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Almonds — Almonds are one of the best foods for treating insomnia since they’re excellent sources of magnesium, which is a natural muscle relaxant and contains anti-stress properties.
Bananas — Many people are often surprised to find that bananas can aid sleep, since they’re well-known for boosting energy.
Oatmeal — Although oatmeal is usually associated with breakfast, its nutritional composition — high in magnesium and potassium — also makes it a suitable evening food. Please do share this useful information with your friends and family by hitting one of the share buttons below. Because of this a lot of people just don’t think solar energy is worth the effort on the return — at least at this point.
Nonetheless, bananas are also rich in magnesium, potassium and tryptophan, which are the “magic trio” of sleep boosters. And to some extent there is some validity to this point of view, but a lot of that has been changing in the last few years.
Tryptophan is especially effective in this regard since it is the precursor to the two neurotransmitters, serotonin and melatonin, which modulate sleep. Moreover, oatmeal tends to be mixed with milk, which is one of the best-known relaxation drinks. As more and more improvements have been made to the concept and design of solar devices, the more investment worthy they’ve become.

Yes, it sounds difficult to fathom, but it’s true: the sun, the very source of their power, is too much for them. The hotter solar cells get, the less efficiently they convert sunlight into usable electricity. The quandary is in order for solar arrays to function they must face the sun, even though the heat from it is detrimental to their efficiency. Cooling Solar Cells So, how do you cool solar cells so that the photons in light can still be converted?
Solar EnergyShanhui Fan, a professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University, research associate Aaswath P.
Raman and doctoral candidate Linxiao Zhu have discovered that by draping or covering the cells in a transparent material of their invention they can deflect the heat of the sun itself while still allowing sunlight to pass through it.
Simple Solutions The relatively simple solution is based on patterned silica material, which is laid on top of traditional solar cells. The super thin material is transparent to the sunlight that fuels solar cells, but it captures and then deflects the thermal energy (heat) generated from infrared rays away from them.Solar TechnologyThe invention and technology are not exactly new.
The same three engineers developed and tested the material back in 2014 where it successfully radiated infrared heat back toward space without warming the atmosphere. Solar Energy Testing It was tested on a customized solar absorber covered with a micron-scale pattern engineered to maximize the ability to push heat (in the form of infrared light) out into space.

The tests demonstrated that the transparent overlay allowed visible light to pass through it to reach the solar cells while cooling the absorber by as much as 55 degrees, thus improving efficiency significantly.
It is also their consensus that they can eventually scale things up a notch or two so that soon commercial and industrial applications will be feasible using techniques like nanoprint lithography.
They stressed that with constant innovations and improvements in fabrication of these patterns that’s not the only way forward, but they remain optimistic for the future. Solar Applications Besides solar panels, there are other applications where this technology has significant potential. They are confident it could be applied to nearly any outdoor system that requires cooling but still needs visible sunlight for practical or aesthetic purposes. The technology may one day be used to cool automobiles and various structures.Sustainable EnergyWith this invention and multiple other technologies, scientists firmly believe we are on the right path for making solar energy a much more feasible solution to long-term sustainable energy. It is their fervent hope that one day most of the world’s energy consumption will be met by alternative sources rather than relying on fossil fuels for the bulk of our energy needs.

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