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William Lam is the de-facto authority on fully-automated ESXi deployments, and others have provided recipes for configuring VMware ESXi 4.1 installation media for interactive PXE installation. On your TFTP server, simply extract the contents of the installation ISO into a new directory. In order to reflect the fact that the installation source is not in the root of the TFTP server, two tweaks are needed. Now you are ready to boot your physical or virtual machines for an interactive installation of VMware ESXi 5.  It’s very easy to run ESXi 5 inside a VM, now with 64-bit nested guest capabilities!
I’m running my TFTP server on Linux, and it took me about 30 minutes to realize the files were in upper case, not lower. Must have had something to do with how you mounted the ISO, or your distribution’s defaults.

Using VCD (Virtual Clone Drive) under WinXP to mount the ISO as a drive letter, then WinSCP to copy over to my TFTP Linux host. I’ve done the same thing for years with ESXi-3, 4, and other ISOs (Linux, BSD, Win servers) without an issue. Additionally an easier way is if you have your OS or ESXi .iso locally from a device you can boot to it and install via Dell DRAC card.
Funny thing, I have a datacentre where the cdroms eject after the install…Wonder if there is a way to stop it from opening? Thanks, and its a big thanks for your post…coming from pxe esx4 to esxi4 all flavours, nightmare!!!!
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All perms are correct and I have tried both placing the files in the tftp root and in a sub directory and still I get the same error. I have read all the sites that talk about setting up esxi5 under a pxeboot environment including william lam, the person you mentioned as the guru. When trying the different locations I did change the default file and the boot.cfg file to reflect the location change.
Not a big deal to me, as I was able to correct the case in a few seconds with a simple script.

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