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Leg lifts.  To help strengthening your legs, do a series of leg lifts while standing up near a table or all. Cleaning.  Your day to day chores such as vacuuming and mopping are great exercises for building strength. Jumping jacks.  If your body can handle it, consider doing some jumping jacks to help strengthen your body.
Cardio.  To help strengthen your heart, it is helpful to focus on cardio at least a couple of days a week.
Falls are reported as the leading cause of injury and accidental death among the elderly population. Falling is a common problem for people 65 years old and older because of several factors: slower reflexes, reduced visual sensitivity, weaker bones, poor posture, harmful drug effects, cognitive changes, and most of all, decreased balance. To promote good balance, seniors are encouraged to perform balance-enhancing activities and exercises. Before you reach for that 5-Hour Energy or guzzle down that Mountain Dew, check out these foods guaranteed to give you an energy boost. Who needs an energy drink when there are a variety of great foods that will provide you with the same energy levels? Here are five joyful reflections to meditate on as we contemplate this beautiful mystery of our faith. This can make even the simple tasks such as walking and moving around your house difficult.  However, it is important that you don’t let your age call the shots! To regain strength in your arms, sit in a chair or stand up and slowly raise your arms above your head.  Add in small weights to increase the effectiveness of this exercise.

Spend at least 30 minutes to an hour each day do chores around the house and build your strength while doing it. There are many cardio workout, including walking, that can help get your heart rate up and strengthen your body.  Think outside of the box when implementing heart strengthening exercises. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reveals that in 2008 alone, almost 20 thousand seniors died because of fall-related injuries while approximately 1.5 million were treated in emergency rooms for hip fractures and other injuries.
Although many factors may be involved, a person’s balance diminishes through time mainly because of lack of activity.
The things to prepare are: an armless chair or railing, soft socks, a clock and non-slippery shoes or slippers. This exercise requires elders to hold their arms out sideways, parallel to the floor, just like a tightrope walker in a circus. So before committing to a routine of physical activity, it is best to consult the doctor to ensure safety. There are things that you can do to take matters into your own hands and gain your strength back.  Listed below are 12 strengthening exercises for seniors and elders that are sure to help you gain and maintain strength. Like the flamingo, ask the senior to stand on one leg, with arms holding the back of the chair or railing for support.
They are to continue stepping forward by touching the heel of their front foot to the toes of their back foot. So before you reach for that 5-Hour Energy or guzzle down that Mountain Dew, check out these foods guaranteed to give you an energy boost.
Holding on to the back of the chair with one hand, seniors must raise their left knee up as high as comfortable, then lower it.

They might not be able to perform it perfectly at first but constant practice makes perfect.
After a few rounds, let them try to balance with eyes closed, or try to balance without holding on. Instead of starting your day with a caffeinated jolt, try out the following 11 energy boosting morning smoothies for energy and vitality!  These smoothie recipes are great for you as they are delicious, and can be enjoyed as either a wake-up tonic or an afternoon refresher.1.
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When I’m not creating humorous content (that often contains four-letter words) you can find me re-reading the collected works of Chelsea Handler, Paul Jarvis, sampling obscene amounts of chocolate without a trace of shame, and optimistically checking out my window to see if UPS has delivered my latest Amazon present.

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