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Few schoolyard rumors have stronger legs than those involving sexually transmitted infections (STI). As people learn more about HIV and AIDS, they've figured out that this really isn't possible. To be sure, public restrooms and water fountains can be dirty since they're used by a number of people, about 33 percent of whom don't wash their hands after using the toilet [source: WebMD]. Herpes is actually two types of related viruses, herpes simplex virus type I (HSV-1) (usually leading to cold sores around the mouth) and HSV-2 (responsible for genital herpes).
Luckily, most of us don't sharpen our razors on drinking fountain guards before shaving or kiss the seat after using the toilet.

Topical ZnSO4 has been found to be an effective therapeutic modality not only for treatment but also for prolonging remissions in herpes genitalis. Giggly adolescents trade misinformation on the playground as questions about sex rule the hallways, and the gym teacher begins the painful annual metamorphosis into a sex-ed instructor.
During these outbreaks, the virus can be transmitted (called shedding) from one person to another. Unfortunately, asymptomatic shedding occurs and patients may transmit the virus through intercourse at any time. Topical 4% ZnSO4 dissolved in distilled water has been found to be most efficacious out of the three concentrations, without any side effects.

One of the longest-standing rumors about STI transmission is that people can get them by drinking from water fountains and sitting on toilet seats. As a result, the idea that a person can contract herpes from drinking fountains and toilet seats remains a common notion. But herpes can also be shed during periods between outbreaks, which makes it a particularly contagious virus.

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