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It's fascinating that we can make fun of millions of mothers everywhere for their choice in denim, then someone cuts the legs off, and it's suddenly socially acceptable fashion. The only reason this needs to die is because only 1% of the female population can wear this.
If an insect is included in the description of your clothing, you might want to discard it. Understandable in certain situations, but it's just like a built-in bra -- you're distorting your boobs. Body image conscious females hate seeing skinny girls in them, and normal human beings hate seeing "not-so-skinny" people in them. It's like Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski's sneakers had sex and produced this horrible trend.
Maybe for fall this year we'll have hand-knit Scottie Sweater vests that we cut the arms off of!
We've all made some of these mistakes, but if they'd all just disappear, we'd be leading much happier, more attractive lives.
If you see someone wearing white after labor day and you think they've committed a fashion faux pa, it's safe to assume you're wearing furry boots and pom-poms matched with your new North Face jacket. So, this is the dress for you if: you're under 110 pounds, you don't have a blemish on you, you're not from a hairy heritage, no scarring, no birthmarks, and you're perfectly tan.

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