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Read more about our Copyright & Fair Use Policy if you are planning to re-publish content found on this site. July 8, 2013 Anita 33 Comments 150151.5kMy Mom is insistent that we must consume a bowl of Chinese herbal soup once a week, no more and no less, and each week she will always prepare a different soup so we would drink them. Among the many Chinese soup recipes that she passes down to me, I would pick this one as THE ultimate herbal soup.
My mom made a very similar soup for postpartum and my recovery after childbirth was speedy. Most Chinese grow up drinking soup like this from a very early age, so I am pretty sure a 2 year old will be okay drinking this soup.
Instead cooking it on a stove for one hour, is it ok if i just put everything in electric slow cooker and set the automatic timer for chicken?
Hi Dorres, yes you actually can, though from what has been passed down from my Grandma, our family only drink this once a week. Hi Kris, for monthly period, I usually just make a very simple chicken soup with jujube (hong zao), wolfberry (gou gi zi), and angelica root (dang gui). Hi Anita, I would love to use this great recipe and the pic of the herbs in a magazine article I am putting together, of course would list your website as the source!

Chinese herbal soup is not only good for health,they replenish nutrients that we need.It's also helps to regulate the taste buds,replenish the body's fluids,whets the appetite and prevents diseases.
Chicken soup is known in many cultures to help prevent and fight-off common colds and flu’s.
I don’t know why but the routine did not feel that special when we were young, but I absolutely love all these soup as I grow older, so much so that I would sometimes cook multiple Chinese herbal soup (and not just this one mind you) in a week! For this particular soup, the two herbs that I don’t eat are the astragalus root and codonopsis root, mainly because they are too fibrous and tough.
I just wonder if you can show us how to make the other kind of soup that you mention about your mother weekly difference soup you have drunken when you was young. Pregnant woman should take high protein,vitamin and mineral soup ,such as lean soup and vegetable soup to increase absorption of nutrients,speed up the recovery process and regain the body's original shape after giving birth.When I was in my confinement,my mom make this soup for me daily.I love this soup!!
I am a big soup fan myself and anything that is simple and straightforward and delicious gets my number one vote. I brothed Chinese Herbal Black Chicken Soup today and still feeling the overall well-being is boosted up hours after consuming it. The broth is deeply nourishing, while the pieces of chicken and vegetables are satisfying and filling.

Best part is that once the stock is made, this soup takes less than 45 minutes to prepare – start to finish.
When a pot of boiling soup of 100 degree Celcius is placed in the thermal cooker, it would maintain the temperature hence continue boiling it.
According to her, taking the soup everyday is not detrimental to health, but it is not going to be that useful since taking it everyday vs. Traditionally, after giving birth, the Chinese prepare chicken in chinese rice wine for the new Mom.
I prefer to keep the skin and bones on so that the essential minerals, nutrients and fats of the chicken absorb into the broth – making it the immune booster it claims to be. Pour the broth over the vegetables and bring to a simmer, adding the ginger slice, salt, pepper and bay leaves.

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