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Making waves throughout the music industry, Omari Banks recently received rave reviews from Forbes, BET, Complex and many notable media for his music and ethics, and amazing performance at Moonsplash 2016. In keeping with its blockbluster theme, Reggae Sumfest, will now boast yet another acclaimed actor on its line up.
Funding for the undertaking involves a partnership between the National Health Fund, the CHASE Fund, as well as contributions from the private sector. They will be outfitted with linear accelerator (LINAC) machines, which are the most modern technology in radiotherapy treatment. He says the facilities will enable the most vulnerable to access high-quality cancer treatment free of cost.

Among such publications, the prestigious HuffingtonPost recently featured former professional athlete, turn reggae crooner Omari Banks.
James – 10 June 2015 - American Rapper and Mabach Music record label creator Rick Ross had been confirmed as one of the headliners for the 23rd staging of Reggae Sumfest, the greatest reggae show on earth. The centres, to be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, will cost the Government fourteen point five million US dollars. Fenton Ferguson and representatives of the US based Varian Medical Systems, signed the contract on Tuesday for the treatment centres. They will also contain a C-arm mobile X-ray unit, and other related quality assurance equipment.

Ferguson says the centres represent one of the biggest investments by the Government in the provision of equipment and service to the country’s health sector. Ferguson also noted that the country will be able to treat patients in the wider Caribbean and beyond.

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