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Each vertebra can be designated by using a letter and number; the letter reflects the region (C=cervical, T=thoracic, and L=lumbar), and the number signifies its location within that region. Below the lumbar region is the sacrum, a shield-shaped bony structure that connects with the pelvis at the sacroiliac joints. Scoliosis most commonly develops in the area between the upper back (the thoracic area) and lower back (lumbar area).
The severity of scoliosis is determined by the extent of the spinal curve and the angle of the trunk rotation (ATR).
Scoliosis is often categorized by the shape of the curve, usually as either structural or nonstructural.
Structural scoliosis: In addition to the spine curving from side to side, the vertebrae rotate, twisting the spine. Other abnormalities of the spine that may occur alone or in combination with scoliosis include hyperkyphosis (an abnormal exaggeration in the backward rounding of the upper spine) and hyperlordosis (an exaggerated forward curving of the lower spine, also called swayback).
The direction of the curve in structural scoliosis is determined by whether the convex (rounded) side of the curve bends to the right or left. Elevated levels of the enzyme matrix metalloproteinases may cause abnormalities in components in the spinal disks, contributing to disk degeneration. Idiopathic scoliosis may be initially diagnosed in adults during evaluation for other back complaints or disorders, although the curve is unlikely to be significant.
Congenital scoliosis is caused by inborn spinal deformities that may result in absent or fused vertebrae. These patients frequently have significant complications, including an increased risk for skin ulcers, lung problems, and significant pain.
Scoliosis may be a result of various conditions that affect bones and muscles associated with the spinal column. Stress fractures and hormonal abnormalities that affect bone growth in young, competitive athletes.
Turner syndrome, a genetic disease in females that affects physical and reproductive development.
Other diseases that can cause scoliosis are Marfan syndrome, Aicardi syndrome, Friedreich ataxia, Albers-Schonberg disease, rheumatoid arthritis, Cushing syndrome, and osteogenesis imperfecta. Spina bifida is a congenital disorder (present at birth) in which the backbone and spinal canal do not close before birth. People with certain medical conditions that affect the joints and muscles are at higher risk for scoliosis. Some experts argue that simply measuring the degree of the curve may not identify patients in the moderate and severe groups who are at greatest risk for lung problems. Osteoporosis is a condition characterized by progressive loss of bone density, thinning of bone tissue, and increased vulnerability to fractures.
After 20 years or more, scoliosis patients who were previously treated with surgery experience small but significant physical impairments (mainly mild back problems), compared to their peers without scoliosis.
Evidence suggests that previous treatment with braces may also cause mild back pain and more days off, but problems appear to be less than with surgery. Pain in adult-onset or untreated childhood scoliosis often develops because of posture problems that cause uneven stresses on the back, hips, shoulders, necks, and legs. Many individuals with untreated scoliosis will develop spondylosis, an arthritic condition in the spine.
Older people with a history of treated scoliosis may carry negative emotional events into adulthood that have their roots in their early experiences with scoliosis. Women who have been successfully treated for scoliosis have only minor or no additional risks at all for complications during pregnancy and delivery.
Patients with severe deformities, particularly those with underlying neuromuscular disorders, may develop what is called restrictive thoracic disease. Some evidence suggests a slightly higher risk for breast cancer and leukemia in patients who had multiple x-rays. Patients who simply received x-rays for untreated idiopathic scoliosis, or scoliosis caused by uneven length of the legs or hip abnormalities have a very low risk for future complications. Scoliosis may be suspected when one shoulder appears to be higher than the other, there is a curvature in the spine, or the pelvis appears to be tilted. The forward bend test is used most often in schools and doctor's offices to screen for scoliosis. The forward bend test, however, is not sensitive to abnormalities in the lower back, a very common site for scoliosis.
The doctor will check leg length and look for tight tendons in the back of the leg, which may cause an uneven leg length or other back problems. The doctor will also check for neurological impairment by testing reflexes, nerve sensation, and muscle function. The patient bends over, arms dangling and palms pressed together, until a curve can be observed in the upper back (thoracic area). The Scoliometer is placed on the back and measures the apex (the highest point) of the upper back curve.
Measurements are repeated twice, with the patient returning to a standing position between repetitions. If results show a deformity, the patient will probably need x-rays to determine the extent of the problem.
They show other spinal abnormalities, including kyphosis (hunchback) and hyperlordosis (swayback). X-rays taken when patients are bending forward can also help differentiate between structural and nonstructural scoliosis.
Children and young adolescents who have mild curves, and older adolescents, who have more severe curvatures but whose growth has stopped or slowed, need x-rays every few months to detect increasing severity. Because frequent x-rays may be required for young children with scoliosis, parents should be sure that x-ray technicians take all necessary protective measures.
On an x-ray of the spine, the examiner draws two lines: One line extends out and up from the edge of the top vertebrae of the curve. The Cobb method is limited because it cannot fully determine the flexibility or the three-dimensional aspect of the spine. Even if the curve is accurately calculated, it still remains difficult to predict whether the scoliosis will progress.
Screening programs for scoliosis, which began in the 1940s, are now mandatory in middle or high schools in many states, but there is considerable debate over whether screening should be routine. Schools often refer children with minor curves who are not at any risk for a progressive or serious condition to doctors, and such over-referrals add considerably to the costs of the health system.
Patients with scoliosis have no greater danger for significant lung problems than the general population until their curves reach 60 - 100 degrees, making early screening unnecessary.
Such programs result in early treatments that either will not prevent curve progression and surgery or are unnecessary in the first place since curvatures often do not progress at all.
Universal screening is useful for producing information on scoliosis that may eventually lead to knowledge of its cause and ways to prevent it. Without screening, the chances are slim that children with scoliosis will be diagnosed at an early stage if parents rely only on examinations by a family doctor or pediatrician.
Some experts argue that widespread screening would be cost effective if schools had reasonable guidelines for determining which children should see a doctor for further testing. The general rule of thumb for treating scoliosis is to monitor the condition if the curve is less than 20 degrees.
In some rare, severe cases, however, a curve may worsen even after a child has received treatment and stopped growing because of the weight of the body pressing against the abnormal curve.
Braces tend to be used in children with curvatures between 25 - 40 degrees who still will be growing significantly.
Surgery is suggested for patients with curvatures over 50 degrees in untreated patients, or when braces have failed. The choice may not be so straightforward in certain cases, and patients should discuss all options with their doctor. Doctors cannot rely on any definitive risk factors for curve progression to predict with any certainty which patients will need aggressive treatment. Curvatures may be less likely to progress in girls whose scoliosis was low in the back and whose spine was out of balance by more than an inch.
Results vary widely depending on the length of time the brace is worn, the type of brace, and the severity of the curve. In overweight patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, braces appear to be less effective than in those who are not overweight. Many experts have questioned whether a brace is any better than nature in halting curvature progress. A bracing method called the SpineCor uses adjustable bands and a cotton vest that allows flexibility. The custom-fitted TriaC brace exerts pressure in specific areas of the back to allow greater comfort and flexibility.
Studies are needed to determine if these or other new braces provide any additional value over existing ones. For children who need braces, an exercise program helps boost well-being, improves compliance with treatment, and keeps muscles in tone so that the transition period after brace removal is easier.
When a difference in leg lengths causes secondary scoliosis, adding shoe wedges or lifts to the heels may be tried.
There are many surgical variations that use different instruments, procedures, and surgical approaches to treat scoliosis. Parents of patients or adult patients should not be shy in asking the surgeon and hospital about their experience with the specific procedures being considered. All young people whose skeletons have matured, and who have a curve greater than 45 degrees. Procedures will differ depending on whether a child has idiopathic scoliosis, or scoliosis due to muscle and nerve disorders (such as muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy). Before the operation, a doctor conducts a complete physical examination to determine leg lengths, muscle strength, lung function, and any postural abnormalities. Patients are encouraged to donate their own blood before the operation, for use in possible transfusions. Lay matchstick-sized bone grafts vertically across the exposed surface of each vertebra, being careful that they touch adjoining vertebrae. Depending upon the severity and responsiveness to other treatment, a doctor may recommend surgery for scoliosis. Some surgical centers now perform spinal fusions in adults using a biologically-manufactured human bone protein instead of bone grafts. Another recent innovation is the use of bioactive glass in place of an allograft or autograft. Patients may walk at a slightly slower pace after fusion, but balance may improve, and sports activities are not restricted after the procedure. To support the fusion of the vertebrae, the surgeon uses a steel rod, extending from the bottom to the top of the curve.
Similar to changing a tire, the steel rod is jacked up and then locked into place to support the spine securely. After this operation, patients must wear a full body cast and lie in bed for 3 - 6 months until fusion is complete enough to stabilize the spine. After 1 - 2 years, the steel rod is not really necessary, but it is almost always left in place unless infection or other complications occur. The Harrington procedure is very difficult to undergo, particularly for young people, and although the operation can achieve a 50% correction of the curve, studies have reported a 10 - 25% loss in this correction over time. About 40% of Harrington patients have a condition called the flat back syndrome, because the procedure eliminates normal lordosis (the inward curving of the lower back). Studies have reported that 5 - 7 years after their surgery, between a fifth and a third of patients who had the Harrington procedure experienced low back pain.
Children younger than age 11 whose skeleton is immature and who have the Harrington procedure have a fairly high risk for a specific curve progression called the crankshaft phenomenon.
With this procedure, a surgeon cross links parallel rods for better stability in holding the fused vertebrae. After surgeons developed Luque instrumentation to help maintain normal lordosis, experts hoped that bracing would not be needed.
Wisconsin segmental spine instrumentation (WSSI) is as safe as the Harrington rod and nearly as strong as the Luque instrumentation.
Researchers are evaluating new approaches to treating thoracic scoliosis in adolescents and children.
Advantages of the anterior thoracoscopic approach include fusion of fewer vertebrae, less blood loss, quicker recovery time (often out of bed in 2 days), better cosmetic results, and lower transfusion rate. These new treatments have shown some early positive results, but more research will be needed to determine their true value.
Complication rates are high with any of the procedures, including the standard Harrington method and the newer Cotrel-Dubousset procedure. Patients must perform breathing and coughing exercises shortly after the procedure and continue them through the recovery process to rid the lungs of congestion. Some pain always follows these procedures, requiring intravenous administration of strong painkillers right after the operation (endoscopic procedures may require only mild pain relievers). Patients are often concerned that surgery will stiffen their backs, but most cases of scoliosis affect the upper back, which has only limited movement, so that patients do not notice much difference. In most adults with previous scoliosis, moderate exercise is not harmful and is extremely important for maintaining healthy, supportive muscles, and preventing disk degeneration. One center reported that epidural steroid injections were a beneficial alternative to surgery in patients with degenerative lumbar scoliosis.
Reduced heart and lung function; most surgeons, however, will not operate on adults with severely impaired lung function and heart failure. Significant deformity is present; adults should not expect to achieve a completely straight spine, however. Surgeons prefer to operate on adults under 50 years old, although surgery may be appropriate in some older people.
In patients who have not had previous treatment, and who have degenerative lumbar scoliosis, the procedure is often a diskectomy (removal of the diseased disks) followed by scoliosis procedures (instrumentation and fusion). In patients with previously treated scoliosis, the only remedy is removal of the old instrumentation, extension of the fusion, and implementation of new instrumentation and bone grafts.
Surgical procedures in adult scoliosis are complex, and are undertaken only after careful consideration and all nonsurgical methods have been exhausted. Eckhart Tolle believes we create and maintain problems because they give us a sense of identity.
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It's the perfect place to share advice, support and friendship with others who know what you're going through, because they are too! BackgroundScoliosis affects about 2 - 3% of the population (about 6 million people in the United States). For example, C4 is the fourth bone down in the cervical region, and T8 is the eighth thoracic vertebra. Vertebrae in the spinal column are separated from each other by small cushions of cartilage known as intervertebral disks.
The normal spine has gentle natural curves that round the shoulders and make the lower back curve inward.
As it twists, one side of the rib cage is pushed outward so that the spaces between the ribs widen and the shoulder blade protrudes (producing a rib-cage deformity, or hump). For example, a doctor will diagnose a patient as having right thoracic scoliosis if the apical vertebra is in the thoracic (upper back) region of the spine, and the curve bends to the right. CausesUntil recently, researchers have not been able to identify any specific genetic abnormalities that make a young person susceptible to spinal distortion.
Researchers are investigating possible physical abnormalities that may cause imbalances in bones or muscles that would lead to scoliosis. Some experts are looking at inherited defects in perception or coordination that may cause unusual growth in the spine of some children with scoliosis.
Kidney problems, particularly having only one kidney, often coincide with congenital scoliosis.
For example, syringomyelia, a disorder in which cysts form along the spine, can cause scoliosis. In severe cases, this can result in the spinal cord and its covering membranes protruding out of an affected infant's back. Idiopathic scoliosis, the most common form, occurs most often during the growth spurt right before and during adolescence. Once scoliosis is diagnosed, it is very difficult to predict who is at highest risk for curve progression. These conditions include rheumatoid arthritis, muscular dystrophy, polio, and cerebral palsy. It is still not clear whether untreated moderate scoliosis causes significant health problems later on. If the curvature exceeds 70 degrees, the severe twisting of the spine that occurs in structural scoliosis can cause the ribs to press against the lungs, restrict breathing, and reduce oxygen levels.
Eventually, if the curve reaches over 100 degrees, both the lungs and heart can be injured. Other factors (spinal flexibility, the extent of asymmetry between the ribs and the vertebrae) may be more important in predicting severity in this group. Osteoporosis is a more serious loss of bone density that is common among postmenopausal women. More people with a history of scoliosis report having to take days off from work, compared to people who never had the condition.
Patients who are surgically treated with fusion techniques lose flexibility and may experience weakness in back muscles due to injuries during surgery. This condition is most often the result of a scoliosis surgical procedure called the Harrington technique, which eliminated lordosis (the inward curve in the lower back). The joints become inflamed, the cartilage that cushions the disks may thin, and bone spurs may develop. The emotional impact of scoliosis, particularly on young girls or boys during their most vulnerable years, should not be underestimated.
Patients who were treated for scoliosis may often have limited social activities, a poorer body image, and slight negative effect on their sexual life. This term refers to problems in breathing and, at times, trouble obtaining enough oxygen due to a smaller chest cavity.
Risks are highest in patients who had the largest radiation exposure, such as those who had been surgically treated. The screening test used most often in schools and in the offices of pediatricians and primary care doctors is called the Adam's forward bend test. During the test, the child bends forward with the feet together and knees straight while dangling the arms. Because the test misses about 15% of scoliosis cases, many experts do not recommend it as the sole method for screening for scoliosis.
A misjudgment can lead to unnecessary x-rays and stressful treatments in children not actually at risk for progression. Scoliometers, however, indicate rib cage distortions in more than half of children who turn out to have very minor or no sideways curves.
Experts hope that accurate, noninvasive diagnostic techniques will eventually be developed to replace some of the x-rays used to monitor the progression of scoliosis. If screening indicates scoliosis, the child may be sent to a specialist who takes an initial x-ray and monitors the child every few months using repeated x-rays. Structural curves persist when a person bends over, and nonstructural curves tend to disappear.
Young people who are diagnosed with scoliosis should keep their x-rays indefinitely in case they develop back problems later in adulthood and need to be re-examined. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an advanced imaging procedure that does not use radiation, as x-rays do. Experts are concerned about the long-term effects of radiation on sensitive young organs, particularly about a possible increase in the risk for cancer. Classification of the curve allows the doctor to identify patterns that can help determine treatments, particularly specific surgical techniques. The King classification classifies scoliosis curves as one of five patterns, which can help determine surgical treatments. Lenke classification takes more features of the curve into consideration and is proving to be more reliable. Advanced computer modeling techniques are able to create three dimensional images using x-rays or other two-dimensional images. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons recommends that girls be screened twice, at ages 10 and 12, and that boys be screened once, at ages 13 or 14.
Such doctors often do not even look at backs and, if they do, they tend to use only the forward bend test, which is not accurate. Curves greater than 25 degrees, or those that progress by 10 degrees while being monitored, may require treatment.
Thoracic curves, those in the upper spine, are more likely to progress than thoracolumbar curves or lumbar curves (those of the middle to lower spine).
The higher the degree of curvature the more likely the chance of progression and the more likely the lungs will be affected. Children in poor health may suffer more from stressful scoliosis treatments than other children. In adults, scoliosis rarely progresses beyond 40 degrees, but surgery may be required if the patient is in a great deal of pain or if the scoliosis causes neurological problems. After a mild curve is detected, a more difficult step is required: predicting whether the curve will progress into a more serious condition. Braces and Other Noninvasive TreatmentsBraces are generally prescribed to prevent further progression of curves 20 - 25 degrees, and no more than 40 degrees. The brace works by exerting pressure on the back and ribs to push the spine in a straighter position. Early studies found that braces were successful in halting progression in only half of cases (the same rate as no treatment at all). A team approach, with several health professionals involved, is beneficial and often necessary to support the patient through the bracing process. A full torso brace called the Milwaukee brace was the standard treatment until a decade ago. These bars attach to a ring around the neck that has rests for the chin and back of the head. Molded braces called thoracolumbar-sacral orthoses (TLSOs), most often the Boston brace, come up to beneath the underarms and can be fitted close to the skin so they do not show beneath clothing. It is specifically designed for the individual curvature abnormalities, and early studies are showing promise.
Patients are more likely to wear them at night but often wear them sporadically during the day. Patients who perform exercises improving flexibility in the torso may have improved curvature and less spinal twisting. Practicing correct posture, especially in front of a mirror, is an extremely important part of any physical therapy program.
Patients tend to comply with physical therapy in the period when the brace is first being used.
Some research has focused on the use of airway systems, such as nasal continuous positive airflow pressure, for patients with severe scoliosis and reduced lung capacity. Breathing exercises may help improve lung function in children with scoliosis and signs of lung problems. If performed, surgery is done when curving has progressed to 40 degrees or more in patients younger than 15 years old.
Due to the increase chance of complications, there is more reluctance to perform surgery on this patient group. In the latter cases, children also need a team approach to reduce their risks for serious complications.
The patient receives training in deep breathing and effective coughing to avoid lung congestion after the operation. Surgery involves correcting the curve (although not all the way) and fusing the bones in the curve together. A surgeon takes bone grafts from the patient's hip, ribs, spine, or other bones (these grafts are called autografts).
RhBMP-2 (INFUSE Bone Graft) contains a bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) that helps the body grow its own bone. In a study in France, bioactive glass was proven as effective as bone grafts in idiopathic scoliosis patients undergoing fusion surgery. The healed fusions harden in a straightened position to prevent further curvature, leaving the rest of the spine flexible. The procedure does not correct the rotation of the spine and, therefore, does not improve an existing rib hump that was caused by the rotation. In such cases, however, the pain was not severe enough to interfere with normal activities and did not require additional surgery. This condition occurs when the front of the fused spine continues to grow after the procedure. The Cotrel-Dubousset procedure corrects not only the curve but also possibly rotation, and it does not cause flat back syndrome.
The Texas Scottish-Rite Hospital (TSRH) instrumentation is similar to the Cotrel-Dubousset procedure in that it uses parallel rods and other devices that reverse rotation as well as improve curvature. Other instrumentation procedures have refined the hardware used in the Harrington and Cotrel-Dubousset operations.
Several studies showed, however, that without braces, correction was lost after this operation, and the procedure may have a higher risk for spinal cord injury than other standard procedures. The anterior approach, in which the surgeon performs the operation by opening the chest wall, requires specific hardware. Many surgeons use a posterior approach for scoliosis, which reaches the surgical area by opening the back of the patient. Surgeons are familiar with it, so fusion rates are excellent, curve correction is good, and it has few complications. Preadolescent children are at risk for the crankshaft phenomenon (a worsening of the curve) later on. Increasingly, surgeons are using the anterior approach, in which the surgeon performs the operation through the chest wall (called a thoracotomy). Because the frontal approach allows the procedure to be performed higher up in the spine than with standard procedures, the patient may have a lower risk for lower-back injury later on. It is a more recent procedure than the posterior approach, and, among inexperienced surgeons, carries a higher risk for complications than in the more standard posterior approach.
The combination approach uses an anterior approach first, which allows better correction of the problems. A new device, the vertical expandable prosthetic titanium rib (VEPTR), is showing promise in the treatment of severe congenital scoliosis with chest deformities. The anterior thoracoscopic surgery uses a video-assisted anterior approach and recently-developed spinal instrumentation.
The surgery is generally used only for single curves in the upper back, or for patients with a curve in the upper back and a compensating curve in the lower back.
A survey of fusion procedures done between 1993 and 2002 for idiopathic scoliosis found the complication rates were nearly 15% in children, and 25% in adults. If the fusion fails to heal, pseudoarthrosis, a painful condition in which a false joint develops at the site, may develop.
Fusion in the lumbar area produces great stress on the lower back and eventually can cause disk degeneration. Among adolescents, this complication tends to occur more often among those who are older or who have a lower body mass index. The patient is usually able to sit up the day after the operation, and most patients can move on their own within a week. NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin, Motrin, and Advil) for pain relief right after fusion may increase the risk for fusion failure.
These fusionless procedures are performed with an anterior approach surgery and without fusion. However, people who have only one or two mobile lumbar vertebrae below the area that was fused during surgery should avoid activity or exercise that causes excessive twisting on the spine. Once this has occurred, surgery will not help improve lung capacity, and may cause the condition to worsen, at least temporarily.
There is a high risk for nerve damage if the spine is over-corrected, and an adult spine is less flexible than a child's. Adults have a much higher risk than children for complications including pneumonia, infection, poor wound healing, and persistent pain.
In addition, most studies on adults report on procedures using the old Harrington instrumentation techniques.
Researchers are investigating wedge osteotomy in patients with mature spines, as corrective surgery and as an alternative to braces. Dual growing rod technique for the treatment of progressive early-onset scoliosis: a multicenter study. Respiratory muscle training in restrictive thoracic disease: a randomized controlled trial. The vertical expandable prosthetic titanium rib implant for the treatment of thoracic insufficiency syndrome associated with congenital and neuromuscular scoliosis in young children.
Bioactive glass as a bone substitute for spinal fusion in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: a comparative study with iliac crest autograft.
The vertical expandable prosthetic titanium rib (VEPTR) in the treatment of scoliosis and thoracic deformities.
Effect of bracing and other conservative interventions in the treatment of idiopathic scoliosis in adolescents: a systematic review of clinical trials.
Effects on lung function of multiple expansion thoracoplasty in children with thoracic insufficiency syndrome: a longitudinal study. Inpatient complications, mortality, and discharge disposition after surgical correction of idiopathic scoliosis: a national perspective. We cling to frustration and worry about the future, as if the act of fixation somehow gives us power. Channel your discontent into an immediate positive action—make some calls about new job opportunities, or walk to the community center to volunteer.
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In the upper trunk the column normally has a gentle outward curve (kyphosis) while the lower back has a reverse inward curve (lordosis). Inside each disk is a jelly-like substance called the nucleus pulposus, which is surrounded by a tough, fibrous ring called the annulus fibrosis.
The spinous and transverse processes attach to the muscles in the back and act like little levers, allowing the spine to twist or bend.
These arches, aligned to run down the spine, form the spinal canal, which encloses the spinal cord, the central trunk of nerves that connects the brain with the rest of the body. This particular vertebra also undergoes the most severe rotation during the disease process.
The first gene clearly related to idiopathic scoliosis (scoliosis of unknown cause) was found at the conclusion of a 10-year study, the results of which were published in 2007.
Among them are the following: Some research suggests that imbalances in the muscles around the vertebrae may make children susceptible to spinal distortions as they grow. The condition usually becomes evident at either age 2 or in children ages 8 - 13 as the spine begins to grow more quickly, putting additional stress on the abnormal vertebrae.
These spinal abnormalities may play a larger role in causing some cases of scoliosis than previously thought. Children who receive organ transplants (kidney, liver, and heart) are also at increased risk. The scoliosis may have been due in part to loosening of the joints, delay in puberty onset (which can lead to weakened bones), and stresses on the growing spine. Some experts recommend measuring bone mineral density when a patient is diagnosed with scoliosis. Adolescents who have scoliosis are at increased risk of developing osteoporosis later in life. Regular exercise and vitamin and mineral supplements can reduce and even reverse loss of bone density. In general, however, most patients experienced a similar quality of life to peers who never had the condition.
In some patients, particularly those treated with the first generation of the Harrington rods, years after the original surgeries the weight of the instrumentation can cause disk and joint degeneration severe enough to require surgery. If the disk degenerates or the curvature progresses to the point that the spinal vertebrae begin pressing on the nerves, pain can be very severe and may require surgery. Adults who have had scoliosis and its treatments often recall significant social isolation and physical pain. This group experiences considerable problems in general health, social functioning, emotional and mental health, and pain. Pregnancy itself, even multiple pregnancies, does not increase the risk for curve progression. Treatment is determined by the cause of the scoliosis, the size and location of the curve, and the stage of bone growth of the patient. For example, a person with a spinal curve of 20 degrees will usually have a trunk rotation (ATR) of 5 degrees. In a child with scoliosis, the examiner may observe an imbalanced rib cage, with one side being higher than the other, or other deformities.
Any imbalances in the rib cage or other deformities along the back could be a sign of scoliosis. Unfortunately, although measurements of curves and rotation are useful, no test exists yet to determine whether a curve will progress.
To date, imaging techniques under investigation appear to be fairly accurate for detecting scoliosis in the upper back (the thoracic region), but not scoliosis in the lower back (the lumbar region). Studies have reported an increased risk for cancer in women and men who, because of scoliosis, had been exposed to diagnostic x-rays in their childhood and adolescence.
One approach requires measuring 21 radiographic and clinical indicators and entering them into a computer program.
One method is called the Risser sign, which grades the amount of bone in the area at the top of the hipbone. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends, however, scoliosis screening at ages 10, 12, 14, and 16 years. Whether scoliosis is treated immediately or simply monitored is not an easy decision, however. Scoliosis in a child under 10, for example, is more likely to progress than scoliosis in an adolescent. Some experts argue that the degree of the curve alone may not identify patients with moderate and severe scoliosis who are at greatest risk for complications and therefore need treatment. On the other hand, children who have existing conditions and are predisposed to lung and heart problems may warrant immediate, aggressive treatment. Although as many as 3 in every 100 teenagers have a condition serious enough to need at least observation, progression is highly variable and individual.
Young people diagnosed with a 30-degree curve, however, have a risk for progression of 60%.
For example, a shorter-than-average girl of 14 with low-back scoliosis of 25 - 35 degrees but whose spine is imbalanced by over an inch would have almost no risk. Patients should have documented progression of the curve, and the child should still be growing.
An orthopedic surgeon interprets the x-rays, assesses the potential progression of the scoliosis, and plans the treatment with the patient and family.

The best curve correction may occur if the patient lies on their chest when wearing the brace.
Some doctors question their value, although they appear to be suitable for small, flexible curves.
A patient who is accustomed to a curved spine may have the sensation of being crooked when first taught to properly align the spine. They typically stop exercising when they have gotten used to the brace, however, and resume exercising only near the time the brace is being removed. Depending on how quickly the child is growing, casts are changed around every two months for children younger than 2, around every 3 months for those aged 3 years, and every 4 months for children 4 years and older.
In most cases, success depends less on the type of operation than on the skill and experience of the surgeon. However, this patient group is considered to be at increased surgical risk, particularly those patients with feeding problems, malnourishment, or respiratory difficulties due to the scoliosis. The patient should also receive training in turning over in bed in a single movement (called log-rolling), before the operation.
A surgeon inserts the protein into a pair of thimble-like cages, which are implanted between the spinal vertebrae.
It takes about 3 months for the vertebrae to fuse substantially, although 1 - 2 years are required before fusion is complete.
In later years, however, the disks may collapse below the fusion, making it difficult to stand erect, and the condition can cause significant pain and emotional distress. TSRH, however, uses smooth rods and hooks that are designed to make removal or adjustment easier later on if complications arise. Luque instrumentation is used primarily in people whose scoliosis is due to problems of nerves and muscles, such as in children with cerebral palsy. Halm-Zielke instrumentation, for example, uses TSRH instrumentation with bone grafts constructed from ribs to prop open the spaces between the disks.
It has been the gold standard for decades and is generally used with Harrington instrumentation.
With the anterior approach, the surgeon makes an incision in the chest, deflates the lung, and removes a rib in order to reach the spine.
Poorer lung function after surgery has been noted, possibly because the wide chest incision impairs the chest muscles, which can affect lung function afterward. Some studies have found no significant differences between the anterior thoracoscopic and the traditional posterior approach in terms of kyphosis, coronal balance, or tilt angle. Some surgeons are now able to operate on areas below the diaphragm, including the lumbar spine.
Patients are encouraged to donate blood before the operation for use in possible transfusions. One study reported changes in the immune system for about 3 weeks after surgery, which indicated a greater risk for infection. In one study, teenagers who smoked and heavier adolescents (over 154 pounds) who had hyperkyphosis (hunchback) were at higher risk for this complication. Loss of trunk mobility, balance, and muscle strength from surgical treatments can also cause lower back pain and chronic problems in future years. These complications are highest in children whose scoliosis is due to neuromuscular problems, such as spina bifida, cerebral palsy, or muscular dystrophy.
In some cases, the operation cannot completely correct the curve, and one leg may be shorter than the other. Vertebral body stapling is an experimental technique that may prevent curve progression in some young patients with curves less than 50 degrees.
In addition, procedures in adults often involve fusion in lumbar and sacral areas (the low back), which can cause several complications.
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About 10% of adolescents have some degree of scoliosis, but less than 1% of them develop scoliosis that requires treatment. The particular processes form the joints between the vertebrae themselves, meeting together and interlocking at the zygapophysial joints (more commonly known as facet or z joints). In scoliosis, the spine curves from side-to-side to varying degrees, and some of the spinal bones may rotate slightly, making the hips or shoulders appear uneven. However, the severity often varies widely among family members who have the condition, suggesting that other factors must be present.
It is essential to diagnose and monitor such curvatures as early as possible, since they can progress quickly. Osteoporosis, a serious problem in many older adults, is not a risk factor for new-onset scoliosis, but it can be a contributing factor.
Being taller than average at earlier ages may put some girls at risk, but other factors must be present to produce scoliosis.
There have also been other isolated reports of a higher risk for scoliosis in young athletes who engage vigorously in sports that put an uneven load on the spine. Curves greater than 100 degrees increase mortality rates, but this problem is very uncommon in America. Treatment may involve removal of the old rods and extension of the fusion into the lower back.
Even surgically treated patients are at risk for spondylosis if inflammation occurs in vertebrae around the fusion site. Follow-up studies of children who had faced scoliosis without having strong family and professional support often report significant behavioral problems. Women who have severe scoliosis that restricts the lungs, however, should be monitored closely.
MRI can, nevertheless, identify spinal cord and brain stem abnormalities, which some studies indicate may be more prevalent than previously believed in children with idiopathic scoliosis. Eventually, they could reduce the number of x-rays needed to monitor scoliosis and help surgeons determine the best surgical procedures. The technique takes less than 20 minutes per patient, and studies found it to be up to 80% accurate in determining progression of curvature. A low grade indicates that the skeleton still has considerable growth; a high grade means that the child has nearly stopped growing and the curve is unlikely to progress much further. When treatment is necessary, several options, including braces and various surgical procedures, can help.
Experts estimate that curves less than 19 degrees will progress 10% in girls ages 13 - 15 years and 4% in children older than 15.
For example, spinal flexibility and the extent of asymmetry between the ribs and the vertebrae may be more important than the curve degree in predicting severity in this group. The same degree of curvature in the chest region of a tall 10-year old girl whose spine was in balance, however, would almost certainly progress.
There is much less information about whether brace usage actually reduces the amount of patients who eventually have surgery. In a child who is still growing, bracing is usually recommended to help slow the progression of the curve. Many now fit under the arms and can be worn under clothing, so that patients are much more likely to use them for longer periods during the day, which greatly affects their success rates. Some researchers suggest that increasing the tension on the chest straps might add benefit.
It is a particularly difficult brace to endure wearing, especially during adolescence, where it may lead to social problems with one's peers. Still, more than 10% of the patients using either the Boston brace or nighttime braces eventually needed surgery.
In one study, patients who had the Milwaukee brace reported greater impairment than patients with the Boston, other TSLO, or Charleston braces. Patients who don't stay with the program throughout the duration of brace use experience a weakening in the back at the time of removal. Psychological intervention, using cognitive-behavioral methods that help young patients cope, may be very helpful in reducing anxiety and pain after surgery. However, because autografts are taken directly from the scoliosis patient, the operation is longer and the patient has more pain afterward.
Further studies will have to determine if this material is as effective long-term as traditional bone grafts are. Fusion stops growth in the spine, but most growth occurs in the long bones of the body (such as in the legs), anyway.
However, in one study that followed patients for 5 - 16 years, crankshaft curve progression was moderate, with the Cobb angle averaging 9 degrees and rotation averaging 7 degrees. The procedure is not always effective for curves in the thoracolumbar region (where the upper and lower spine meet) and may cause spinal abnormalities there. With increasing experience, the anterior approach is as effective as the posterior approach.
Hardware failure rates may also be higher in the anterior approach than in the posterior approach. VEPTR expands the thoracic cavity, thereby correcting the curvature and allowing spinal, thoracic, and lung growth. Researchers recommended being very vigilant for signs of infection, including those in the pancreas and urinary tract. Patients who are surgically treated with fusion techniques lose flexibility; their back muscles may be weakened if they were injured during surgery. With the anterior approach in the upper back, patients may have some trouble with activities involving the arms and hands, such as tying shoes and cutting food.
Additional surgeries are performed every 6 months to extend the rod so that the spine can continue to grow. It involves stapling the outer curve of the side of the spine facing the chest, which helps stabilize and reduce progression of the inner curve. Some experts believe that the risks of operations in this area nearly always outweigh any benefits in adults. In a recent study, for example, adults who underwent anterior fusion and instrumentation had excellent results.
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Such attention, however, usually involves periodic monitoring to make sure the condition is not becoming worse.
Early surgical treatment -- before age 5 -- may be important in many of these patients to prevent serious complications. A risk factor that affects females is delayed onset of menstruation, which can prolong the growth spurt period, thus increasing the possibility for the development of scoliosis. These include figure skating, dance, tennis, skiing, and javelin throwing, among other sports. Fortunately, current treatments are solving many of the problems that previous generations had to deal with, including unsightly bracing and extremely painful surgeries with little pain control. It also may be particularly useful before surgery for detecting defects that could lead to potential complications. The Risser scale differs between genders, and, in boys, a high grade does not always signify the end of progression.
Therefore, a young man of 18 who has a curvature of 30 degrees may require no treatment because his growth has probably almost stopped, and his gender puts him at lower risk.
These braces have several problems: they are hot, reduce lung capacity by nearly 20%, and cause mild, temporary changes in kidney function.
The choice of brace should be one that will be the most effective for a particular patient with the lowest impact on the patient's quality of life.
The bones are held in place with one or two metal rods held down with hooks and screws, helping to support the fusion of the vertebrae. Researchers are investigating allografts, bone grafts taken from another living person or a cadaver. Doctors hope that this new procedure can eliminate the pain of autografts and the risk of infection of allografts.
Patients will most likely gain height from both growth in the legs and from the straighter spine.
However, it does not solve specific problems -- higher risks for kyphosis (an outward curve) and pseudoarthrosis (a false joint at the fusion site).
It also may be repositioned within the patient until it is used for bone grafting during fusion.
It appears to be safe, however, and is proving to be useful, even in very young patients, for preventing the crankshaft phenomenon. Several studies to date have shown this device is safe and effective in improving breathing problems and appearance in young children. Researchers are investigating various methods for reducing the need for transfusions, such as the use of preoperative erythropoietin (rhEPO), which increases production of red blood cells in the bone marrow. Doctors also recommend antibiotics, given by injection for 2 - 5 days after surgery and by mouth for 1 - 2 weeks longer.
Paralysis is very rare and can be prevented using monitoring techniques during the operation.
One study reported that pseudoarthrosis may be undiagnosed, and rates may average 20% after surgery, therefore acting as a major contributor to post-surgery pain. However, occupational therapy using stretching and strengthening exercises, may allow for full resumption of daily activities, including dressing, bathing, and grooming, within 3 months.
The procedure uses a special metal device that is clamp-shaped at body temperature, but can be straightened when subjected to cold temperatures and inserted into the spine. In another study of newer generation instrumentation, 87% of adult patients reported satisfaction.
The patient needs to wear a brace and restrict activity for about 12 weeks or until the bone has healed. Panicker submitted that it was mandatory for units with more than 10 workers and engaged in continuous processing, manufacturing, and distribution of any product to come within the ambit of the Act. The Promoter, its sponsor, or promotional partner are not responsible for the safe arrival of a prize or prize certificate. The next day, while inaugurating a road while Scioli stood at her side, she said: "We could have saved so much time if (the opposition) had realized just a little sooner" the value of the policies.
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In addition, 16 of the 33 Senate seats are up in the November election under the new legislative districts more favorable for Republicans, meaning their party could pick up enough seats to regain the majority. In May-June last year, a Chinese naval task force held military exercises with Cameroon and Nigeria, the first time that the Chinese navy appeared in the west coast of Africa. The world of El Shaddai ' is mesmerizing and beautiful and an amazing place to escape for hours. Another product is an antibiotic foam for treatment of Impetigo, an infectious disease, which is due to begin a Phase III trial after talks with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The disks have no blood supply of their own, relying instead on nearby blood vessels to keep them nourished. Patients do not usually need medical attention until the curve reaches 30 degrees, and the ATR is 7 degrees.
A nurse may also coordinate the treatment plans and provide physical and emotional support.
Young people often refuse to wear braces, even the newer models, and emotional support from family and professionals is extremely important to help a child accept the process and stay compliant. Variants using two rod systems, fusion cages, or other instruments appear to improve this procedure. Nearly all monitoring procedures use a so-called wake-up test, in which the patient is brought out of anesthesia during or at the end of the procedure and assessed for sensations to be sure no injury has occurred. Studies suggest that dual rods are stronger than single rods, which may help provide better spinal stability and correction.
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More sophisticated methods measure the electrical activity of the spinal cord; if the monitor indicates a fall in electrical response and possible injury, the surgeon makes adjustments to avoid further damage to the spinal cord.
Treatment for Adult ScoliosisAdults who were treated with surgery for scoliosis in their youth are at risk for disk degeneration and spinal fusion failure. Present at the conference were Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, CPN-UML chairman Jhala Nath Khanal, UCPN (Maoist) chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and MJF-L chairman Bijayakumar Gachhadar. Chaque ann e, les Pays-Bas consacrent plusieurs millions d euros au financement, direct ou indirect, d organisations dont le seul objectif est la diabolisation d Isra l. L ambassade isra lienne La Haye et le ministre des Affaires trang res doivent exiger un arr t imm diat de cette campagne subversive et diffamatoire.

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