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Vitamin C Foundation - China-Free™ Vitamin C Source - Another recent study at Columbia University measured vitamin C blood levels and was reported by Bill Sardi: The group with the highest blood concentration of vitamin . High Dose Vitamin C - National Cancer Institute - Intravenous (IV) vitamin C was studied in patients with breast cancer who were treated with adjuvant chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Intravenous Vitamin C For Cancer Cure On ABC News - YouTube - ABC News reports that intravenous vitamin C is successfully used for cancer cure.. IV Vitamin C Kills Cancer Cells - By now, most people know that vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that has the power to boost immune function, increase resistance to infection, and protect against a . Vitamin C Proven To Cure Over 30 Major Diseases - (NaturalNews) Over 75 years of medical research and clinical practice reveals, overwhelmingly, that vitamin C has the power to ignite the 'self-healing response'.. Cure Or Prevent Cancer With Raw Apricot Seeds - Cancer cure and prevention with natural alternative scientific remedies and treatments like vitamin b17, raw apricot seeds, laetrile, amygdalin and a lot more. It was hoped that surface dwellers would have the tenacity and self-leadership to spread awareness of this simple technology themselves.
NOTE2: I asked staff if it was OK to link to a blog related to Quora, and I heard nothing back. Five years ago, it was hoped that the alternative media would get behind these practical ideas and spread them to critical mass. It is up to each reader to decide whether this petition is a hoax, a lie, a delusion, deceit or the real deal. These materials are being put out as a deliberate test, to see who in the alt media is sincere.
Plz use bullet points and ask direct, straightforward questions in a neutral or conversational tone. Chloride, Liposomal Vitamin C, Low Tech Vertical Farms, crowdfunding, and 30 other technologies. 2) Because if we don't sort out our problems, they're going to have noisy nuke prone neighbours for the next 100 years. None of the technologies you listed are foreign to the public domain and many are older than dirt.
I cannot accept that the TV,radio,and internet could not be bombarded with true data to teach the masses immeditly. BETTER JOBS they COULD and WOULD all quit THEIR JOBS on the spot,drop their gear and guns and walk away. So really this is about money and not that much of it,I dont accept that another Society would not recognise this and take curative actions. Things are not THAT complicated and it wouldnt take that much money or resources to tilt the playing field in the right direction. Actually the reality is that ONE concerned Billionaire could make the difference,this means something is fishy in Denmark my friend.

The PEOPLE actioning these technologies WILL not stop the threat of Nuclear and other totally destructive types of war. I have had a scenario where TPTB and their peripheral influences have stopped my life from evolving naturally using fiscal restraints. THIS IS WHY i can assure you that the majority of people who you THINK are humanitarian are in fact NOT.
If these people we all know will not help and these supposedly advanced and concerned Societys will not help then what are we to believe in? If they arent willing to do this ASAP then they CANNOT POSSIBLY be real or be truly concerned. All of the data you have posted is excellent stuff,please keep posting,there is a lot for people to learn.
What would convince someone who's heard it all and suspects this is some maneuver from a cosmic Trickster?
You all come out with some intelligent points but you also come across as a trio of know alls. If you ask me straightforward questions according to the guidelines you laid out, I can answer.
I'll see if I can trawl through the posts some other time, as there are some really important topics. I am simply saying tell your pals to start handing out the Gold chunks and now that I consisder the world today make it ten pound chunks.
I am not kidding either,let your friends know they are not respecting us or our situation,why would you think I am not serious? They will know if I am of pure intentions,they already know,so all you need to do is facillitate the transaction request. I am not asking them to take any risks,they can divine our intentions so it is a win win for them,and us.
Who in their right mind would expect people to come up with 100 bucks to try to effect humanitarian changes in ten lifetimes? The human race spends about a billion dollars a day on alcohol, and a billion dollars a day on cigarettes. As it says in the OP, a five year effort was made to get these materials out without mentioning Agartha, and nothing much happened.
You won't get direct proof, but there's a lot of circumstantial evidence if you personally take the time to look around.
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I didna€™t notice the oxygen streaming into my nose, and happily sipped on my cold juice (albeit a little stronger than your usual OJ).

Bounce back: Nadir stopped by for the Sports Recovery remedyI wasn't expecting much from the treatment as I went in, mostly because I felt I had enough time to recover since I last exercised and I wasn't feeling particularly fatigued. Because oxalate is a metabolite of vitamin C, there is some concern that high vitamin C intake could increase the risk of calcium oxalate kidney stones.. They did a few things that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they can track people, get info updates on them, and even monitor their thoughts. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. Points for sticking on theme) As an added bonus, the nurse gave me an oxygen treatment, which is usually only included in the hangover remedy packages.For those who are needle wary, ita€™s nothing more than a sharp scratch, and you have a lovely, smiling nurse to put you at ease. My group chatted away and before I knew it, half an hour was up and we were jumping into a cab on our way to work.I cana€™t say I noticed a huge difference following the booster, but Ia€™m putting that down to overtiredness from a poor nighta€™s sleep.
You cana€™t argue with the benefits of hydration so I wonder how worse I would have felt today, had I not had the treatment?A The medical professionals at the clinic said I will probably notice a pick-me-up and lack of pesky cold like symptoms in the coming days, which Ia€™m eagerly awaiting.Would I try it again?
So tested that by coing on on a long walk and then making a trip to the gym, where I pushed myself harder than I normally do.The result? I said no to everything, even though most of it Ia€™d never heard of and couldna€™t pronounce.The Doctor confirmed my answers and complemented me on my accessible veins.
The dimly lit communal room where the treatment took place was well designed, well it looked like they spent a bit of money on it.
The chairs and cushions were jazzy and there was a painting of a stag.The treatment itself was fine. I didna€™t have a sensation of chemicals rushing into my veins but my arm was a little stiff which was to be expected and as a bonus they gave me a tube to shove up my nose and oxygen came out.
I was also given a fruit cocktail full of revitalizing chemicals, served in a laboratory flask.After the treatment as expected I didna€™t feel much different. But after drinking a giant flask of juice and being pumped full of fluids I really needed to pee. But the onset wasna€™t immediate and the short trip home became a herculean test of bladder control.However, I was advised the treatment is also beneficial as a pre-workout treatment.
There was a noticeable difference in the pre-treatment session, after which my muscles did not ache as much as they normally would after a heavy gym session. This kind of treatment is not my cup of tea, but if youa€™re into healthy living, drinking kale smoothies and so on, I think youa€™ll get a lot out of it.

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