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This time-honored formula is prepared from traditional herbs used in Chinese medicine to increase erection, strengthen desire and to increase sperm count. AMOUNT PER SERVING (3 CAPSULES): Proprietary blend of multiple herbal extracts 1350mg-Rehmannia root, Common Yam (fried), Wolfberry fruit, Chinese Angelica root, Cinnamon bark, Aconite, Lindera root, Alpinia fruit, Mantis Egg case, Chinese Leek seed. The information on this website is not intended as a substitute for the medical recommendations of a physician.
Have you ever had menstrual cramps so harsh that it feels like your uterus is staging an insurgency?
If you take this problem to your gynecologist, you’ll end up on hormones (or in a surgery suite) faster than you can say Bob’s your Uncle.
In my experience, around 50% of the women who seek alternative health care do it because they’re looking for answers to hormone-related concerns. Until one day at the clinic – one of those insanely busy days, where everyone needs their herbal formulas yesterday. Amid the chaos at work, it felt like a rebellion was being staged in my reproductive organs. I knew white peony root was usually paired up with herbs for women’s cyclical headaches and cramps. After proving to myself how powerful the delicate peony plant really is, it’s become one of my favorite herbs for women. The Chinese have known for centuries that Peony root reduces abdominal pain and relieves muscle spasms. The nervous system may play an important part in this release, and the smidge of magnesium in the root probably does, too. We’ve also discovered through research that peony has anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating properties. For most of us, peonies are colorful, fragrant blooms treasured for their association with Memorial Day.
By the way, we’re in the Liver season during Spring, so Liver imbalances like pain and cramping tend to show up worse than ever right now, along with other symptoms that White Peony eases – night sweats, vertigo, dizziness, and irritability. Many hormone imbalances will diminish or disappear while eating a Spring Cleanse diet designed to remove common food triggers and emphasize Liver-friendly herbs and greens. Maybe you’d like to join me for a class that walks you through the Spring Cleanse process, with a cooking demonstration, food samples and detailed instructions. Just like when I shop at a gas station and see a hot breakfast sandwich smelling so yummy, I know I’m getting a poor substitute for a real breakfast. When you shop at big box stores for health products, you have to know that health is not the business they’re known for. You want healthier alternatives, and you’re turning to dietary and herbal supplements in record numbers. But like every industry, some manufacturers take every cost-cutting shortcut they can get away with, and others stake their reputation on quality by pulling out all the stops. Beyond the act of checking off ‘healthy’ activities, there’s very little thought given to whether these practices have any value for you personally.
Too often, information about herbal supplements is provided only by the companies selling them– NOT an impartial way to judge reliability. You can’t send a sample of every dietary or herbal product you take to a lab to verify its authenticity. Working with a professional herbalist means you have the best chance of finding herbs that are appropriate, safe and effective. Thanks to your Liver, a good deal of the substances you’re exposed to are neutralized, broken down and ushered out while you eat, sleep and live. Americans pay millions every year for cleansing products that claim to boost the body’s power to ‘de-toxify’ and purge toxic waste.
You feel stuck and mildly depressed – you feel the need for change, but can’t take the first step. You feel especially irritated and crabby at everyone around you right now, for no particular reason. It’s ok to lay some blame for your misery on pollution, toxic waste, sick water and manufactured food. Instead of feeling powerless, start a gentle 2-week Liver cleanse designed to purge chemicals AND revive sluggish emotions. Adopt new intentions for growth and change that mimic the plants springing up around us over the next few weeks.
Start thinking of yourself as a balanced man or woman, with all the qualities of a healthy Wood element – creative, forward-thinking, forgiving, flexible, vibrant. Even if you’ve never thought about cleansing before, there’s a healthy plan that fits your lifestyle. Tony and I meet in a small room once a year for a couple hours, and what we do is enough to satisfy both of us for another year.
We get along great, because we agree completely on one very important thing – the best way to lower health costs is to take care of yourself. My 70-year old insurance agent is practicing downward dog to his “Yoga for Wimps” CD 2 hours a week, between a 15–minute recumbent bicycle warm-up and 15 more minutes of stretching and hamstring work. For the same reason that I want my healthcare providers to be the picture of health, I appreciate that my health insurance agent practices what he preaches. I’m 52 next year, and staying in shape and good health takes a bigger commitment than it did 20 years ago.
Up through my 40’s, I could take a 45-minute walk 5 days a week and that kept me at a consistent weight, without too many reasons to see a doctor, other than yearly checkups. These days, I need twice as much exercise, plenty of daily herbs, and I have to be on guard about everything I put in my mouth. The last time I had a check-up (full disclosure: this was in early 2014 for an insurance physical), my blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol were all inside a ‘healthy’ range.
I watched my dad exercise every day until he died jogging at age 60 – 15 years longer than his father and brothers lived. Some days it’s a struggle and some days I look forward to the time outside or on the mat, sweating and swearing at my yoga teacher under my breath – “Oh pleeeease, not another plank”. For the past 3 months or so, no emails, no blogs, no monthly newsletters. And barely any Facebook posts or Tweets. And getting together with groups of other herbalists – there’s a growing community here, you know. For a while, I wondered if I’d run out of things to say about herbs. But there’s been plenty of inspiration lately.
In fact, my patients are responding to their herbs so well that my patient schedule is filling up. LouAnn’s been coming to see me for a year, but around 6 months ago, her progress started to level off. It’s hard to blame people for slacking off. Getting healthy when you’ve been struggling with chronic illness can be a chore. Do you ever feel like just when you have a grasp on something, you have to return to the basics and re-learn what you thought you knew? But instead of pointing fingers or just accepting that she’d stalled out for no good reason, I realized she wouldn’t magically get better with time. Studying patients like LouAnn, with complicated health histories and unusual symptom patterns, makes me question my assumptions.
Fortunately, my patients don’t mind becoming a case study. Unfortunately, other things I really like to do, those blogs and newsletters, have to be put aside for a while.
If they discovered the source of my shame, I feared rejection, loss of respect and failure. I always imagine a collective gasp among my colleagues when this kind of thing gets out there. When I was in herb school, our yearly gatherings in the redwoods of California were one big circle of plant people. My first teachers, Mom and Dad, never knew there was a field bursting with medicine surrounding our growing subdivision. Their generation was lured by a siren song that promised wonder drugs from the corner pharmacy. Nature’s own medicine chest faded from their minds like two-party phone lines and black and white TV. The past decade of studying herbs helped me recognize a few of nature’s most common weedy healers like plantain, ground ivy, nettle leaf, motherwort, and dandelion – in the yard, the neighborhood park, practically every open space in our river city.
Until recently, I didn’t recognize native herbs that grow in carefully restored prairies a few miles from my urban home. I’m still at a loss to identify lots of common, local plants and weeds that herbalists like me use in clinical practice every day. Prairie phlox – (pronounced flox) I once planted ornamental phlox in the cracks of a retaining wall, and watched it grow year-after-year until it cascaded over the rocks like a bright purple veil for just 2 weeks every summer. I can’t say for sure which phlox relative this is, but Native Americans treasured phlox as a tea for pregnant mothers to insure the birth of a female baby, as a ceremonial Love Medicine, and even as a “wash to make children grow and fatten”. Echinacea – it’s a popular Top Ten remedy for cold and flu, and here’s a little-known-fact: Native Americans called it snakebite medicine.
Wild violet – My Native American herb book says wild violet varieties were used for respiratory problems like cough, mucus and even asthma in children, plus hundreds of other uses. Rattlesnake master –don’t walk too close to this one, with its sword-like leaves edged with spikes.
During Lily’s first appointment, she shared that since her first child was born, her PMS has been hellish.
She braces herself for a 7-day migraine that forces her to miss work at least one or two days every month.
These aren’t your ordinary ‘pass me the hot water bottle’ cramps you can wait out for a day or so. Those gentle plants have been a reliable source of healing medicine for every culture that’s ever existed. At the same time, the Liver is very busy filtering out or metabolizing all the natural waste material circulating in the blood, including waste that comes in through food and fluids. The Chinese call this organ ‘The General’ because of its commanding role in keeping order and smoothly moving blood and hormones through the Liver and out to the rest of the body. Anything that disrupts the smooth circulation of blood can interfere with menstrual cycles.
At our first appointment, I asked Lily if she was in a nurturing and supportive relationship.
For years, Lily has watched her husband’s gambling habit deplete their savings and nearly bankrupt them.
Just as pollutants, drugs and alcohol can impede the flow of blood through the Liver, unexpressed feelings take their own toll.
Lily’s marriage to a gambling addict has given rise to a build-up of toxic emotions that have immobilized the free flow of energy through her body. Notice how nearly all these symptoms feel like something is stuck – bloating, clots, constipation, swelling, cysts, stagnant emotions, intense pain?

A neurologist at the University of Munster (Germany) published a study showing that sex relieves migraines in about two-thirds of sufferers.
Yoga, tai chi, and dance are other great ways to move stagnant blood, Qi and emotions, opening up your Liver’s energy flow for a more creative, happy life. Find ways to communicate in difficult relationships by seeking counseling or reconnecting with activities you used to enjoy together. Herbs like motherwort, dandelion root, cramp bark, lavender, white peony root, figwort, blue vervain (especially when there’s neck tension), and burdock root help smooth the flow of Qi through the Liver, activating movement of blood and fluid.
One of my favorite Chinese formulas for PMS is aptly named Free & Easy Wanderer [Xiao Yao San]. You don’t put up with horrible periods because you have some twisted relationship to pain and misery. Maybe you’ve worked with your doctor, tried multiple combinations of hormones, and even put yourself through major or minor surgery looking for solutions. Herbal healthcare is experiencing a much-needed resurgence across the country, as part of a larger health revolution. Excessive bleeding can make you feel like the life is being drained out of you, ounce by ounce. Hormone therapy can regulate monthly blood flow – so does herbal therapy for many women. You may get temporary relief from a hormone patch, cream or pill, but tinkering with hormone levels won’t address the underlying Qi deficiency that led to the bleeding. The classic Chinese formula for deficient Qi, Four Gentlemen, contains tonic herbs for weakness, the most common side effect of excessive menstrual bleeding.
Blood loss also starves the heart and mind of vital nutrition, robbing you of restful sleep and weakening your memory and focus.
Relief from insomnia, poor memory, fatigue, and digestive weakness is a lot to ask from any hormone supplement. While Chinese herbal formulas help rebuild Qi, herbs like yarrow, shepherd’s purse, raspberry leaf, eclipta, ladies mantle, tienchi ginseng and even our kitchen friend, cinnamon, can lighten blood flow and tone the female organs. Mineral rich herbs like nettle leaf and oatstraw gradually replace lost nutrients and freshen a sallow complexion. The herbal approach to hormone imbalances naturally nudges your body’s built-in capacity to heal, without the risks associated with hormone replacement.
A nourishing diet of warm root vegetables including squash, beets and sweet potato fill your plate with color and your mouth with the mildly sweet flavor that strengthens Qi.
Start with something as simple as letting those calls rollover to voicemail and taking a few moments for a power nap. Qi deficiency by itself isn’t a life-threatening matter, but ignored long enough, it morphs into a depleted immune system and lower resistance to disease. Before that little backyard experiment, you probably have to go back 3 or 4 generations to find a farmer in my family. Chelsea:   Mo, the amount of plants you grow depends on how ambitious you are in the first year. Mo: Are there certain plants that are especially easy for first-time gardeners to grow in our Nebraska climate? Chelsea: Perennial plants (meaning they die back in the winter and come back up in the spring) are recommended for first-time and even old-time gardeners. In the spring when the ground is thawed enough to dig, I turn the leaves and compost under the top layer of soil. Mo: For gardeners who have limited yard space, what herbs or vegetables are easy to grow in pots? Chelsea: There is often the option to join a neighborhood garden or community garden for more space and support your first year. Mo: Where can I look for help if I have a bug problem or general questions about how to water, fertilize, grow or harvest my plants? Table Grace Cafe at 16th and Farnam Streets is a donation-based restaurant that sources locally grown food. A native of Omaha, aspiring herbalist, permaculturist and home gardener, Chelsea travels to Omaha Public Schools offering education to youth about where our food comes from today. The Chinese tell us that the short two-week period between seasons is when the Earth Element is most active.
You’re coming out of a dark, cold, inactive season into one that’s sunny, warmer and allows more movement and waking time.
Fennel seed tea – boil 1 Tbsp of fennel seed (yep, you’ve probably got this in your spice cabinet) in 1-2 cups water for 15 minutes.
DescriptionReviewsThe Eye Site chinese herb formula is made of extracts from wolfberry, chrysanthemum flower, prepared rehmannia root, dogwood fruit, moutan bark root, common yam, poria and alisma, this time-honored formula is used in Chinese medicine for its immune supporting, and other properties to nourish the liver and kidney and to maintain healthy eyesight. Balanceuticals formulas are formulated and manufactured according to the most stringent quality standards and the most up-to-date achievements in traditional Chinese medicine.
Chinese Use: Central retinitis, glaucoma, senile cataract, neuropapillitis, cerebral concussion sequelae, hypertension, chronic hepatitis. Modern studies on Pharmacodynamical reveal that this product yields actions of strengthening the immunity and anti-senility.
Clinically, this product was applied in central retinitis, glaucoma, papillitis, sequelae of cerebral concussion, hypertension, and chronic hepatitis.
This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. Will usually ship within 1 business day of receiving cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab. Due to health regulations, all returns of nutritional supplements, vitamins and other health items must be UNOPENED and in their original sealed containers. By submitting your bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder.
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That’s how we use it in the clinic because that’s how the Chinese discovered it works best – in a balanced blend of complimentary medicinal herbs. So, I detoured through the bulk herb room for a nibble. After 10 minutes of old-school chewing through a raw, chalky-tasting, slice of dried root, my cramps disappeared. They say it does this by ‘softening the Liver’, which easily gets congested with waste material and toxic emotions – like anger and resentment.
He ordered Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens and CVS to remove herbal supplements from store shelves. But true or not, what do you expect from a big box or chain store where the motto is “Always low prices”.
But for something you take every day to promote vitality and strength and health, it’s worthwhile to give more thought.
Their business is making money selling household and personal items you want at cheap prices. That number is growing rapidly for lots of reasons; mainly, an expanding public awareness of the human and financial expense that pharmaceutical meds have laid on us.
Some federal body somewhere is keeping herbal supplement manufacturers accountable for quality, right?
They take steps beyond what’s legally required to identify and ensure the purity of the plant matter in their products. If the TV doctor says its good, and your sister-in-law says it works, then it must be good for you.
Concentrates and juices are easy and convenient, but they usually don’t contain any of the fiber and other materials that maximize the nutrition of that healthy food.
Their patients have taken lots of herbal products in liquid, capsule, tablet, fresh and dried plant forms, and they’ll be aware of ineffective or poor quality herbal supplements. Get to know them, so when you need help making healthy choices, he or she can recommend alternatives to fit your budget and personal needs. Your Liver is a virtual toxin dump station where hormones, food, fat and life’s messy waste are rendered harmless. But 3 days of juicing and pooping are a pretty inadequate attempt to fix a lifetime of bad habits and 50 years of FDA-approved chemical air, water, food, along side your own daily body waste. The seasonal color is green and the organs that benefit most from good health in Spring are your Liver and Gallbladder. We had our annual insurance review recently, and I noticed that Tony, who is 70 years old, looks as good or better than he did last year. On my morning walk one day, I greeted this guy who had paused his daily jog momentarily to pick up trash from the street.
He set a good example, and I decided a long time ago that I wouldn’t quit exercising, no matter how lousy I felt.
Adaptogen herbs can restore the strength and energy you’ve lost to chronic illness or poor lifestyle habits. When this happens, sometimes it’s because the patient has gotten tired of taking herbs and constantly having to monitor their health habits and practices. People who cultivate herbs, people who wild craft and harvest them for medicine, and the ‘my grandmother was a wise woman who taught me how to heal with plants’ kind of people. I’m getting out of the clinic and into the field, where the plants have a chance to tell me their story. These amateur pics tell a story of medicinal herbs pointed out to me or discovered on prairie walks from rural Kansas to just outside city limits. In botanical medicine, orange signifies anti-oxidant properties, especially for the eyes (think carrots). Eclectic physicians used the root topically to cleanse and remove the putrid smell of festering boils.
It’s one of the tallest and sturdiest plants on the prairie, a nice perch for wayward birds.
Wild indigo roots and leaves are used for conditions that have lots of ‘putrid heat’ – translation: pus-filled, decaying, infected and inflamed tissue.
It’s in my own daily tincture because I know it keeps the lymph system functioning well, especially in the breast area or Liver meridian. The headaches are bad enough, but the breast tenderness and swelling make certain movements – like holding her daughter up close – very painful.
So are heavy medication use, alcohol abuse, and fatty, fried foods, which disrupt the filtering mechanism, clogging up and slowing down the Liver’s waste removal functions.

Whenever she tries to have a conversation about her concerns, she feels intimidated and manipulated by her spouse’s angry tone of voice. And one of the most enjoyable ways to keep the Liver energy moving is by having sex – but don’t take my word for it. It’s a great example of how moving the pelvic organs decongests and breaks up congealed blood that causes pain. So much emotional pain can be avoided just by learning to speak your mind in a non-threatening way. It unlocks the toxic emotions that become trapped when we feel unable to express ourselves. You can get to the bottom of PMS pain with safe, natural and effective relief – from Mother Nature herself. There’s a not-so-subtle undercurrent that’s pulling us toward safer, more natural, sustainable remedies. More than one at a time can completely disrupt and drain the joy out of an otherwise great month. And often it comes with a crampy, dull, aching sensation, as if your pelvic cavity is being turned inside out. Qi is an elusive but vital energy source that permeates every breath, digestive function and blood cell. Two main reasons: heavy blood loss itself depletes Qi, leading to the proverbial vicious cycle.
When you’re feeling bone tired, lack an appetite, experience loose stools, and your skin has an unhealthy yellowish complexion, tonic herbs restore strength, improve digestion and bring back your luster.
Blood tonics like the well-known Dong Qui and lesser known rehmannia, white peony and ligusticum restore blood to the rich, nourishing fluid needed to keep your heart and mind sharp. These herbs individually or in combination give you hour-by-hour relief from heavy bleeding. In the meantime, light exercise, rest, extreme self-care and major de-stressing maneuvers have to be moved to the top of the list. Do you have a supportive family member who might alternate meal prep or shopping duties with you? Exercise, rest and support are not luxuries when you’re exhausted and weak; they’re a prescription for recovery. If you’re tired of heavy, draining periods every month, choose something safe, natural and effective for long term relief.
Perennial plants and herbs need less attention and less water each year, but you still reap the benefits of their beauty and fragrance, and you’re creating habitat for the wild. These plants smell and taste delicious, their flowers attract pollinators, but they do spread throughout the garden if not controlled. I start preparing my beds in the fall by layering fallen leaves and compost (grass clippings, coffee grounds, etc.) all over the area of my future garden site. You can share your surplus online through websites like Small Potatoes, NextDoor, Facebook, etc.
Chelsea incorporates lessons of healthy eating, movement and sustainability into the Truck Farm curriculum. Of the 5 Elements, Earth is the one that regulates digestion, keeps us rooted and stable, and makes sure we crave tonifying foods. Probably not extreme dieting or over-the-counter anti-gas products, which can throw a delicate system into even more imbalance.
They are screened for quality and safety by a specialist group at the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the highest research institution for traditional Chinese medicine.
Hypertension: 16 cases of primary hypertension of deficient kidney yin type (I stage) were treated with this product for 8~12 weeks. You have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab.
Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. My favorite go-to remedies – a heating pad, sleep, a hot cup of tea – were out of the question.
Since blood is such a vital player in the smooth functioning of hormones in women, keeping it robust with tonic herbs can be a big factor in hormone health. I don’t have time to sit down for a restaurant product, so I’m sacrificing quality for something that’s more important to me – convenience.
There it is, the Echinacea you saw on daytime TV last week, touted by a doctor in scrubs, and it’s only $5.99.
Even if the number is 10,000, that’s still a lot of potentially harmful waste that flows through you. During our brief conversation, I discovered he’s long past retirement but still teaches at a local university Math department. He’s already given me the gift that keeps on giving – a cheaper monthly premium than last year and a good reminder to keep moving. For a month or two, whenever she visited me, we’d try to sort out why no changes were happening. Maybe it does strengthen the eyes, but in my practice I use it when someone with a history of respiratory problems points to a rib and says “it hurts right here when I breathe”.
My favorite common name is buffalo plant – smearing a plaster of the roots over the skin was said to attract buffalo and ensure for the hunter a good kill. Last week, a patient of mine applied a poultice of crushed violet leaves to a large, nasty-looking cyst and wouldn’t you know, it broke right open and started draining. Over-the-counter pain medication barely takes the edge off, but Lily is afraid to take a dose large enough to make a difference. It releases pain and lifts mood, often relieving digestive stagnation along with trapped emotion. It’s sort of like wind –you can’t describe what it looks like, but you can see the effect it has. When blood literally pours out, and for that matter, when skin sags and the bladder or uterus prolapse, these are signs that your Qi isn’t doing its job of holding things in place.
But other factors can weaken Qi, such as long-term emotional and physical stress, resulting in gradually heavier periods. Chelsea is the Education Director for Truck Farm, an urban agriculture education program in Omaha. Work with something you can check in on every day. There are salad green varieties available on the market that can be planted from seed and harvested within 20-40 days.
I personally like when they spread in between my other plants, but my garden isn’t the most tamed. Make sure your pot is large enough for the root systems.  There is even a corn variety called Blue Jade that can be grown in a pot!
She is a Registered Yoga Teacher and co-founder of Black Iris Botanicals, a wild-crafted and locally-sourced herbal beauty product line. The positive percentage of acidic ANAE lymphocytes in peripheral blood and the number PFC of the spleen are all markedly higher than that in the control group, demonstrating that this product yields an effect of strengthening the function of T, B- lymphocyte. The peripheral blood positive ANAE lymphocyte percentage is markedly elevated, and even exceeding that of the young control group. When this product was used with Rhizoma Dioscorea excluded and Radix Angelica sinensis, Radix Salviae miltiorrhigae, Lignum Sappan added for a case of central retinitis of the type of yin deficiency of liver-kidney, with asthenic fire flaring upward for 3 months.
9 cases were cured for short-term, 1 case ameliorated, the total effective rate being 83.3%. The clinical symptoms were markedly ameliorated, with marked lowering of the score for 7 symptoms. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. He somewhat prematurely claimed that testing showed nearly all of them to be missing the herbs listed on their labels. So, you’re likely to make a choice based on what’s in front of you at any given moment, NOT based on hours of researching for the best quality (or price) product.
There are regulations governing the claims made on labels and the processes of manufacturing itself.
Of course, sometimes I’d rather be spending it on my butt watching TV or eating vanilla sugar wafers.
I’m as common and native as a sunflower after 47 years on the Great Plains. Even with my prairie state roots, the healing power of prairie plants was lost on me until recently.
Native Americans, including the Omaha tribe, were known to prize the root for ceremonial use, for bronchitis and lung disorders, and swift healing of wounds and sores. I haven’t used it as medicine yet, but the leaf is said to close wounds and cure eczema topically, and kill parasites and worms when taken as a tea internally. It must’ve been an essential herb for seriously infected wounds with the threat of gangrene. The common name reflects its use as a rattlesnake bite remedy, but a curious practice by 19th century medical students and doctors points to it as an emetic (induces vomiting) to purify themselves after a patient death. Quick crops like lettuces, arugula or radishes provide instant gratification.  Success with a few plants will help you feel more confident to try more the next year. By adopting the receptor tests of EA rosette (Fc receptor) and YC rosette (C3b receptor) exams, it is demonstrated that this product also markedly strengthens the function of abdominal macrophage C3b receptor in young mice, but yields little effect on the Fc receptor, demonstrating that this product possesses multifacet function for strengthening the immunity; its mechanism of action may be optional. It also markedly promotes the PFC, and markedly recovers the senilized immunity in senile mice, demonstrating that this product yields certain anti-senilily action. I wonder if today’s physicians have anything like a purification practice, other than a good hand-wash or anti-bacterial foam. A case of glaucoma was treated with modification of this product for over 1 months, the eyesight was also recovered completely. Another case of sudden blindness due to fundal bleeding was treated with over 20 doses of this decoction, the bleeding was absorbed and vision recovered. 21 cases (32 eyes) of degeneration of macula lutea were treated with oral solution of this product, with another 19 cases (32 eyes) administrated with Vit. The results in the control group revealed that 1 case had symptoms basically disappeared, 5 cases ameliorated, 4 cases unchanged, the total effective rate being 60%. We are not responsible for the contents of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site. Amster test in the treatment group revealed that 12 eyes out of the 18 abnormal eyes recovered to normal, while only 5 out of the 16 abnormal eyes in the control group recovered.

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