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Cancer man and Taurus woman rank quite high on compatibility scales as they share common interests and likings which make them a perfectly blended and bonded couple.
Their relationship gradually strengthens and becomes strong with passing time with the mutual understanding they both develop. When a Cancer male exchanges vows with a Taurus female, he is awarded with complete loyalty and attention of his partner with lots of warmth and love.
She demands all your attention and she doesn’t like it when you give more importance to someone else. Dramatically, one-third of these cancer deaths could be decreased if detected and treated early. Education—to help people recognize early signs of cancer and seek prompt medical attention for symptoms. Screening programs—to identify early cancer or pre-cancer before signs are recognizable, including mammography for breast cancer. However, after all of this, the chance that breast cancer will be responsible for your death in the U.S. Cancer male and Leo female experience a magnetic pull in their relation which keeps them strongly bonded to each other. She demands all your attention and if she doesn’t get it she may look for it from other sources. Cancer female shares similar qualities like her Pisces male which makes them a compatible pair. You must learn to express your feelings to your lady as she gets extremely annoyed when she finds you not speaking out your heart. When these two signs come close, they are able to blend easily in each others company and feel comfortable without making extra efforts. He loves the care and pampering he receives from his woman and she enjoys the respect and support she gets from him. Nice shirt, creased pants and polished shoes with a beautiful scent can help you win her attention. She finds a perfect man in him and he finds a loyal and reliable partner in her who never lets him down.
There is a fair amount of compatibility between a Cancer male and Leo female which results out of the attraction between them. Though she enjoys power and control but when she is in bed, she loves to be led by her man.

Though he is insecure and possessive about his lady but still he is able to impress the Leo girl with his sensitive side. Born with a warm and kind heart, she is a wonderful lady who loves everyone around her and is loved by everyone she knows.
In this relationship, there are flavors of respect, emotional attachment, love, romance and affection.
They make the most compatible match and when they get married, they create the best equations of love with their mutual understanding.
There is a beautiful balance which is created amongst the partners making them an interesting couple. Taurus woman longs for sensuality, emotionally charged expressions of love and enjoys physical intimacy with her partner.
Her patience with his changing moods, her support in the tough times makes him feel a stronger man.
Despite the high incidence rates, in Western countries, 89% of women diagnosed with breast cancer are still alive 5 years after their diagnosis, which is due to detection and treatment (Parkin, 2008).
Part of this is by being educated about breast cancer symptoms, knowing your risk and getting screened regularly. She may at times feel uncomfortable because of his possessive nature and may also find tough to deal with his mood swings. Notice her dress, shoes and hair and shower her with compliments and she will not take too long to get impressed by your choice. Emotional attachment is important to both the partners and is the strongest pillar of their relationship. He makes sure that he keeps his lady happy in every phase of life and does every possible thing to do so. He loves the way she takes care of him and provides him with all the love and attention he longs for. Both the partners have similar desires and expectations as far as physical intimacy is concerned and this is a very strong reason for their wonderful understanding and compatibility.
She is also very possessive and protective about him which may at times cause tiffs in their happy association.
She is truly the match for him as the comfort and reassurance he finds with her is exceptional. They have the potential to fall deeply in love leaving all differences and disagreements behind and make their association stronger.

For their sex life to be interesting and entertaining, the couple needs to fill it with compassion which will add more life to it. When these two sun signs get married to each other, they are able to keep aside all the differences and fall fearlessly in love with each other. But both the partners also demand complete attention of their partner and reassurance to be treated with lots of love and care. When these two sun signs come close, they develop a strong understanding of each other’s needs which helps them blend naturally and complement each other. He is always there to give her a genuine and helpful advice and respects every decision she makes. Their unison brings out the passionate love for each other which leads to a completely satisfying sexual experience. She will respond to his gestures by wearing what he gets for her and steal all compliments from her man. The couple is able to enjoy a wonderful sex life which gets better with time and stays for long term. He will also not disappoint her and will respond her with something exciting and interesting.
She shows her affection for him in respect she offers him and nourishes this relation with complete devotion. Together, they both make a beautiful marriage with small issues like possessiveness and attention which if taken care of, will result into a magnificent marital bond.
The couple will enjoy the warmth and intensity which will evolve out of their passion and will always make every moment perfect in bed. He appreciates her wisdom and her financial planning which makes him feel more secure about his future. Their acts of love start with romantic kisses, sensual foreplay and intimate physical expression of love. She may at times hurt him with her flirting nature but with more understanding, the couple can make their marriage a success. Their physical relationship is not just limited to their sexual oneness but it extends up to their emotional dependence.

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