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This is similar to prostate cancer in the male: Once there are symptoms of pain or bloody discharge, it often is too late to be able to offer effective therapy. At times there might be a coexisting vaginal discharge from an unrelated problem, which in the process of a work-up by the physician leads the physician to recognize that there is also a cervical cancer.
By the time there is a vaginal discharge or vaginal bleeding from cervical cancer, it usually is already invasive cervical cancer (a late stage). With a larger tumor there might be superinfection leading to a smelly, pus containing vaginal discharge (=purulent discharge).
No woman has to experience any of these symptoms: A yearly Pap test and pelvic exam will prevent these symptoms from occurring! This outline is only a teaching aid to patients and should stimulate you to ask the right questions when seeing your doctor.
The last 30 years have shown a drastic reduction in that number thanks to articles like this one. Normal vaginal discharge should be relatively odorless and without much color, but one of the first indications of a problem in the cervix is a discharge which is potent in both color and smell. One of the most common and alarming symptoms of cervical cancer is persistent and unscheduled bleeding. Dyspareunia is the medical term for painful or uncomfortable sensation in the cervix when involved in sexual penetration.
For most women, there is a level of normalcy or consistency to their menstrual cycle, and any sudden changes or missed periods could be an indication of poor health. Similar to the menstrual cycle, the urinary tract should function on a cycle and one of the first symptoms of cervical cancer is irregular urination or incontinence. Pelvic pain is not uncommon for many women, but severe or sharp pain in the pelvic area outside of menstruation could indicate trouble. Sometimes pelvic pain can radiate and affect the muscles supporting the lower back, causing them to constrict and tighten.
Cervical cancer, not unlike other cancers, reduces the production of healthy red blood cells and as a result white blood cell count can leave the body weak and fatigued. Over the past year, my friend Dave at PaleoHacks has been working on a secret cookbook with world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu chef Peter Servold. In the years running Healthy Holistic Living, I have come to the realization that empowering yourself with information is the key good health.
On a monthly basis, I will be updating this list in an effort to provide you with resources to help you along the way. About Latest Posts Michelle TooleMichelle Toole is the founder and head editor of Healthy Holistic Living. Cervical cancer is a common cancer ranking at the 12th spot for being one of the most common cancers worldwide and also the fifth most dangerous cancer affecting the female population. Human papillomavirus infection is considered to be the most important risk factor for cervical cancer.
Surgery remains to be the most performed method for removing tumors limited to the outer layers of the cervical area. Bleeding when something comes contacts with cervix, as during sex or when you put in a diaphragm. Surgery, such as a hysterectomy and removal of pelvic lymph nodes with or without removal of both ovaries and fallopian tubes. Risk factors include unsafe sex, multiple sex partners, being overweight, use of oral contraceptives, genetics, smoking, poor immunity, multiple pregnancies and first pregnancy at a young age.One of the scariest things about this cancer is that it does not show any symptoms in its early stages. Contact your doctor if you experience bleeding between menstrual cycles or following sexual intercourse.2.

Spotting between periods or vaginal bleeding after intercourse is common (=postcoital spotting). Awareness and screening has helped reduce the death rate of cervical cancer but its occurrence is still staggering. When inflicted with cancer cells, the cervix will swell and reduce blood flow to the lower extremities, leaving the legs pained and swollen. Urinary tract infections can be the result of lingering bacteria from the vaginal walls and much like the pain from this infection, cervical cancer can irritate and inflame the muscles around the bladder and make peeing very uncomfortable.
Yeast infections should not go untreated as they could be a sign of further disease fighting infection. When struggling with cancer cells, the cervix will make attempts to shed it’s protective lining and the result is bright red blood, uncommon to that of menstruation. If inconsistencies persist, take note of any daily dietary changes or medication and talk to your health care practitioner. More alarming is the appearance of blood in urine and could signal a severe stage of cervical cancer.
It is important that you pay attention to the cause of any lower back pain as it is often the most undiagnosed symptom of cervical cancer.
I encourage all of you to take back your power and gain the knowledge you need to live the fullest, healthiest and happiest life possible. Cervical cancer is a malignant neoplasm where in the cells in the cervical uteri become malignant. Chances of getting the infection is increased when a woman engages in sexual relationship at an early age, or when she has multiple sex partners or having a male partner who has multiple sexual partners. In some cases, there is positive bleeding, vaginal mass, moderate pain during sexual intercourse. The types of surgical method may include cryosurgery, laser surgery and loop electrosurgical procedure.
During a Pap test, the doctor scrapes a small sample of cells from the surface of the cervix to check cell changes. Worldwide each year 4, 93,243 women are diagnosed of cervical cancer of whom 2,40,000 women die of this disease (WHO).
It occurs in the cells of the cervix, the lower part of the uterus that connects to the vagina.The American Cancer Society estimates that about 12,900 new cases of cervical cancer will be diagnosed and about 4,100 women will die from this disease in 2015. There can be bleeding abnormalities, either that there is unexpected bleeding between two regular periods, or that there is more bleeding at the regular time. This is an emergency as quick ways have to be found to save the woman from kidney failure and coma. Generally this pain will be a sure sign of the cancer spreading to cervix surrounding tissues, and should be immediately attended to. From being a distinct precancerous growth known as cervical dysplasia, if left undiagnosed and untreated, it develops gradually over a period of many years to become cancerous. Some other cofactors for cervical cancer include smoking, HIV infection, diet, multiple pregnancies, genetics, diethylstilbestrol exposure and hormonal contraception. In advanced cases, the cancer cells have metastasized to other organs such as structures in the abdomen, respiratory system and somewhere else. If the cancer becomes invasive and infiltrative, chemotherapy and hysterectomy are two possible means under surgical management.
If this test shows abnormal cell changes, doctor may need perform some other tests to look for precancerous or cancer cells on your cervix. If you do have sex, practice safer sex, such as using condoms and limiting the number of sex partners you have.

These estimations are shocking but true.Almost all cases of cervical cancer are caused by a virus called human papillomavirus (HPV). Symptoms relating to the urinary tract and rectum or pain in the pelvic area are all late symptoms of an invading cancer of the cervix. Unfortunately, in cervical cancer, the symptoms could only become obvious once it is already in the invasive stage. Symptoms include loss of appetite, pelvic pain, leg pain, heavy vaginal bleeding, escape of urine and feces from the vaginal opening and bone destruction. Women of all ages are at risk of developing this cancer after they begin having sexual intercourse.
Abnormal Vaginal BleedingMost women diagnosed with cervical cancer experience irregular bleeding.An untimely bout of vaginal bleeding that occurs regularly could be an indicator of cervical cancer. Pain during IntercoursePainful intercourse is another important warning sign of cervical cancer. Secondary systemic cancer symptoms such as vomiting, rapid weight loss and depression are often apparent in the later stages. It could also be due to other medical conditions, such as a hormonal imbalance, pelvic inflammatory disease or an infection in the pelvic organs.As cancer spreads to nearby tissues, it creates new, abnormal capillaries that break easily and cause bleeding. This symptom indicates advanced cervical cancer, which means the cancer has spread throughout tissues and reproductive organs. Such bleeding may happen between menstrual periods, after sexual intercourse, after menopause and even after a pelvic exam. Cramping and aches are a normal part of the menstrual cycle and do not usually indicate the presence of cancer or any other serious condition.
However, pain that lasts for longer periods of time and occurs more frequently could be a sign of cervical cancer.If suffering from cervical cancer, you may experience pelvic pain at unusual times, and the pain may start suddenly at any time during the month.
In fact, it is one of the most obvious and prevalent symptoms of this deadly disease.Urinary discomforts include burning, stinging or a tight sensation while urinating.
Heavier and Longer Menstrual PeriodsMenstrual periods that are heavier and longer than normal are another common warning sign of cervical cancer. It can even happen due to certain medications.Any change in the consistency of monthly periods should be discussed with your doctor.
Emy September 15, 2015 at 1:01 am ReplyThis is very informative, ladies take heed, cause earlier the better chances of surviving. Most times people spent a lot time teaching and preaching how t to get rich forgetting in mind that health comes first the rest.
God bless you continue helping God’s creation and you will be rewarded highly by him.
I read this too late but I know it will help others to get checked out if they have n-e of these symptoms. Asap Ana February 8, 2016 at 2:28 pm ReplyHave been having heavy menstrual bleed for the past two months with severe pain and for almost eight days as compared to three days earlier to that. Im physically active, but live under great stress which I am unable to get under control as my stress being my husband’s ex-wife and her partner who are neighbors.

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