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My research aims to develop ways of non-invasively imaging human brain function using magnetic resonance imaging and electrophysiological techniques. Reasoning with linear orders: Differential parietal cortex activation in sub-clinical depression.
Committed to the development of language, society and identity in contemporary Wales through teaching and research of the highest standard. Cardiff University is a member of the Russell Group of UniversitiesCardiff University is a registered charity No.

Functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) has taught us much about human brain function over the last 15 years, allowing us to map where in the brain information processing is taking place. We are now developing more these imaging techniques to provide more quantitative measurements of brain function based on alterations in blood flow and the brain’s oxygen usage.
It provides an opportunity to sing and socialise with other Welsh speakers and compete in eisteddfods and musical festivals.As a School we are keen to hold events where staff and students can come together to socialise. The development of these techniques is helping us to study of the action of drugs in the human brain and to probe more deeply disease processes in the brain.

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