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If you want to use aloe vera to cure vitiligo you have to do so externally, that is to say, apply it directly to your skin. On OneHowTo we have an article in which we explain how to treat vitiligo with other natural remedies. Comment, give your point of view, ask something about can you cure vitiligo with aloe vera? There are no studies that prove that aloe vera can cure vitiligo but there are people who suffer from this disease, who have tried it and it has worked for them.

Oral aloe vera should not be given for vitiligo because it is an autoimmune disease and aloe could stimulate our immune system in an unnatural way. We invite you to visit a doctor if you have any type of condition or discomfort.If you'd like to read similar articles to can you cure vitiligo with aloe vera?,we recommend you try our Skin and Rashes category. In this OneHowTo article we explain what we know about the aloe vera's ability to cure vitiligo. So if you want to try it you won't lose anything because aloe vera is very good for preventing the deterioration of the skin.

Its main causes are either the fact our bodies is not producing enough insulin or the fact that cells are resistant to it.

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