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This is not a conceptual Workshop; I will show you how to achieve results using the same process I use and Self-Empowerment Technology from Modern Day Mystic! How to use sacred geometry to identify the energetic sourxe inside your body that is the root cause of your fatigue.
You will receive a free copy of the Navitus 2.0 “High Energy Software” and learn how to use it during the workshop.
The workshop was off the charts energetically:) Once my energy portal was activated i could really really feel a sweet light loving energy flow through my body from this place, i couldn’t believe it. Relationship and Love Workshop Tele-Summit Workshop, Recorded on July 27, 2015   Folks, I've been getting a lot of questions regarding relationships and love.

Arch Angels Workshop (Recorded September 24th, 2014) There are seven mighty Archangels who are particularly radiating light onto us and helping us all on Earth..
Nous vous enverrons par e-mail un lien qui vous permettra de réinitialiser votre mot de passe. Felt more of my Energy Portal a few days afterwards, after loading the software (Aquaware 3.1 and Navitus). I have never experienced this before and I feel really empowered knowing i can call upon source and receive it’s loving energy……THANK YOU PETER!!!
I was on my way to work after the session and I didn’t need to drink any coffee the entire night. Most importantly for this workshop, I reconnected again with Peter (and Aquaware and source).

I have a shunt in my head due to Hydrocephalus and any activity that raise’s my heart rate hurts. Who knows all I care about is that I felt amazing and its been since 2010 that I felt like a normal person.

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