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For the past five years Standard Press has been a loyal partner of CURE Childhood Cancer, providing us with the wonderful printed materials that you see each and every year. Standard Press was founded in 1932 upon a simple philosophy: customer-first service, outstanding quality. Responsible for the printing of our quarterly newsletters, annual reports, annual campaign brochures, flyers, cards and much more, Standard Press supports CURE through providing a discounted pricing structure.
CURE is truly thankful for the support that Standard Press has provided over the past five years and we are looking forward to many more years of their beautifully-printed materials. Increased intake of vitamin B17 reduces the development of cancer and there are huge chances that the cancer will be completely cured.
Rumours among patients diagnosed with cancer are getting louder, claiming that the increased intake of vitamin B17 can reduce cancer and provide huge chances for complete curing. It is a fact that today modern people are more exposed to this disease compared to the primitive cultures in the past.
For example, Hunza people consume 250 to 300 mg of vitamin B17 daily, unlike average Europeans or Americans who consume about 2 mg of this vitamin daily, through industrially processed food.

Hunza is an ancient tribe settled in the north of Pakistan, and its people live to 100 years and more. Until his death in 1996, doctor Krebs claimed that by increasing the daily dose of vitamin B17, the risk of developing cancer could reduce up to 100 % . Now that you know the secret, eat apricot kernels because they have the highest concentration of vitamin B 17.
Purchase CURE shirts, vests, hats and more from the CURE Store, where 100% of proceeds benefit CURE. With your help, we had more than 2000 runners and raised more than $145,000 for pediatric cancer research.
As one of the possible explanations, doctor Krebst outlines the data that ancient tribes had totally different dietary habits. Currently in their third-generation of management, owner Andy Shulman learned about CURE when our board president, April Voris, approached him about a partnership. Just last month, we picked up seven boxes full of free flyers that we will put to use over the next few years.

Plus, you never know who you’ll strike up a conversation with while sporting your CURE gear. The theory that vitamin B17 cures cancer is based on the fact that, according to Krebs, cancer is a disease caused by improper vitamin and mineral intake in the organism. The reason for this is that Hunza people eat apricot kernels every day, since it is their most popular fruit and part of their everyday diet.
The price of printed materials can be a set-back for many non-profit organizations and we are immensely grateful to have such a loyal supporter.

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