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Our Cancer Horoscope Application is based on the planetary influences in life, which can help you to make strategic plans and tactical shifts so as to surf the energy waves in the most optimum way possible. You can also view the free personalized reports and planetary influences by visiting AstroVed. Some of the very things that steal so much of our time each day (yep, we're talking apps) can be just the things we need to help us keep on top of our good health and wellbeing. Those that fall under the sign of the capricorn go through life with calm & deliberate actions. Capricorn’s are happiest wearing darker colours, (black, brown, navy or olive green) and enjoy working or living in surroundings where the walls are dark. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and is a sign that tends to make those born under this sign natural leaders.
For those born under this sign it is about comfort and familiar surroundings that make them happy.
Unlike those born under the Gemini sign Cancers have a love of the past and this is mostly reflected in the comfortable and sometimes cluttered Cancerian home. If you were born under this sign then most likely you love to travel and enjoy the outdoors. January to December, there are many meanings to the month you were born and more specifically the day.
Cancer Horoscope PhasesWhile Aquarius flows with an easy calm, Cancer is like a turbulent river with many rapids.
You can also plan your months well in advance as this app developed by AstroVed provides monthly and yearly predictions too.
Before you go, we request you to give us feedback and rate our App so that we can more it more user-friendly. The following will help you look after your body and mind, even when you're short of time. Whether a fad in clothing, home furnishings or other this is the sign that will most likely embrace them.
Those under this sign become quickly bored by routine and frequently change jobs, clothes and surroundings. Those born under this sign are extremely precise with a place for everything and have few frills and fantasies.

They can be hot tempered one minute and loving the next and friendly humor can be followed by biting sarcasm.
22AVARICEPOSSESSIVENESSIRRITABILITYMOODINESSHYPERSENSITIVITYDESPONDENCYExcerpt From "The New Astrology©" by Suzanne White Emotion is the pitfall of Cancer people. The colour which appeals most to those born under this sign is Amber (which is also their gemstone.) Oranges through to fiery reds are also colours that this sign will gravitate towards.
It's not that those born under the horoscope sign of Cancer are particularly mean, it's just that their fluidity is centered around emotion. Best of all Cancers use imagination to solve today or tomorrow’s problems better than any other horoscope sign. As changeable as their ruler, the Moon, these subjects may shift in minutes from stable, normal, "happy" individuals into victims of deep navy blue feelings of gloom and doom. Having good taste and enjoying comfort is key for a Scorpio, they hate any form of deception so you’ll often find pieces chosen for their space that have honesty and purity of design. They are also very good at coming up with new ideas that can change or even revolutionize the way things are done.
There's a quality of charming despair in Cancerian moodiness which can not only break hearts, but can sometimes actually win them.Cancers make fabulous partners for home-loving people.
The pisces home is one that is most likely very eclectic reflecting their artistic side while having many pieces of art and nick knacks  on display. Definitely a sign to tiptoe around if you’re navigating the Leo waters for the first time. Music, interesting conversation, good food and fine wines will also be a part of this home. Because of the Scorpians preference of deep colours, the overall effect of the decor would most often be somewhat sensuous and dramatic. These emotions seem to come out of nowhere, but are in reality always there, hidden under that shell.
Translated in to the home the colours might be reflected in black lacquered Oriental furniture, perhaps some chippendale pieces and many dark green walls offset with one or two well selected paintings.
Those born under the Cancer sign are the most home loving of all the signs and have a great love of food. The Moon rules Cancer and just as the Moon goes through phases and moves erratically in comparison to the other heavenly bodies, the person born under Cancer tends to have a rather erratic life and will go through phases never knowing what tomorrow will bring.

As security is the main preoccupation of most Cancers, a good home with comfy furnishings, a few kids and dogs and a built-in wall safe is about the best thing that can happen to them. The very same imagination that can help a Cancer climb to new heights can also be misused and trigger jealousy, fear of imaginary consequences and can in some instances, drive the Cancer into depression or worse. While emotion can be the their greatest strength, it can also be his or her greatest weakness. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that those born under Cancer are necessarily mean or evil. Cancerians very seldom decide to throw it all up and become a hippie or a freelance bohemian. They don't necessarily like the system or the constraints it places on them, but of all the signs of the Occidental zodiac, Cancers are the most capable of placing nose to dull old grindstone and keeping it there.
The Cancer wants comfort for himself, but he also enjoys providing for his family in a generous way.Cancers are traditionalists. Where you might have hung a supremely abstract painting over your mantelpiece, the Cancer will have put portraits of his dour-looking grandparents, which he dug out of the attic because nobody else wanted them. They will surely be framed in antique frames and will hold the place or honor in Cancer's heart.
Cancer prefers antiques to formica and longs for his son or daughter to become a doctor, a lawyer or a sure-fire accountant.If you have a Cancer for a friend, you know what loyalty and devotion mean.
And, as Cancers are fairly intransigent, they are easily hurt if the friends in question do not return their devotion. Cancer is easily offended and susceptible to criticism the way six-year-olds are susceptible to chicken pox.
A tiny word of criticism can bring on one of Cancer's legendary moods and the criticizer may go on the black list for quite a long time.Cancers are jealous too.

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