-year in the first quarter of 2016, the slowest since early 2009, indicating considerably strong headwinds, it is fairly reassuring, if not surprising, to see the rapid rise of consumption as a leading growth engine while traditional growth drivers such as investment and exports are losing steam. Since all the domestic measures to address overcapacity in many traditional industrial sectors will take time to bear fruit and the global trade will not regain its growth momentum any time soon as the world economy struggles under international financial and political uncertainties, it is reasonable for Chinese policymakers to double down on stronger consumption-led growth to avoid an unexpected hard landing. Recently, there has been talk of China's economy tending towards L-shaped growth as deep-rooted problems persist and new challenges emerge, including shrinking private investment, the real estate bubble, industrial overcapacity, non-performing loans, local government debt and financial market risk.
By ruling out the possibility of a quick and strong recovery, such a sober view has actually raised the question of how the country can manage to overcome the middle-income trap after more than three decades of double digit growth.
While rising income levels have eroded the international competitiveness of many small- and mid-sized economies to slow their growth, a significantly enlarged middle-income group might be the Chinese answer to this global development challenge. In spite of the lack of a clearly-defined criterion for middle income in this country, the fact that Chinese travelers have made around 120 million overseas trips in 2015, up 12 percent from the year before, will at least provide a glance at the huge potential of a certain part of the country's middle-income group. With a population of 1.3 billion, no one should expect the number of global-trotters from China to peak soon as the country's middle-income group is just set to expand. Instead of regarding rising income levels for a larger number of Chinese workers as merely a burden on enterprises in this country, Chinese policymakers should realize that a better income distribution mechanism to ensure a larger share of the overall economic pie for the majority of workers will help sustain economic growth in the long run. On one hand, a substantial increase in the number of middle-income families will give a lasting and powerful boost to consumption-led growth. In this sense, the middle-income level will not necessarily be a trap but rather a bridge to China's long-term growth. As China's top legislator pointed out soon after his plane landed in Hong Kong on Tuesday, one of the purposes of his visit was to bring people in the special administrative region the best wishes of the central government. He conveyed the "warm regards" of President Xi Jinping to people of Hong Kong and said he brought "the care of the central government and all Chinese people".
From the guarantee of stable food supplies to Hong Kong in the 1950s and the pumping of fresh water from East River to ease Hong Kong's water shortage since the 1960s, to the introduction of the Individual Visitor Scheme in 2003 to invigorate Hong Kong's faltering economy following the SARS epidemic, the central government has continually demonstrated its care and concern for the people of Hong Kong.
Zhang Dejiang, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, is the highest-ranking official to visit the special administrative region since 2012, when former president Hu Jintao came to preside over ceremonies marking the 15th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to the motherland. Zhang is on a three-day inspection tour of Hong Kong, and said he had come to "observe, listen and speak". He will certainly seek to observe first-hand the current situation in the special administrative region - his trip is an inspection tour after all. And, among other occasions, he will speak at a Belt and Road Summit on Wednesday, outlining a clear picture of the initiative and the role Hong Kong can play in it. The special administrative region has immense experience in foreign trade and is equipped with financial services expertise that will certainly enable it to fully contribute to the initiative, thereby finding the way forward for its currently troubled economy. But listening is equally important on Zhang's agenda, and he is putting an emphasis on listening to the recommendations and requirements Hong Kong residents have about implementing the cardinal principle of "One Country, Two Systems".
He said he intends "to listen to all sectors of society", and he will speak with lawmakers, including some from the "pro-democracy" camp, political, business and community leaders in Hong Kong. Whoever speaks with him should take full advantage of this opportunity to present to the NPC chairman their aspirations for the development of the SAR. Cross-Straits relations are facing a testing time as May 20, when Taiwan's top leader-elect is scheduled to take office, draws near. Although Tsai Ing-wen, also head of the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party, has claimed that her administration will try to maintain the cross-Straits status quo, there are few indications that her inauguration speech will mention the 1992 Consensus, which has been the foundation for improving cross-Straits ties. Further fueling worries that relations will deteriorate is the recent attempt by some DPP lawmakers to amend the island's referendum law, in a bid to drastically lower the threshold for an island-wide referendum and enlarge the scope of issues that can be put to a public vote to include "sovereignty" and cross-Straits agreements. If adopted by the island's top legislature, the amendment would risk crossing the bottom line set by the mainland to fight secessionist activity on the island. Die-hard separatists have long seen the current bill as an obstacle to their pursuit of de jure "Taiwan independence", because it excludes referendums on sensitive issues such as changing the island's name, "anthem", flag and "constitution". An amendment would give them a free hand to push the envelope as they challenge the one-China policy.
The separatists are playing a dangerous game by seeking to push forward their secessionist cause in this way. Overseas mergers and acquisitions by Chinese enterprises are an increasingly evident trend. Domestic investors welcome such moves because that might enhance the position of domestic companies in the global value chain, and produce further dividends for them. A report by PricewaterhouseCoopers shows that companies listed in the A-share market played a major role in overseas M&As last year, making 121 deals, about 60 percent of the total.
Such M&As benefit all involved, but there is a risk they might create a bubble in the stock market. If such a bubble does emerge and then bursts, that might lead to a plunge in the stock market and consequently a chain reaction that would be disastrous for all. AN INCREASING NUMBER OF CHINESE HEPATITIS C PATIENTS reportedly travel to India to buy cheap generic drugs for their treatment, instead of buying such medicines manufactured at home. That India has become the "global pharmacy" has a lot to do with both its patent law and the high quality of its generic drugs. On the one hand, the country allows local pharmaceutical companies to produce generic drugs before the original drugs' patents expire and even export these generic drugs overseas. On the other hand, Indian pharmaceutical factories, less than 120 of which are certified by the United States' Food and Drug Administration, are able to make generic drugs that are almost as effective as the originals which have to pass a series of trials before entering the market. In comparison, the generic drugs made in China are not as effective; some may even provoke allergic reactions and other side-effects. Admittedly, Chinese pharmaceutical companies face tougher restrictions when it comes to the mass production of generic drugs under the country's law for patent protection. As a result, some Chinese medicine makers even use the generic drugs on sale as a reference and produce their own. The Good Manufacturing Practice, which was adopted by China in the 1990s, has also failed to improve the quality of Chinese generic drugs due to the insufficient implementation and loose regulations, dealing a major blow to market share. It is thus time for the Chinese food and drug authorities to streamline the quality control of domestically made generic drugs, in a bid to put an end to the poorly regulated pharmaceutical market.
MONDAY marked the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the "cultural revolution" (1966-76). China has learned its lessons from the decade of tumult between 1966 and 1976 and is now determined to avoid any social unrest that would disrupt national progress. Since introducing the reform and opening-up policy more than 30 years ago, the nation has been growing stronger and stronger and people's living standards have been improved markedly. The historical lessons from the "cultural revolution" must be firmly kept in mind in this context. The Chinese people have never been so close to realizing the goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The Party and the public should beware repeating historical mistakes and dispel all disturbances to ensure the goal is achieved.
While the initiative was announced in 2015, its foundations were laid as early as the 1960s with the "air corridor", "The Karakoram Highway", and later the construction of Gwadar Port. Apparently an energy and economic corridor, it is in fact a framework for holistic development. While the Belt and Road Initiative, the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, is a pivotal strategy for China, President Xi Jinping's vision is not confined to creating a trade route, but a community of "shared interests, fate, and responsibilities".
Once the project was announced, the first task, at the operational level was to develop a consensus on what the CPEC would involve and its various components, such as the mechanisms for regular consultations, the cooperation modes and how it would be financed. Looking back on the project's first year, one finds that not only a deep understanding on essential issues has been reached, a lot of development on the ground has also commenced. As to the security aspect, a Special Security Division has been established in Pakistan for the CPEC. However, a pertinent question often raised in light of the political and diplomatic landscape of the region is with so much bilateral, regional and global significance attached to the project, will it not face any counter-moves by adversaries of the two countries? At the same time as progress has been made on the ground, the interest and attention being given to CPEC at the highest level by the two countries' leaderships ensure that effective and timely notice will be taken to counter all negative moves. Flooding is caused not only by heavy rainfall, but also the inadequate infrastructure that fails to channel the water away. However, most of them are simply strengthening the pipes, which is only one of the necessary measures. Even in Beijing, the pipes are only designed to cope with the severity of rainstorms that occur only once every one to three years.
In developed countries, the pipes are designed to cope with rainstorms of a severity that happens only once in five to 10 years. The Adidas Ultra Boost has been claimed by Adidas as being their 'Greatest running shoe ever'.
The Mizuno Wave Rider continues on from the success of the revamped Rider 17, with a softer, plusher and lighter ride. The Asics GT2000-3 has had a complete overhaul, however maintains it's key principles; soft and stable. The Adidas Energy Boost has been a shoe I've been interested in since its inception, and as a fan of innovation, was very excited to give them a try. The upper is the less talked about, but just as innovative update in the Adidas Energy Boost 2.  It is, like the midsole, unique.
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The Philippines sits on the Pacific “Ring of Fire” where continental plates collide causing frequent seismic and volcanic activity. Edita Burgos marks the ninth anniversary of the abduction of her son Jonas in a commemoration held at the Commission on Human Rights office in Quezon City.
The mothers of missing activists Jonas Burgos and Sherlyn Cadapan have expressed guarded optimism that the victims of enforced disappearance will surface under the administration of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte. Edita Burgos and Erlinda Cadapan on Saturday said they intend to write Duterte to tell him about their plight and seek his help in finding out the truth.
Cadapan noted that Duterte had not made a pronouncement regarding the two missing University of the Philippines student, her daughter Sherlyn Cadapan and Karen Empeno, who were abducted on June 26, 2006, in Bulacan. Cadapan was also apprehensive about Duterte’s promise to release former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and his plan to appoint Lt.
Visaya is said to be a protege of Jovito Palparan, who is under trial for Karen and Sherlyn’s abduction during the insurgency crackdown of the Arroyo administration. Farmer Raymond Manalo who escaped military detention had testified that he saw the two UP students at Camp Tecson in Bulacan. In separate orders, the Supreme Court has compelled the military to produce Jonas, and Karen and Sherlyn. Jonas was abducted in Quezon City on April 28, 2007, using a vehicle with a license plate traced to a vehicle impounded at an Army camp in Bulacan. She said she hoped the Army would comply with the high court’s order under the incoming President.

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron (right) leaves after delivering a speech on the European Union with former foreign minister of the last Labour government David Miliband, at the British Museum in central London on May 9. LONDON—Britain’s Treasury says house prices could fall by up to 18 percent if the country leaves the European Union—a claim dismissed as scaremongering by campaigners for a UK exit from the bloc.
Treasury analysis estimates property prices will be worth between 10 and 18 percent less by 2018 if Britain leaves than if it stays. Tarek Abu Laban, center, who lost four relatives, all victims of Thursday’s EgyptAir plane crash, attends prayers for the dead, at al Thawrah Mosque, in Cairo, Egypt, Friday, May 20, 2016. CAIRO—EgyptAir flight MS804 sent automated messages signaling smoke onboard before plunging into the Mediterranean, the French aviation safety agency said Saturday, as search teams hunted for more wreckage. The Airbus A320 carrying 66 people had been flying from Paris to Cairo early Thursday when it plummeted and turned full circle before vanishing off radar, with some debris later found in the Mediterranean Sea.
While the automated messages may offer clues, more wreckage including the black boxes will need to be found before investigators can piece together what happened. ACAR, which stands for Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System, is a digital system that transmits short messages between aircraft and ground stations. Search teams were scouring the sea on Saturday for more parts of the plane and the black boxes for clues on why it came down.
An EgyptAir official said the search was focused on finding the bodies of the passengers and the flight recorders, which will stop emitting a signal in a month when the batteries run out.
The disaster comes just seven months after the bombing of a Russian passenger jet by the Islamic State jihadist group over Egypt’s Sinai peninsula in October that killed all 224 people on board. Families of the passengers on the EgyptAir flight gathered at a hotel near Cairo airport after meeting airline officials as they struggled to come to terms with the catastrophe. On Saturday, EgyptAir Holding Company chairman Safwat Moslem told AFP that the priority was finding the passengers’ remains and the black boxes.
French investigators met their Egyptian counterparts in Cairo, while a French patrol boat carrying equipment capable of tracing the plane’s black boxes was expected on Sunday or Monday. The plane disappeared between the Greek island of Karpathos and the Egyptian coast in the early hours of Thursday, without its crew sending a distress signal. It had turned sharply twice before plunging 22,000 feet (6,700 metres) and vanishing from radar screens, said Greek Defence Minister Panos Kammenos. Philip Baum, the editor of Aviation Security International Magazine, told the BBC that technical failure could not be ruled out. Greek civil aviation chief Constantinos Litzerakos said the pilot had mentioned no problem in his last communication. Personal belongings and parts of the Airbus A320 were spotted by teams searching the sea off Egypt’s northern coast about 290 kilometers (180 miles) from the city of Alexandria, the military said.
The passengers included 30 Egyptians, 15 French citizens, two Iraqis, two Canadians, and citizens from Algeria, Belgium, Britain, Chad, Portugal, Saudi Arabia and Sudan. The European Space Agency said one of its satellites had on Thursday spotted an oil slick about 40 kilometers southeast of the plane’s last known location.
In October, foreign governments issued travel warnings for Egypt and demanded a review of security at its airports after the Islamic State group said it downed the Russian airliner over Sinai with a bomb concealed in a soda can that had been smuggled on the plane.
IS has been waging a deadly insurgency against Egyptian security forces and has claimed attacks in both France and Egypt. Presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori greets supporters as she campaigns in the San Juan de Lurigancho shantytown on the outskirts of Lima, Peru, on May 10. The preliminary probe was opened quietly in March but only became known Friday in a report by Lima-based newspaper El Comercio. Specifically, authorities are looking into a series of suspicious financial transactions and land deals worth nearly $1 million. The probe, initially opened for 60 days, is being led by the same prosecutor looking into money laundering accusations against Fujimori’s political enemy, First Lady Nadine Heredia. Fujimori on Friday accused Heredia of being behind the probe which she said was aimed at boosting her opponent, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, just two weeks before Peruvians go to the polls in what’s shaping up to be a close race. She called the accusations baseless and said she was confident her name would be cleared because all campaign contributions had been duly reported to electoral authorities.
News of the probe comes just two days after a congressman close to Fujimori resigned from his post as secretary general of her Popular Force party over an unrelated money laundering investigation.
CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY—The New People’s Army (NPA) on Saturday admitted that it was behind the May 17 killing of Datu Benjamin “Otto” Omao, the indigenous peoples’ (IP) mandatory representative to the Sangguniang Panlungsod of Malaybalay City legislative council.
In a statement, the NPA said Omao was targeted for “committing various crimes,” including land-grabbing. Omao was inside his office in Barangay Casisang in Malaybalay City when shot dead by several armed men.
Magbanwag said Omao was being coddled by the military since 1995 and had only became IP representative because he had coerced tribal leaders into voting for him. He said Omao was also active in recruiting members for the armed group Alamara in Cabanglasan and Malaybalay. Law enforcement personnel stand near the Ellipse south of the White House on Constitution Avenue, Friday, May 20, 2016 in Washington. WASHINGTON—The White House was placed on lockdown for more than an hour Friday (US time) and heavily armed Secret Service agents deployed around the building after a man brandished a weapon nearby and was shot. The incident prompted the White House doors to be locked and agents in full tactical gear and brandishing automatic and heavy-caliber weapons were deployed around the complex and Lafayette Square to the north. SAN PEDRO CITY–Police recovered 29 kilograms of shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride), worth P145 million, in a buy-bust operation in Imus City, Cavite province on Friday afternoon. Ozaeta said Ajido, a resident of Bacoor City, also in Cavite, was the subject of a joint anti-illegal drug operation by the AIDG and the Cavite police.
During the transaction, Ajido sold a kilogram of shabu, worth P1 million, to undercover agents. Earlier this week, police also recovered 10.4 kg of shabu worth P20 million in a separate operation in Bacoor City.
CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY – The power outage that had plunged most of the city in total darkness on Friday evening might have caused the major fire incident that left more than 1,000 persons homeless in Sitio San Isidro Labrador in Barangay (village) Lapasan here, the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) said Saturday. Chief Inspector Rommel Villafuerte, the district fire marshal for Cagayan de Oro, said the fire started at the house of one Lisa Camomot and spread throughout the neighborhood. Based on account of a witness, a child was seen playing with a candle around the time the city experienced widespread power interruption, said Villafuerte.
The City Social Welfare and Development (CSWD) said a total of 123 families or 1,028 persons were displaced by the fire that persisted for nearly three hours.
CSWD chief Teddy Sabugaa said the survivors were now sheltered at the barangay covered court in Lapasan and that they were given relief packages containing food packs, blankets, sleeping mats, mosquito nets, personal hygiene kits, and other necessary items. The state weather bureau on Saturday said thunderstorm is expected to affect Metro Manila and neighboring provinces within the next few hours.
Pagasa advised the public to take precautionary measures against heavy rains, strong winds, lightning, and possible flash floods. When even your closest friends publicly disagree with you on your choices, perhaps you should pause and take stock.
Evangelist Apollo Quiboloy, a longtime friend of Rodrigo Duterte, is not happy with the Cabinet appointments announced so far by the incoming president’s team. But, now, Quiboloy is miffed at Duterte and his team, apparently for having been left out of some crucial deliberations. Quiboloy may well just be suffering from injured  amor  propio—the self-sacrificing hometown friend who believes he did so much to help his buddy become, soon, the most powerful man in the country, only for dirty interlopers from Manila and beyond to elbow him out once Malacanang was won. That revelation compounds the unease that has met the announcement of Villar heading the Department of Public Works and Highways. It’s understandable if Villar was flattered at the invitation to serve the incoming president and his country in so direct a capacity. Duterte’s Cabinet is purportedly patterned after that of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau—diverse, dynamic, competent, with more women and young people in it.
Predictably, a number of Duterte supporters are pushing back by saying that all the complaining is too much and too soon, that Villar should be judged once he has warmed his seat at the DPWH. A coalition government with the Communist Party of the Philippines has been proposed by presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte with an offer of at least four Cabinet portfolios—agrarian reform, social welfare, environment and natural resources, and labor. Duterte’s flirtation with Left politics began when he was a member of the Kabataang Makabayan and Bayan. Duterte’s proposed coalition with the Left differs from the European norm where coalition regimes are transacted by opposing political parties for lack of a dominant political party.
In this case, the Cabinet posts are being offered even as Duterte and his advisers know that the underground Left’s agenda of revolutionary reforms seek to alter the power structures in the country—dislodging the ruling oligarchs and financial elite and building a people’s coalition government. Offering the “hand of peace” to the Left as well as other cause-driven rebel forces, Duterte anchors his incoming administration on a healing presidency with a program of national unity, peace and development.
In fact, the offer of Cabinet posts to the CPP reveals a Duterte ready to embrace the party’s national democratic program with a socialist perspective. In principle, a true coalition government must include forming parallel coalition councils at the local levels.
Which brings us to the important questions: If the Left comes on board, how will Duterte be able to balance and rein in a government of incongruent political forces—the Left armed with a progressive ideology and rightist groups representing neoliberal and pro-elite interests?
Duterte understands the political influence of the armed Left—the extensive guerrilla zones they operate in countless barrios all over the country and now under revolutionary councils. Both Duterte and the Left will need mutual support and cooperation to sustain what may turn out to be the country’s first socialist experiment. Believe it or not, the new K-to-12 curriculum that takes effect beginning this school year in all elementary and high school classes discusses both Philippine and world history quite extensively.
In fact, a close inspection of the K-to-12 curriculum guides, easily accessible at the Department of Education website, will show that the discussion of history and historical events can be found in the learning areas of practically every grade level. The new K-to-12 curriculum shows that the DepEd is not averse to making the appreciation of history a core basic education competency, at par with English, science, math and Filipino. Existing global evidence likewise strongly suggests that a curriculum that consistently nurtures a deep sense of legacy is a key characteristic of high-performing education systems, regardless of whether a society is authoritarian or liberal. Singapore and South Korea did the same thing when they took a long hard look at their respective curriculums several years ago. Lately, social media has been abuzz with calls to rewrite history textbooks in the wake of Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s bid to put himself a heartbeat away from the presidency. Roscelle Cruz, the information specialist at the University of the Philippines Library who famously dared netizens and Marcos apologists to unfriend her on Facebook, pointed out that irrefutable evidence and accurate historical accounts of the atrocities during the Marcos dictatorship are readily accessible to anyone who cares to look. Cruz raised an excellent point: All the information one needs to investigate any historical event dispassionately is readily available, online or in print. In her paper titled “Making a Case for History In Basic Education,” Maria Serena Diokno wrote: “History serves numerous purposes, from the development of citizens as meaningful members of a larger community with which they identify, to the training of the mind in critical thinking and sound judgment.
Now that the elections are over and a new administration is set to take the reins for nation-building, we begin the hard work of continuing major reforms, paramount of which is the K-to-12 program. Amid the commendations for the Aquino administration for finally paving the way for K-to-12, some critics remain cynical about the Philippines’ readiness for it, given various transition issues.
Opposition to K-to-12 has focused on labor concerns, which, while valid, have already been tackled in multisectoral efforts.
For example, in filling senior high school (SHS) personnel posts, the DepEd has established a “green lane” for the priority hiring of displaced faculty and staff. For those who will not join the SHS ranks, the Commission on Higher Education has allocated a total of 15,000 scholarship slots (8,000 masters and 7,000 PhDs), apart from the 13,606 faculty and staff development grants and 100 school innovation grants—all lodged under the Tertiary Education Transition Fund. On the national policy front, while it is true that government spending on education remains below international standards, it has been steadily increasing in absolute value across the years. The transition issues surrounding K-to-12—and the criticisms they inevitably draw—merely underscore one challenge for us all: ensuring that the next administration will also put a premium on education by pursuing the full and effective implementation of K-to-12, among other critical reforms of recent times. Education Secretary Armin Luistro said it best: “One of the criticisms [for K-to-12] is ‘Why do you do it? Indeed, the battle for real and lasting change in Philippine education can only be fought one classroom, one teacher, one student at a time.
Respect for rights.  Preeminent among the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations in 1948 is the right to life. Human Rights Watch and the Commission on Human Rights have documented the unsolved killings of over 1,424 people allegedly perpetrated by death squads in 1989-2015 in Davao City, as mentioned in the pastoral letter of Archbishop Antonio Ledesma, SJ.
People cannot take the law in their own hands, and these death squads, as well as self-styled vigilantes who operate with impunity in other localities, must be disbanded and held accountable. Moreover, the threat of the reimposition of the death penalty has again been raised, which, rather than inhibit, will certainly further promote a culture of violence. Respect for women.  During the election campaign and now in countless articles in the global media including the Time cover story featuring the presumptive president-elect, mention is made of the attitude and the words of disrespect to women and to women victims of rape and abuse. To say even in jest that it is all right to copy, or to cheat, or to be content with a 75 percent—that is, to be mediocre—provides a demotivating example to the young.
Among the contributors to the presidential campaign are business people and financiers known to have vital interests in the extractive industries. Respect for the people’s right to a just peace.  For countrywide development to be sustainable, the building of a just and durable peace, one that responds to our people’s needs and the aspirations of those on the margins of society, is required. The Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro and the Bangsamoro Basic Law were the fruits of rigorous peace negotiations and extensive consultations.
As I see it, incoming President Rodrigo Duterte’s timeline so far has this feature: Three to six months into his term, he will have reduced criminality and corruption in the country by a substantial amount.
Then we have a second feature: Within two years, he will submit his federalism proposal to either a plebiscite or a referendum.
Duterte explains that within this period, he will create a commission (Commission to Study Federalism?), whose main task (quoting from newspaper reports, which may be dangerous) would be to start the discussion on how the country could effect the shift to a federal form of government. Reader, if you are now thoroughly confused with the words “parliamentary,” “presidential,” “federal” and “unitary,” let me try to dispel the confusion. The federal system is based on the principle of subsidiarity, which is basically the idea that a central authority should have a subsidiary (that is, a supporting, rather than a subordinate) function, with the central performing only those tasks which cannot be performed effectively at a more immediate or local level. The votes of Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) members might matter for some contests, and some candidates. In this contest, the INC instruction was critical, given Marcos’ current official deficit from Robredo of only about half a percentage point. In the 2010 vice-presidential race, it should be recalled, candidate Roxas, backed by the INC, was narrowly defeated by candidate Binay who surged in the homestretch.  The situation in 2016 is a photo finish again. The Senate race.  The INC slate was quite mixed, with three LPs (Franklin Drilon, Joel Villanueva, Ralph Recto), two NPCs (Vicente Sotto and Sherwin Gatchalian), four independents (Panfilo Lacson, Richard Gordon, Juan Zubiri, Francis Tolentino), and one each from UNA (Manny Pacquiao), Akbayan (Risa Hontiveros), and Lakas (Martin Romualdez).
In voting for senators, fully half of the INCs went for the complete recommended slate, and thus their median number of names was 12. Among the candidates endorsed by their hierarchy, there is still considerable variability in the INC vote, as seen in the table, which sequences the top 15 candidates according to their Comelec vote rank. Pangilinan and De Lima, despite not being favored by the INC hierarchy, won nonetheless.  Tolentino’s INC support was not enough to overcome De Lima’s ultimate 3-point margin over him.
To sum up, in 2016 the INC votes matter for the vice-presidential contest and for one of the seats in the senatorial contest.  When fighting for every fraction of a point, politicians have to take the INC into account. Encouraged by Duterte’s blunt ways, allow us to cut to the chase: He and his team—who should not only be the best and the brightest, but also the most patriotic and compassionate, especially with poor Filipinos—should first and foremost fully implement our environment laws as effectively as he has implemented the laws in Davao City. In his campaign speeches, Duterte repeatedly warned criminals, drug lords and the corrupt: “S-T-O-P.
Can he say the same to “environment criminals,” the “pushers” and “coddlers” of illegal logging, quarrying, coal-fired power plants, mining and other environmentally destructive activities?
Thus, it is vital for Duterte to include environmental protection and conservation in his top 5 agenda. If we are resource-conscious, our behavior would be reoriented for good, we would have more land space for reforestation and agriculture, clean water to drink, clean air to breathe.
Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s landslide election to the presidency, by all indications, is, indeed, providential.
Duterte is offering the group the powerful posts of agrarian reform, labor, social welfare, and environment and natural resources. Duterte, reportedly, was a student of exiled CPP head Jose Maria Sison at the Lyceum of the Philippines, one of the centers of student activism in the late 1960s through the 1970s. To conclude, Duterte, by the providence of the Unseen Hand, should understand the lifelong struggle of Jose Maria Sison; after all, as the latter’s student, he literally rubbed  elbows (and minds) with a great Filipino. The robust economic expansion in the first quarter is seen sustainable throughout the year, prompting British financial giant Standard Chartered Bank to raise its full-year growth forecast for the Philippines to 6.4 percent.
Separately, debt watcher Moody’s Investors Service said the Duterte administration’s plan to liberalize investment restrictions would augur well for growth in the next six years and could be positive to the country’s credit rating. The mine produced 12,779 ounces of gold and 61,085 ounces of silver, higher by 11 percent and 18 percent, respectively, than the 11,557 ounces of gold and 51,917 ounces of silver produced in the same quarter of 2015. Revenue for the quarter consequently shot up to a record P775 million, 17 percent higher than the revenue of P665 million posted in the same period last year. The hike in revenues, however, was not enough to compensate for higher non-cash charges for depreciation of the equipment acquired last year, higher interest expense and lower foreign exchange gain.
Thus, the parent company’s consolidated net income amounted to just P39 million, 60 percent lower than the consolidated net income of P100 million in 2015. The company was nevertheless encouraged by positive movements in metal prices, with gold reaching a high of $1,304 per ounce.
Including profits attributable to minority interest, Megawide’s first quarter net profit rose by 55 percent to P573.16 million. Megawide posted a 119-percent or P3.21-billion increase in consolidated revenues compared to the same quarter last year, with core construction business contributing 93 percent. Megawide chief financial officer Oliver Tan said:  “The country’s property sector continues to be strong, buoyed by the growing demand for residential and especially office spaces primarily from the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. The enhanced construction revenue was topped by P2.5 billion worth of new contracts for the year’s first quarter. Megawide has likewise started to unlock values from its diversification into infrastructure projects. The government’s tax research arm supports imposing a national surtax on real property, seen as a feasible strategy to source additional revenues for pump priming the economy. NTRC said owners of real property would find it hard to evade their duties since land, building and machinery were fixed.
The agency expressed confidence the public would support a national surtax, noting how it has accepted local government units’ imposition of the real property tax (RPT).
Studies cited by the NTRC showed the local RPT, while a top source of LGU revenues, remained underperforming since LGUs tend to delay or postpone revisions to the SMVs—interpreted as an increase in property taxes—for fear of losing their constituents’ support.
The national government’s property tax effort during the same period, in comparison, was a lower 0.29 percent. Surtax on real property would also be “a tool to redistribute income and wealth” as it would improve tax equity, the NTRC said.
In line with keeping the “ability to pay” principle, NTRC recommended to exclude from the proposed surtax’s coverage certain real properties below a threshold value or land area. To easily administer the levy and protect taxpayers from a tax shock, it suggested the base of the surtax be equivalent to the RPT’s tax base. The NTRC also proposed that the surtax be implemented through a new special law, rather than being incorporated in the Tax Code, to avoid confusion with the LGUs’ RPT under the Local Government Code.
To easily administer, monitor and implement such surtax, the NTRC recommended using LGU databases so that the assessment and computation of the additional tax on real property would be simultaneous with the RPT.
The State of Hawaii is exploring a possible collaboration with Lopez-led Energy Development Corp. Salaveria visited the Philippines from May 14 to 18 to learn how Hawaii could incorporate geothermal power to reduce the state’s dependency on fossil fuels and increase efficiency measures. During his Manila visit, Salaveria held a series of meetings with geothermal experts and top officials of EDC, which is acknowledged as a global leader in geothermal energy. The Filipino-American official said the trip   to Manila this month was initiated to gather information to support the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative (HCEI), which is a partnership between the State of Hawaii and the US Department of Energy that was launched in 2008.
Hawaii was especially interested in gaining a deeper understanding of geothermal energy and how this renewable energy (RE) source could help in achieving HCEI’s goal, Salaveria said.
EDC owns and operates 12 integrated geothermal power projects with an installed capacity of 1,169 megawatts (MW). Studies indicated that Hawaii could hold more than 1,000 MW of geothermal reserves on Maui and Hawaii islands, two of the eight main islands of the State of Hawaii. While Hawaii has other RE options such as wind and solar, these RE sources are intermittent and cannot be used to run baseload power plants. Flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) is launching flights between Taipei and Osaka next month, increasing connectivity via the use of the country’s fifth freedom rights.
PAL said in a statement that the route would be launched on June 25, 2016, using its Airbus A321 planes. The fifth freedom right allows a domestic carrier like PAL to fly from Manila to an international destination, then pick up passengers and cargo in that location and ferry these onward to a third and final international destination. PAL has 10 weekly frequencies between Taipei and Manila and 14 frequencies between Osaka and Manila. Bautista earlier noted that the carrier planned to increase fifth freedom flights for other routes to improve business prospects. The Lucio Tan-controlled carrier is front and center of a row between the Philippines and Kuwait that erupted after the latter blocked PAL’s plan to use fifth freedom flights between Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait City. In response, Kuwait Airways’ Bangkok-Manila fifth freedom privileges were suspended last March 27 after more than two decades of operation.
PAL nevertheless called for diplomatic intervention, stating that the fifth freedom right was clearly granted under the Philippine-Kuwait Bilateral Air Services Agreement of 1977, as amended in April 1995 and February 2009.
PAL, in January this year, launched a four times weekly service between Manila and Kuwait (via Dubai).
While airlines were expected to do better in 2016 due to lower fuel prices, a significant component of operating costs, PAL’s operator PAL Holdings posted a decline in profits in the first quarter of the year.
Property giant SM Prime Holdings (SMPH) expects to complete this year up to 2017 three new business process outsourcing (BPO) towers outside Metro Manila to complement its shopping mall complexes in Clark, Pampanga, Sta.
SMPH has earmarked P2.42 billion in capital outlays in the second half of this year to complete these three new commercial buildings. SM Clark BPO Towers will be a commercial building adjacent to SM City Clark and will have a lot size of 6,090 square meters (sqms).
SM Iloilo Tower will be adjacent to SM City Iloilo and will have a lot size of 5,480 sqms.  It will also have a GFA of 45,000 sqms. The rating for SMPH’s outstanding bonds amounting to P39.99 billion was likewise maintained at “PRS Aaa,” the highest rating in Philratings’ scale.
The consolidation of SM’s real estate properties made SMPH one of the biggest integrated developers in the Philippines. As of end-March, SMPH already has 56 malls operating in the Philippines, with a total GFA of 7.3 million sqms.
Local stocks saw a bloodbath Friday that dragged the main index to the 7,200 level as investors weighed the US Federal Reserve’s hawkish clues and presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s choice of Cabinet members. A veteran stock market dealer said investors were bracing for another interest rate increase by the US Fed, which hinted of such hawkish move coming by June or July. The day’s decline was led by the property counter, which faltered by 2.68 percent, while the financial, holding firms and services counters slipped 1 percent. MPI, Megaworld and GTCAP, which all slid more than 3 percent, while SM Prime, PLDT and BDO all declined by over 2 percent. One notable decliner outside the PSEi was Alterra, which slid by 44.79 percent in heavy volume. Engaging parents more closely in the fight against childhood cancer is intended to improve survival rate.
The full-length BOOST midsole is comprised of 3,000 energy capsules – 20 percent more than any shoe to date. A new heel construction comfortably cradles the foot and adjusts to the Achilles tendon’s natural movements. Larry has experienced the sport as an athlete, coach, magazine publisher and now, journalist and blogger. She has reportedly said in private that she would "continue to implement the 'two states' theory without mentioning it".
As long as the mainland doesn't use force against Taiwan, Chen promised, he would not declare independence, change the name of "Republic of China", initiate the writing of the "two states" theory into the "Constitution", propose a referendum over unification or independence, or abolish "the Guidelines for National Unification and National Unification Council". But Tsai should finish her answer sheet for the benefits of all people on both sides of the Straits - the earlier the better. What started as the formal establishment of diplomatic relations in 1951 has today become an unbreakable bond of infallible trust; time-tested friendship, and above all a shared world-view. We speak entirely different languages, have our unique cultures and until recently had limited direct people-to-people interaction. It has emerged peacefully on the world scene by employing soft power rather than the deployment of hard power. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor as a flagship project of the initiative will be a game changer for both our countries and the wider region. It can also serve as the basis for durable peace in the region and beyond, by replacing animosity with cooperation among the member countries. Xi's visionary concept is one of development, progress and prosperity through win-win partnerships. Because they refused to hand over their phones to the police, the two students were taken by force to a nearby police station, where two police officers slapped their faces and beat their buttocks with batons. The city's public security department confirmed the next morning that the student's allegations of being beating were true and the police officers concerned are now under investigation. And police officers have the discretionary power to decide whether the threat is immediate or serious enough to justify their using force.
Obviously, the two Lanzhou police officers' violence was unwarranted and had no legal basis as there was no threat involved, either to themselves or the public. The policemen had no legal reason to confiscate their phones, and did so just because they feared the video would cause them further trouble. Were it not for the pressure of public opinion, the authority would have been unlikely to act. The heroine, 30-year-old Fan Shengmei who works in Shanghai, spends half her salary supporting her parents and her brother's family. Yet the exploitation of her by her family means she would not be able to survive without the help of her friends. The actress, Jiang Xin, even jokingly said on her micro blog that she received extra income this month because so many people were trying to send her gift money to help the character she played.
Fan is one of the millions of girls exploited by their blood families, who mobilize all kinds of resources for their sons. On Zhihu, a domestic real-name online community discussing daily lives, there is a special forum that has so far collected 600 real life stories about woman being exploited in such a way by their families.
A woman surnamed Wang from Chongqing in Southwest China was sentenced to four years in prison for selling two of her babies on the day they were born, both were girls.
It remains a quite rampant practice in some underdeveloped regions to find out the gender of the embryo and abort if it is female. Behind this bloody figure are millions of girls who were deprived of the opportunity of life because of their gender. That's rather ironical and shows how deeply the mindset "male over female" is rooted in our society. The crux of the problem lies in the massive, intensive and close reconnaissance activities the US conducts against China. As a matter of fact, no country in Southeast Asia has sought international arbitration for the settlement of its maritime disputes with regional countries. When police officers arrived, they found the man was the boy's father who was angry because his son was slow in finishing his homework. It is good for schools to assign students such tasks as few will do them at home, because their parents want them to focus on coursework only. Some scold the teachers if their kids get a minor injury at school, some even challenge the school's teaching methods and management. And whenever a debate boils down to the market's role, public opinion is always divided into two groups: Those advocating the market's decisive role and those saying the market will exclude those at the lowest levels of society. The uncertainty and disruption of drawn-out and doubtless acrimonious divorce proceedings would depress investment and growth. The UK would have the whip hand, they argue, because it buys more from the EU than it sells in return. Many economic actors - from German car manufacturers to French farmers to financial centers around the EU - would want to hamper their British competitors. While the UK wouldn't be hamstrung by protectionist interests in the EU, its smaller economy, largely open markets, and desperation for deals would weaken its clout. China's domestic tourism market has been booming in last decade, with a 10 percent annual growth on average and spending is expected to reach around $890 billion by 2020. As Li Jinzao, head of the China National Tourism Administration, has pointed out, a dirty toilet destroys the efforts of all kinds of tourist resort promotions and their negative impact is hard to erase.
In an effort to ensure their success, the Chinese government invested billions of yuan in building 4,000 new public toilet facilities to world-class standards.
Architects and the facility owners need to be "toilet trained" so that they understand how to design for different types of buildings and the needs of different demographics. It includes environmental conditioning inside the toilet that guides the user's behavior as well as the awareness of behavioral norms of society at large. As these designs were not focused on the enjoyment and privacy of the individuals, an elegant toilet culture did not develop in many parts of China. Sun Xi is an independent commentary writer based in Singapore and alumnus of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. Equally the easy to recognise New York yellow cabs require a Medallion (license) to operate. And we all know that traditional taxis are difficult to get when it is raining, and that the drivers of some licensed cabs in big Chinese cities are reluctant to drive during the rush hours as the time spent in heavy traffic is financially unrewarding. Now a taxi app can search hundreds of taxis operating in a customers' area and find one near and available that will respond (and also adjust the fare in busy times - the market at work). Apple has announced a planned investment of $1 billion in Didi, which is good news for a taxi hailing company that is still loss-making despite huge business growth. But spokesman Hong Lei, when asked to comment on Trump's words, said on Wednesday that China supports direct talks and communication between the US and the DPRK. The differences between the two countries are still huge and often contentious, but because both have committed to engage with each other, they have been able to develop the relationship by greatly expanding cooperation and managing differences. Yet the fact that representatives from Hong Kong's opposition camp accepted an invitation and met with State leader Zhang Dejiang on Wednesday is already something worth celebrating. Some of their younger members have even indulged in political extremism and delusion about having their way.
But it is a good start in the sense that it has opened a new channel for communication between the central authorities in Beijing and Hong Kong's opposition camp. Its dual-track foreign policy is aimed at maintaining the "no reunification, no independence" status quo across the Straits and striking a strategic balance between the two sides to the US' advantage. And Washington not only failed to pressure Tsai into embracing the 1992 Consensus, but also extended her a high-profile reception during her visit to the US.
If sexual assaults in prison remain a taboo subject for discussion, the victims will continue to feel ashamed even after they are sexually violated and suffer more, instead of seeking justice.
It clearly defines sexual violation of males as a crime, which is expected to better protect men from sexual assaults. Now the amendment has come into effect and if the minor is confirmed to have suffered from sexual assaults, the perpetrators should be held responsible. If they intentionally put the teenager into a cell to be exploited, they should be sued as accomplices. Moscow has described NATO's latest deployment in Romania as "a real threat to Russia's security".
But in response to its shrinking strategic clout and NATO's military deployment in East Europe during the post-Cold War years, Russia has gradually stepped up its objections to the US' antimissile system in Europe, even threatening to deploy its own ballistic missiles on the border of the European Union to counter the move. This is because the US media outlets have become increasingly soft on negative news about Japan as it is the most important ally of the United States in the Asia-Pacific region. The former will cement the peaceful development shared by both sides of the Taiwan Straits over the past eight years, while the latter will undermine that good momentum.
Taiwan's participation in the WHA since 2009 has been a special arrangement based on the one-China principle and relevant WHA resolutions.
It is neither part of the "political restrictions" nor an "interference" from the mainland as the DPP recently extorted. Tsai and her party should drop the fantasy of muddling through and properly endorse the one-China principle for the betterment of Taiwan people's livelihoods.
But before such a transplant is attempted there are legal and ethical questions to be considered.
A bigger challenge is, his or her previous spouse and family might not accept the new person. Having been associated with personalities in the Philippine communist movement, Duterte displayed a critical and lukewarm attitude toward the US during the election. But he asserts that he will closely monitor the agreement to ensure it is implemented in accordance with the Philippine's national interests.
In many of his public statements during his campaign, and in the aftermath of the recently concluded elections, Duterte vowed to resume bilateral talks with China. To peacefully manage the disputes with China in the South China Sea, Duterte has openly declared his preference for promoting joint development. Excessive accommodation of China could potentially undermine the Philippines' long standing alliance with the US.

In this case, the Philippine can pragmatically advance its national interests by getting the best of both worlds. The consumption share marked a significant jump from the 66.4-percent ratio at the end of 2015.
On the other hand, upgrading their consumption will incentivize Chinese enterprises to embrace supply-side reforms on which China's economic future hinges. It would not only make it easier for them to derail any efforts to improve cross-Straits relations, such as the signing of trade and economic agreements, but also offer them the chance to hijack the Taiwan people in direct confrontation with the mainland. Failure to do so runs counter to her promise of maintaining the "status quo" and will force the mainland to drop any illusion that she is someone it can work with to safeguard peace and stability across the Straits.
More than 1,600 of the 2,800 domestic companies listed in the Shanghai-based A-share market are valued at more than $1 billion.
Yet, the loose supervision and quality control of generic drugs, which do not have to meet the standards of the originals, are also to blame. These drugs may end up having totally different effects from the original versions after rounds of "misinterpretation". The "cultural revolution" was a major detour in the development path of the Party and the nation.
It puts equal emphasis on social sectors and would kick off a process which would have a far-reaching impact on the development of the whole region and the world at large.
This vision is based on the understanding that technological developments can only be fully exploited when the physical infrastructure for transporting people, goods and services are in place, fully developed and supported by friendly policies, legislation and procedures with a win-win approach.
It is expected that the Early Harvest plans will be completed in the stipulated timeframe; that is by March 2018. It is already operational and thousands of security personnel have been deployed in various parts of the country along with CPEC projects. While the answer may not be difficult to perceive, the strategy in this regard primarily revolves around developing stakeholders of all concerned in the project. Indeed, the strong level of trust between the two countries, that has remained the key factor in their relationship over the last six decades, will be further enhanced with the CPEC.
In September 2013, the State Council, China's Cabinet, urged local governments to improve the drainage capabilities of cities, and many cities have been working on this. In order to solve the problem of city flooding, authorities must take comprehensive measures that range from infrastructure maintenance to ecological protection. According to current standards, the drainage pipes in most cities can only withstand the severity of a deluge that occurs only once in a half to three years. It is minimal too, so remains very light.  Having used Adidas shoes in the past, it is durable too, so is on a par, in my opinion, with Vibram rubber.
President Aquino, whose term is ending in June, promised her six years ago that justice will be served in her son’s case. I was hopeful when the 2013 Supreme Court order came out that, as commander in chief, he would order the military or at least explain to me the truth of what really happened, but there was no action,” Burgos said. Raising the stakes in Britain’s European Union membership debate, Prime Minister David Cameron said Monday that leaving the bloc would increase the risk of war in Europe.
The Airbus A320 plane was flying from Paris to Cairo with 66 passengers and crew when it disappeared early Thursday over the Mediterranean Sea. The South American country is gearing up for a tight June 5th runoff between Keiko Fujimori, the daughter of jailed former President Alberto Fujimori, and former World Bank economist Pedro Kuczynski. It was later confirmed by Peru’s chief prosecutor, who said the investigation is ongoing. Among them are campaign contributions allegedly collected at two Fujimori-hosted cocktail parties for donors and wire transfers to her campaign from a Delaware-registered company called LVF Liberty Institute. The older Fujimori is currently serving out a 25-year jail sentence for corruption and sanctioning death squads.
Polls show the two right-wing candidates in a statistical tie with a slight edge for Fujimori. In a report last week by US-based network Univision, a former associate and alleged Drug Enforcement Administration informant accused him of bragging on a clandestinely-recorded tape about laundering $15 million on behalf of Fujimori’s campaign. He was notorious in the area for his association with the bandit group Delamance,” said Ariel “Inda” Magbanwag, the NPA-South Central Bukidnon spokesperson. A uniformed Secret Service officer shot a person who drew a weapon just outside the White House Friday afternoon, a U.S. Police believed the large amount of shabu would be delivered to other groups involved in the illegal drugs trade.
He has made his displeasure known through his spokesman Mike Abe, who said there should be “a correct process” when it comes to choosing Duterte’s alter egos. Not only did he apparently agree to abandon his Las Pinas constituency just like that, mere days after being reelected as their representative; worse, his new job as overseer of the Philippines’ real estate poses a blatant conflict of interest given his family’s status as one of the country’s largest property developers.
But the public also has reason to raise an eyebrow at the circumstances surrounding his appointment. But Duterte has just been elected on a platform of change, with over 15 million Filipinos handing him the nation’s highest office based on his extra-blunt promise to sweep clean the Augean stables of Philippine politics and society. But conflict of interest has nothing to do with competence; it’s integrity that’s at stake—and the clean and transparent administration that Rodrigo Duterte has promised to bring to Malacanang. Thanking his former student for the “magnanimous offer,” exiled CPP founding chair Jose Maria Sison politely declined the Cabinet positions, clarifying, however, that the offer would be studied seriously.
As mayor of Davao City, he staked his political career by accommodating the New People’s Army, and backing a ban on US armed exercises in the metropolis.
Forged by compromise, these power-sharing coalitions eventually turn fractious because of incoherent policies and strategies.
The posts at stake are as strategic and critical as they involve social services, employment, land reform, and protecting the environment from development aggression. He will lead and micromanage a hard-fist antidrugs and anticrime campaign, but national security will lose steam without a peace agreement signed with the Left and capped by comprehensive social, economic, and political reforms for a just and lasting peace. Others may interpret it as an attempt to coopt the Left by using the peace process as a ploy for capitulation. However, Duterte’s planned first moves as president converges with the Left agenda—an end to labor contractualization, rebuilding the national steel industry en route to industrialization, and tax reform, among others. The support that Duterte expects from the Left in helping administer government affairs can be enhanced by a broad progressive movement’s representation in the local governments.
How will basic disagreements on policies and strategies be reconciled to assemble a coherent six-year program? Negotiations with the National Democratic Front, which were stalled in 2013, promise to rectify past mistakes of not honoring 10 peace agreements, with both sides now expected to accelerate the process as speedily as possible. Past regimes failed to defeat the NPA because of its mass base support and also due to the government’s inability to address the roots of rebellion. Tuazon teaches at the University of the Philippines and is CenPEG’s director for policy studies. As former education undersecretary Isagani Cruz pointed out last year, “The story of our country, as told in the K-to-12 curriculum, is a story of fighting for freedom, first against foreign invaders, then against local and foreign rulers. Cruz cited the teaching of Asian history in Grade 7, which deals with the struggles of various Asian countries against colonialism, imperialism and neocolonialism, and the teaching of European history in the context of imperialism in Grade 8.
In fact, the study of history is the best way to nurture the discipline of critical thinking in learners, in much the same way that scientific inquiry becomes second nature to students through their science subjects. For instance, in Fidel Castro’s Cuba, education has always been a cornerstone of the Cuban Revolution.
The learning approaches of these two countries differ greatly, but their education systems strongly emphasize national identity. Is the study of who we are and where we came from of such low priority that we need to crowdsource the sentiment in order to heighten its importance? And yet, it is disheartening to see how easily memes and viral videos derail intelligent public discourse, and not just among millennials. Much has been said about how this long-overdue reform in education can benefit the Filipino people.
These include nationwide caravans by the Department of Education (DepEd) and regional dialogues by the Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC), the Coordinating Council of Private Educational Associations (Cocopea), and Philippine Business for Education (PBEd). It has accommodated a total of 41,692 SHS faculty applications for 2016 alone, well beyond the 39,000 faculty members estimated to be displaced over a period of five years. Finally, the Department of Labor and Employment will facilitate the provision of financial and livelihood assistance to displaced personnel. From P188 billion in 2010, the total education budget has nearly doubled to P371 billion in 2015, equivalent to a fifth of total new appropriations for the year. And the thing with such massive change is that the first few, wobbly steps are also the hardest.
I have drawn these reflections from the contentious election campaign that I would now like to convey to presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte. In the next six years, it is imperative that we underline the message that life is sacred, and that the rule of law will prevail by putting a stop to all forms of killings, particularly summary political killings and extrajudicial executions. The police and local authorities under whose watch these crimes have been committed must likewise be made to answer for these atrocities. Studies of Amnesty International over four decades have repeatedly discredited the argument that it serves as a deterrent. In an imperfect justice system where unfair conditions may exist, those who are poor or marginalized, or who belong to minorities, are more likely to be sentenced to death; more often than not, it is those who have less in life who are unable to mount a proper defense.
It is important to note that in politics as well as in life, “words do matter” whether said in anger or in jest. Balancing competing voices in any coalition (especially one with no clear program of government presented to the people during the campaign, and absent political parties with comprehensive platforms of government except perhaps the Communist Party of the Philippines) will present a monumental challenge.
Waging peace with the CPP, National Democratic Front and New People’s Army, on the other hand, has been a labyrinthine journey that now needs to be completed to ensure that peace will prevail nationwide. Ed Garcia cosponsored the provision abolishing the death penalty as one of the framers of the 1987 Constitution. After that, he would call for a constitutional convention (obviously through Congress, because the latter is the only one who can call it, by a vote of two-thirds of all its members).
Joaquin Bernas, SJ, categorizes our present system as a “mitigated unitarism” since 1987 because the new Constitution gives the local government some powers, such as the power of local taxation and the encouragement of local autonomy. Aside from dividing powers vertically, it will require the very ticklish problem of dividing our country into states. There are quarters who say that the Constitution does not have to be amended, only the Local Government Code, and some laws, assuming that the main objective is more autonomy, and devolved powers and resources to the local government units.
The INCs are notoriously slow in deciding for whom to vote.  Last Election Day, 53 percent said they made their choice for president only sometime between May 1 and May 9 itself. Robredo’s advantage over Marcos comes from the very populous Catholics, and the Muslims, who are almost as many as the INCs. The other 12 in the table, in bold type, were the INC’s recommendees; they got between 56 (Recto) and 68 (Drilon and Pacquiao) percent. In that case De Lima would have moved up to 11th place, while Recto and Osmena would be in a tight battle for 12th. One or two or even a hundred of them may be killed, but there will remain a thousand other hungry stomachs that could turn to crimes to get themselves filled. Duterte impressed us when, after his final rally at Luneta, which gathered the biggest crowd among the presidential candidates’ rallies, he and his supporters left the place clean of garbage.
Dumps all over the country are polluting and destroying our land, water and air resources, and harming public health.
We invite the presumptive president-elect of the Philippines to join us in pursuing aggressively the use of renewable sources of energy—solar, wind, water—because air pollution kills. Is it because the memory of computer operators walking out of the Philippine International Convention Center from the canvassing of votes in the 1986 snap presidential election—after they realized that they were being made to encode erroneous data to favor his father—is still fresh in his mind? With the  mayor at the helm of the government after June 30, 2016, there is every chance that, for the first time in the turbulent history of our country and at a most crucial time, a true leader has arrived to steer a genuine government of the Filipino people, by the Filipino people and for the Filipino people. Investment in equipment and construction has reinforced the positive momentum in infrastructure development,” StanChart noted. Revenues from operations of the Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) contributed P431 million. Unlike its local equivalent, the national surtax would be free from political intervention from local officials, which has stunted RPT collections in the past, it added. The major obstacle in the implementation of the locally imposed taxes on property was political rather than administrative in nature.
This indicated that while the growth of collection from property taxes remained very slow compared with economic growth, there was still room for improvement in collections and consequently, increase in revenues. Citing the close link between wealth and real property ownership, “those who have more real properties would be taxed more while those who have less would be taxed less” under the proposal, it added. Salaveria, director of the US state’s Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT).
In 2015, Hawaii passed a landmark legislation to make Hawaii the first state in the nation to set a 100-percent renewable portfolio standard for the electricity sector.
EDC plans to pursue projects overseas, including opportunities in Latin America and Indonesia. These are coveted by carriers since they improve flight utilization, making the route more profitable. This will enable the Japanese market to travel to Taiwan with ease, comfort and convenience,” PAL president Jaime Bautista said in the statement.
This meant that PAL was not allowed to pick up passengers and cargo in Dubai headed to Kuwait.
Rosa BPO and SM Iloilo Tower—are among the key projects in the pipeline to boost the company’s recurring earnings. Rosa were expected to be completed by the fourth quarter of this year while SM Iloilo Tower was slated for completion by the first half of 2017, SMPH said in a regulatory filing that also detailed a retail bond offering worth as much as P10 billion.
SMPH operates four core businesses: malls, residential, commercial, and hotel and convention centers. The company has likewise expanded its business outside the Philippines and currently operates six malls in China.
At the same time, the dealer said the market was jittery over Duterte’s choices of Cabinet members. There were 56 advancers, which were overwhelmed by 140 decliners, while 42 stocks were unchanged.
The carefully-engineered Primeknit upper provides a precision fit and maximum breathability, while the midsole technology returns energy with each step.
For a customized fit and feel, a new, featherweight sock liner adapts to runners’ individual foot forms. His first article, on Don Bowden, America's first sub 4 minute miler, was published in RW in 1983.
It is a strategic imperative that guarantees longevity and the sustainability of relations between countries.
China has successfully lifted 700 million people from poverty through prudent policies and reforms. Pakistan looks at the peaceful rise of China as a source of strength and stability for the Southwest and Central Asian regions. The Chinese commitment to invest $46 billion in Pakistan through the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor projects will be transformational in reshaping the destiny of Pakistan, as well as the region.
It is the harbinger of a new era of peace and stability, offering the promise of transforming the regional economic landscape. We have been great together for the past 65 years, and we know the next 65 will be even better.
But that only further highlights the necessity of using institutional means to remove the rotten apples from the basket. Under pressure from her parents, she pays for an apartment for her brother, even though she doesn't have one of her own and shares a rented apartment with two girlfriends. Yet the parents continue the practice because they want to support their sons with the money. As a result of this, the gender ratio of males to females among newborns has been as high as 1.21 from 2004 to 2008. They not only constitute military provocations, but also threaten China's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Thus it deems its spying missions on China's doorstep are perfectly acceptable, while China's measures to safeguard its national security are slammed as "unsafe", "unprofessional" or even "dangerous". The Philippines has elaborately disguised its territorial dispute with China as a dispute on maritime rights and entitlements under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea in an attempt to bypass the "sovereignty issue". Beijing News commented that as long as the theme park neither cheats visitors nor forces people to consume the food, people can choose whether or not to buy.
Permanent separation would reduce trade, foreign investment and migration, and hurt competition, productivity growth and living standards. The UK's net contribution to the EU budget amounted to only 0.35 percent of its GDP last year, and scrapping EU regulation would bring limited benefits, because the UK's labor and product markets are already among the freest in the world. For their part, EU governments would want to punish Britain, not least because they know that a velvet divorce with Britain would bolster anti-EU parties, such as France's far-right National Front, which has already called for a referendum on EU membership. Indeed, the US has stated that it has no immediate interest in negotiating a trade deal with the UK.
To showcase the great progress that was made, Beijing hosted the World Toilet Summit in 2004, with the help of the World Toilet Organization. To promote public education of toilet usage, both rational and aspirational approaches are needed. In fact, many public toilets in China have been constructed according to high standards, but as the management is not up to the same standards, they become dirty and fall into disrepair quickly. These used to change hands at high prices, although now the value of these has dropped noticeably.
And then there are times when a taxi will stop but then refuse the ride because of the destination or else stop but demand double the fare because it is late at night. Add to that the more convenient means of payment through the increasing use of smartphones for bank account linked payments, such as Apple Pay, AliPay and WeChat pay.
Apple is keen to develop Apple Pay in China, and encouraging Didi customers to use it is a smart way to expand, in addition Apple has its own driverless car project and may see some synergies with that and the technologies that Didi Chuxing is developing. There are some concerns about how the combined technologies are creating "instant taxi drivers" - untrained, unlicensed taxi drivers - and concerns about the safety of female passengers, and the quality and condition of vehicles. And on Tuesday, Trump said he would be willing to talk to Democratic People's Republic of Korea leader King Jong-un. Such occurrences have long been known to the police and the judiciary departments, but it remains a taboo in society.
Canavero did not say what he thought the odds were for success and no medical association supports his experiment. To transplant a whole body, they need to find a dead person within hours even minutes after his death, and make sure all his organs are healthy and not damaged.
We applaud his pursuit of a better life, but think there is an ethical problem with the way he hopes to achieve this. The changing of guard in the US, which will have its own presidential election in November, provides another source of uncertainty in the current trend and future direction for Philippine-American relations. Though Duterte still needs to clarify the details of his idea of joint development, he seems to be following former top Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping's formula of shelving territorial disputes for the purpose of joint cooperation. In contrast, many overseas companies are valued at less than $100 million even though they are performing well. The significance of the CPEC can be imagined as it is a key link in China's Belt and Road Initiative, which involve 4.4 billion people across 65 countries on three continents.
Areas along the CPEC would have the potential to become a trade, transit, transport and economic and energy hub for regional progress and development as well. Measures to address the volatile security situation have also been a priority on the agenda. It will take the relationship to new heights in the coming decades and spread benefits to South, Central and West Asia as well. Residents are busy posting photos online, showing them in boats in the streets or catching fish in the water. At the Malaybalay City council, he chaired the ethnic and indigenous cultural communities’ development committee. That Quiboloy would air his disappointment in this way is startling: The two men are so close that Duterte has no qualms admitting that the evangelist regularly buys him shoes, and Quiboloy once said he was ready to lend his private jet gratis so his friend could fly home to Davao from Manila every day if necessary.
Barely had the ink dried on the “coalition” agreement that Duterte’s party PDP-Laban had signed with the Nacionalista Party headed by Villar’s father, Manny Villar—the real-estate mogul, former senator and 2010 presidential candidate—than the congressman’s name was announced as the incoming head of the DPWH. His camp had fanned the expectations of a hopeful public, even those who didn’t vote for him but who quickly came to terms with his victory as the result of a vigorous democracy.
But in all other aspects, his appointment to the DPWH is a troubling throwback to the old-boys-club politics of self-interest and accommodation.
Through the Marxist lens, it is more accurate to cast him as socialist-leaning and a nationalist with an unqualified sympathy for the poor.
In short, they serve as key platforms for initiating basic social and economic reforms with socialist paradigms—issues that previous pro-elite regimes failed to address.
A negotiated political settlement that will accommodate a progressive agenda opens the possibility of an alliance between Duterte and the Left, which may even solidify his socialist orientation.
The basic social and economic reforms of a Duterte presidency should be grounded where community-based change-movers have long been struggling for grassroots empowerment. How, indeed, will expected resistance from the elite and diehard anticommunist elements be handled?
The outcome of these talks will shape the final configuration of the coalition government and to what extent Duterte is determined to support it. The curriculum is designed to impress upon learners that they are duty-bound to use and improve their talents and skills for the common good. Singapore’s math and science curriculums are legendary, and its students practically dominate international assessment tests. I’ll give you all the records, documents and photos that I have [of] martial law,” she said. I’ve seen well-educated professionals sharing these sometimes humorous but poorly researched posts online, without even the benefit of cursory verification. But what remains contentious is how such a sweeping initiative can be sustainably implemented while also tackling its attendant challenges in the short term. While there is certainly merit in raising these issues, we must keep in mind that fundamental to any significant change are difficulty and confusion (think of the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly, or the birth of a child). A range of comprehensive support programs has been developed by government agencies in order to mitigate the adverse impact on labor and to leverage the opportunity to upgrade Philippine higher education. It is thus inaccurate to say that the government is just willing to leave our teachers languishing during the transition. Moreover, from 461 elementary schools running on three shifts a day in 2011, we now only have 15 such schools in 2014.
It is thus critical that we sustain the momentum and guarantee the optimal use of public funds. Salazar and Dylan Dellosa are president and research director, respectively, of the Philippine Business for Education.
In fact, AI concludes that “there is no evidence that the death penalty is any more effective in reducing crime than imprisonment.” A most effective deterrent against crime is the certainty of conviction and the effective administration of justice.
Examples of prisoners sent to death row and later exonerated demonstrate that in matters of life and death, there is no room for error. It is our hope that our presumptive president-elect comes through with his renewed pledge to show a better example to our young people who are both impressionable and may easily be influenced by leaders who may seem larger than life.
Reassurance has been given that no concessions will be made to friends and funders alike as quid pro quo, which remains to be seen. Diokno once put it, we have to address the underlying causes of the conflict, “jobs and justice, food and freedom.” It would also mean redressing historical injustices and ensuring respect for the dignity of the Bangsamoro and lumad  in Mindanao.
To silence the guns once and for all after nearly half a century will indeed be a lasting legacy to succeeding generations.
He worked with the secretariat of Amnesty International and the London-based peace-building organization, International Alert. Duterte, tell us how we are to measure the success (or failure) of such an effort.  What will constitute “substantial”?  The number of shoot-to-kill orders carried out? In a unitary system, the central government holds all (or most) of the power, and in a federal system, power is divided between central and local governments.
Now if there are other objectives like staying in power indefinitely, that’s something else. This is 20 points more than the 33 percent of Catholics, 31 percent of Muslims, 30 percent of other Christians, and 32 percent of other religions, that said they decided at that time. But Tolentino would still be out, at 14th.  Thus, the one winning senatorial candidate for whom the INC votes really mattered was Recto. Some say, however, that beyond the clean surroundings of Davao City, there are still dumps.
The key to managing our wastes is in valuing all our natural and manmade resources so that nothing will be wasted, everything will have its proper place. For 30 years they have been carrying on a violent, bloody struggle to wrest control of the government, but they have never succeeded and never will they succeed. But, if they accept the offer, the first of its kind in 30 years, the insurgency can be put to an end, and the entire nation will be blessed to enjoy the benefits of true peace and untrammeled opportunities for prosperity.
Together with Bangalore-based partner GMR Infrastructure Limited, the group took over operations of the MCIA in November 2014, using the public private partnership (PPP) framework. The anticipated political repercussions to schedule of market values (SMV) revision makes local officials reluctant to support such move,” the NTRC noted.
The department, which is under the Office of the Governor, oversees the Hawaii State Energy Office, which has embarked on a strategic plan to position Hawaii as a proving ground for clean energy technologies.
It was reported that several seats were earmarked for the Communist Party while the public works portfolio was given to a Villar scion, perceived to be part of a political horse-trading that might characterize the incoming administration as it seeks to gain support among lawmakers. This would lessen the financial burden since the earlier the illness is dealt with, the shorter and less expensive medication will be needed. Ultra BOOST also boasts a new dual-density TORSION® SYSTEM, embedded into the shoe’s base. Larry has published several magazines on athletics, from American Track & Field to the U.S.
China and Pakistan have kept their economic relationship at the core of their relations and aim to forge an even stronger trade and economic partnership. The Chinese achievement in successfully tapping the demographic dividend of its huge population is an example of how a country's human resources can be leveraged as a factor of development. When her brother beats somebody up and has to pay compensation to his victim, she is the one that has to fork up the cash. Second, the authorities rarely called on to intervene because it is believed they are not capable enough to deal with domestic issues.
And a divorce would deprive the UK of influence over future EU reforms - notably, the completion of the single market in services - from which it would benefit.
Moreover, any agreement on a new economic relationship with the UK would require unanimity among the EU's 27 remaining members.
The foreign investors financing Britain's current-account deficit - which hit 7 percent of its GDP in the final quarter of last year - might drive up the risk premium on UK assets or, worse, pull out.
The US also has a trade deficit with the EU, yet it doesn't get to dictate terms in the negotiations over the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Past experience shows that rather than lecturing posters, motivating aspirations of personal elegance often proves most successful. Therefore, promoting a better toilet culture will not only boost more in-bound tourists, it will also be welcome by the host countries receiving out-bound Chinese tourists. App-based taxi services such as Uber (globally) and Didi Chuxing in China have created significant competition for the traditional taxi companies (licensed and with fare meters in their cabs).
However, the monopolies created by the old rules led to higher prices and app-based taxi services have emerged to break these monopolies. As an illustration of their impact, Didi Chuxing announced in March that it had hit 10 million ride hails per day in China. A combination of due diligence by the app providers and government regulatory activity is needed as the industry grows.
Sometimes science advances at the cost of human lives, but that does not mean sacrificing patients in pursuit of glory. To find a body donor and successfully get the donated body will be a great deal harder than finding an organ donor and successfully getting the donated organ. The same applies to head transplants and it might take a much longer time for the public to accept them than for the doctors to succeed in doing one. This has resulted in domestic companies having the confidence to engage in an increasing number of M&As overseas.
Yet such a response should not obscure the fact that floods threaten people's lives and bring huge economic losses. The arrangement came off as naked quid pro quo: the Villar-led NP pledging to support the fledgling administration in seeming return for a powerful government post that happens to have enormous implications on the Villars’ family business. The C-5 controversy—a multibillion-peso highway project said to have been redesigned, at huge extra cost, to benefit the Villars’ housing projects—doomed his father’s presidential candidacy; now, his conflicted appointment will only cast a shadow at the very dawn of the Duterte presidency. These are the change forces that no Cabinet secretaries or political and business supporters of Duterte can promise.
Garcia’s “Filipino First” policy that is now enshrined in Article XI, Section 9 of the 1987 Constitution and on the Oil Deregulation Law in Grade 9, and discussions on same-sex marriage, the Reproductive Health Law and political dynasties in Grade 10.
Similarly, the DepEd’s voucher program ensures that all 3.9 million junior high school finishers will have equitable access to SHS in 2016, regardless of their school of origin. Moreover, the proposed medieval practice of hanging desensitizes people, reflecting the barbaric methods that were condemned in the past.
To move the struggle from the field of battle into the parliamentary arena will remove guns out of politics, leading to a future truly different from the past.
He taught political science at the University of the Philippines and Ateneo de Manila, and now works at Far Eastern University Diliman.
He also asserts that our presidential, unitary form of government has led to unequal distribution of wealth. So does that mean he ultimately wants a federal, parliamentary form of government, as opposed to our current unitary, presidential? The head of government (there are exceptions) is generally chosen among the legislators, and so is the Cabinet.  Hence my dismay.
While a large part of the country suffers from the heat, some parts are experiencing heavy rains and floods. We know that we have “killed” some dumps and that we have set up instead barangay ecology centers for segregation at source (households and establishments), composting, and recycling. And he must really have such a fertile imagination to even think that the Liberal Party or specifically, Leni Robredo, cheated him while he was in sweet slumber after garnering a sizable lead in the early hours ofthe count. Their struggle has only resulted in countless deaths and suffering on both their side and government’s, without sparing civilians. This allows for more independent movements between the heel and forefoot, giving runners superior stability and a smooth, controlled run.
And the UK would also have to renegotiate - from scratch - the 50-plus trade deals that the EU has with other countries. When a toilet respects the users, the chances of reciprocal respect from the user are also higher.
Alan Peter Cayetano, Duterte’s running mate in the election, lobbied for Villar to get the post instead of the trade and industry portfolio for which he had been initially eyed. The progressive movement can, and a reform agenda needs a strong and nationwide mass movement as a political backbone and development force. When they go abroad to study engineering, information technology and healthcare, they do so because they can bring back their world-class competencies for the benefit of national businesses and industries. This is why we need to talk about K-to-12’s early hurdles, if only to show that they do not warrant giving up the fight for a better basic education system for our youth. What if you have an address in Chinese written on a piece of paper, you cannot give that address over the phone when using an app?
The jailing of Jojo Binay (you promised he would be the first one you would go after, remember)?
Is the parliamentary form of government his actual objective, and he is only hiding behind federalism? Will we have three states (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao), or five, or seven, or 11, or 15, or 80? Poverty will worsen and those who would resort to robbery, theft, drug pushing, murder and the like will only grow in number.
But a parliamentary form of government will mean no more term limits, more political dynasties, and more chances to keep feudalism alive and well. In other words, it will mean the triumph of  trapos  and their kin, the  buwayas  who have impoverished our country.

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