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Eastern techniques and western ideas combine for optimum results in healing your mind, body and spirit. Here at the Holistic Healing Centre, we believe positive health isn’t just a healthy body but also a positive outlook and a healthy zest for life!
The Holistic Healing Centre in Mudgee has the therapies and resources available to help you achieve this balance and make it a reality. Please take the time to browse our website and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Legacy of CaringA 200 - year legacy that focused on the individual & the society to build a healthier, progressive community. Technology AdoptionInnovative processes that adopt the best technology & yet stay traditional.
Traditional WisdomA unique Ayurvedic culture and traditional knowledge center of Ayurveda since the18th century. Itoozhi Ayurveda illam became renowned as a center in Malabar for holistic healing, based on ancient and proven Ayurvedic treatises, at the beginning of the 18th century.
Ayurvedic Reproductive MedicineThe increased urbanisation of the population have thrown up surprising yet, not that unexpected mitigating factors that come together as major causative influences that lead to infertility. Ayurvedic Regenerative MedicineRegeneration and rejuvenation is mutually inclusive in holistic healing through Ayurveda. The launch of AyurVision Ayurveda Magazine was held at the Standardisation of Kashayam Worksop inaugural event. A workshop on the standardisation of Ayurveda was organised by the Itoozhi Illam Ayurveda Foundation Charitable Trust on 18 July 2014.

Ayurvedic students from Sai Ayurvedic College, Miami visited Itoozhi Nursing home for clinical experience.
Ayurveda has come up with an effective drug, which Siddha Vaidyars use to great advantage to prevent excessive bleeding. There are some seminars, workshops and vision quests on a wide range of areas concerning natural traditional healing, shamanism, angels, dowsing, tantra yoga, growth & renewal and spiritual life path issues. A wide range of traditional healing techniques, including shamanic healing work, divination readings and individual life path mentoring are always available. The centre itself also enjoys a private peace garden with sacred space and meditation area.
Much like putting two puzzle pieces together doesn’t show the entire picture, healing just one part of a person won’t make them whole.
To achieve the goal of mind, body and soul total wellness, Hambrock Holistic Healing Center is home to an ebb and flow of complementary healers and educators,which currently include a hypnotist, massage therapist, psychotherapist, two estheticians, and most recently a crystal healer.
Though it is not always needed, another benefit of the Healing Center is the ability to refer patients to a different treatment without leaving the comfort of the office, which is set up as a nurturing space so individuals will feel comfortable talking about intimate and personal issues.
Increased awareness of alternative healing has resulted in more people coming in with a particular therapy in mind,but each patient at the Healing Center is given time to ensure that they understand what is being done and what they can do for themselves. The Healing Center also educates by offering monthly classes and certifications in several of their healing practices. Hambrock Holistic Healing Center opened in 2002 as one of Herndon’s first alternative treatment facilities.It continues to set itself apart in a growing field by emphasizing the importance of relationships—between practitioner and patient, between individuals and the world, and between the mind, body and soul.
The tradition dates back to the eight vaidyas ( Ayurvedic Physicians ) who made our illam their home, each specialized in a different branch of the ancient science of treatment, and began to treat and heal the thriving community of Malabar.

Located in Miami, Florida, Sai Ayurvedic College is the leading center for ayurvedic study, practice, treatment and research in the southeastern United States reaching students all over the world including Europe, Canada, Mexico and South America. This is Imbural— this drug is prepared from a single herb and is effective in preventing excessive bleeding. That’s why Hambrock Holistic Healing Center aims to take care of a person’s mind, body and soul—all of which founder Connie Hambrock believes interconnect. The practitioners often have training in more than one field, something that emphasizes their approach of total wellness, as it allows for a broader view of what might be ailing an individual. The center currentlyhas space to expand with another massage therapist and an alternative medicine therapist who want to collaborate and who would complement the whole wellness approach. Itoozhi Vaidhyas are also one of the few families who are considered authentic Ayurveda Nethra Chikitsakas ( Traditional Ayurvedic Eye Physicians ) in Kerala. It is especially useful in mleeenorrhagia, where women experience excessive bleeding during the menstrual cycle.
Taking cues from the patients themselves, each individual is given a great deal of information on how to lead a lifestyle that keeps their body in tune with both their mind and soul.
Hambrock acknowledges that some individuals prefer no extra consultation or to be massaged in silence, and options for those patients are offered.

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