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Canker sores are common in adults and children and generally tend to cause discomfort, particularly during eating.
The symptoms of a canker sore include a swollen, painful blister that is located anywhere inside the mouth.
When the sore is treated by a dentist, they may prescribe something called an antimicrobial mouthwash. A canker sore is a non-contagious small ulcer that appears in the mouth, under your tongue or around the inside of an individual's cheeks or lips.
Although the causes of canker sores are unknown, many specialist believe that stress, certain types of food that contains a lot of citrus, or a sharp tooth may be a contributing factor to canker sores. Unlike cold sores, canker sores only occur within the mouth and are often white, grey or pinkish red in appearance. Canker sores usually start as a lesion that occur on the soft portion of your gum and mouth.
The most severe forms may cause an individual to have a fever, be fatigured or have swollen lymph nodes.
They can appear anywhere inside the mouth, including the gums, tongue and inside of the lips. In this post, Claire explores a variety of home remedies that can ease the pain of canker sores.

The exact reason for the formation of canker sores is unknown, however, there are a few different things that are known to attribute to the formation of the sores. Prior to the sore appearing within the mouth, a burning or tingling sensation may occur in the affected area.
If the sore starts to get smaller after it has reached its peak, this is a sign that the sore will most likely go away on its own. However, this type of treatment isn't always effective and another type of treatment may be used. Most canker sores have the appearance of being round or oval with a center that may appear white or yellow, but red on the outside. Eating food and drinking can be quite difficult for a week or even more.Do you really know what Canker Sores are?
Simple sores are formed when the tissue inside of the mouth is irritated or the body has been under a great deal of stress. When the case of a sore is more severe, there may be more serious symptoms such as; fever, fatigue and swelling of the lymph nodes.
A laser innovation by BIOLASE called EPIC may be used not only to treat the sore, but also to get rid of any pain in the area. They usually go away on their own after a week or two, however, it can make eating extremely painful.

Also, preventing canker sores is not realistic because most people are not aware of what is causing the canker sore.
They are little white, red-bordered, slightly-cratered sores inside of your mouth, which can make your life really difficult sometimes.
More complex canker sores may occur when a person has an immune system disorder, nutritional imbalances and certain diseases. They also develop on the outside of the mouth as opposed to canker sores which develop on the inside.
They are not infectious compared to cold sores, so you can’t spread them to other people or other parts of your body.The most important question is: What causes Canker Sores? All people should consult their licensed health care provider, before taking any herbal product. In particular, women who are pregnant or nursing, and persons with known medical conditions, should consult their licensed health care provider before taking any herbal product.

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