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Shingles (herpes zoster) is a painful condition caused by the same virus (varicella) which causes chickenpox.
Ita€™s assumed that the virus that causes shingles is being revitalized when our immune system is weakened a€“ age, stress, various diseases or use of drugs. Complications are more frequent and more severe if the patient has a weakened immune system.
Encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) a€“ the patient has a high fever, is confused, has headaches, lethargy and feels weakness in the limbs. Treatment of shingles is focused on the treatment of acute manifestations of this disease, ita€™s necessary to take supplements to heal the blisters and treatment of persistent pain after a running infection (which can take months and sometimes even years).
The combination of some products applied to the skin can bring quick relief a€“ recommended are aloe vera gel mixed with oil with a high content of vitamin E.
For oral treatment, ita€™s appropriate to use an antioxidant a€“ a very effective is vitamin C combined with bioflavonoidsA (at least 1 gram of vitamin C per day divided into several doses). The amino acid lysine (1000 mg three times a day) and the trace element selenium (50 mg twice a day) promote the growth of healthy skin and generally accelerate the healing process.
Contemporary medical education should strive to train students to be both astute clinicians and compassionate care-givers. Over the past century the defining paradigm for health care has gradually shifted from a provider-centered model to a patient-centered approach.
Quality medical care today demands that clinicians be proficient in communication and relational skills as well as in their diagnostic acumen! Both physician and patient are under pressure from the pace and demands of carrying our their respective responsibilities. They found that patients rarely continued to express their true concerns once they were interrupted. Interrupting the patient with diagnostic questions before allowing the patient to speak may actually work against a physician's time efficiency. A skillful clinician listens carefully for the information they need as they allow the patient to speak. Taking a skillful history, however, is about more than simply asking the cardinal questions. In clinical terms this first step is about encountering some reality or phenomenon and attending to the data associated with it.

We call this part of clinical reasoning that deals with categorical understanding --differential diagnosis.
This is the second step in the process -- it is our attempt to understand what may be going on with a patient! Having weighed the evidence, you are RESPONSIBLE for making a final decision and communicating your working diagnosis to the patient and others involved in the patient's care.
This is essential for the sake of quality and practice improvement, something that all clinicians are now being held to for licensure, specialty certification and hospital credentialing.
Consider the following two problems, their potential causes, and the pertinent positive findings associated with each. Our Himalayan Crystal Salt is the purest organic salt on this planet and contains 84 minerals and trace elements essential for growth and well being. Regular consumption provides your body with 84 natural mineral trace elements, living vibrational energy. According to researches at the Institute Fur Funktionelle Umweltdiagnostik (IFUD) iodized salt reduces our life energy by 17%, while Himalayan salt increases our life energy by 27%. Harvested by hand from ancient sea salt deposits, and stone ground, it is believed to be the purest form of salt available. This is considerably more mineral availability than common sea-salt, which typically contains 54 elements. What makes Himalayan Salt the most effective as a provider of mineral nourishment is the compression under which it was formed.
Great pressure over considerable time results in a crystalline structure infused with terrestrial elements.
The resultant salt molecules are receptacles of elemental virtue garnered from ages long before industrial pollution, a pristine superfine mineral-rich source of elemental nourishment of the highest purity and potency.. It may be used in the same manner as common table salt for culinary dishes and baking, but it is purer and higher in mineral content. Himalayan Salt formed millions of years ago when the Himalayan Mountains were born, comes to you in its original, pure, clean, primeval state. The balanced crystalline structure reveals the fine branching with no shadows or rough edges.
The virus is not destroyed after antecendent chickenpox illness, but survives in nerve cells.

So far, ita€™s now known what causes a change in the behavior of the virus and causing symptoms. The formation of this infection can be quite scary a€“ some people may think that it is a stroke. Both substances calm and soother the pain and itching, promote skin healing and reduce the likelihood of secondary infection of the skin damaged by the virus. The immune system will also be supported by the use of echinacea extract (200 mg triple per day) and omega-3 fatty acids (2 grams daily).
A most interesting aspect regarding the mineral contents is that the human body contains the same minerals in almost the same proportions. This tells us that the energy content, in the form of minerals, is balanced and can be easily metabolised by the body.
When the organism is weakened, it may reactivate and cause shingles a€“ it is characterized by clusters of painful blisters on the skin. The disease mainly affects the elderly and the weak, which is manifested most often by itching, erythema, general fatigue, fever. In this case, you must act quickly because in rare cases it can lead to a permanent facial nerve weakness or even loss of hearing. Impulses become chaotic, causing pain a€“ neuralgia a€“ which may persist long after other symptoms have disappeared. It is composed of irregular and isolated crystalline structures, disconnected from the natural elements surrounding them. Symptoms of Ramsay Hunt syndrome include ear pain, deafness, dizziness and facial paralysis. Consequently the vital minerals, however many it may contain, cannot be absorbed by the body unless the body expends tremendous energy to vitalize them.
Shingles itself is not contagious, but from open blisters the virus can transfer on children or adults who have not had chickenpox and infect the disease.

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