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Chinese herbs consist mostly of natural plants and minerals whose use and safety has been documented for thousands of years. How Chinese herbal medicine differs from pharmaceutical drugs is that single herbs are synergistically combined into formulas to treat each person’s underlying pattern of disharmony, not just their symptoms. Chinese medicine takes a holistic view of the human body based on the preservation of health and not just the treatment of disease.
Since each formula is composed of multiple herbal ingredients, they can be easily modified for each person to resolve specific symptoms and to avoid side-effects as a form of highly personalised medicine.
At Ping Ming Health, we prescribe both patent Chinese herbal medicines in pill or tablet form and concentrated powdered herbs which can be easily taken for your convenience. Although acupuncture is more widely-known in the west, Chinese herbal medicine is an equally effective method of treatment. All of the Chinese medicines dispensed by our clinic are listed and regulated by the Australian Government Therapeutic Goods Administration for quality and safety.
In light of past and present news reports in the media, we hope to inform our clients about the safe and appropriate use of Chinese medicines. Chinese herbal medicines and formulas, like western pharmaceutical drugs, contain various active ingredients which are intended for the treatment of health conditions. It is a policy of our clinic not to sell any over-the-counter Chinese medicines to the public. Our practitioners will provide medication as appropriate to your condition only after they have conducted a traditional Chinese medicine consultation. Always inform your doctor and other health care practitioners about all of the medicines you are taking. Appointments available 7 days across our six Perth clinic locations and Melbourne CBD clinic (Mon-Sat). Acupuncture in Melbourne: Experience our caring, professional service now on the east coast.
Like us on FacebookThe Open Acupuncture ProjectHow do you decide if Chinese medicine is the right treatment for you? Supporting families for over 20 yearsWe provide quality and comprehensive Chinese medicine care trusted by generations of families in Perth and Melbourne.
You can see us for a wide range of health issues, from fertility and pregnancy care to women's, men's, children's, senior's and preventative health. There’s much more to Chinese medicine than acupunctureOur clinical experience combines acupuncture, herbal medicine, meridian massage, cupping and scrubbing with diet and lifestyle advice to achieve the best results.

Prevention is the best medicineDon't wait for minor health symptoms to become worse and more difficult to solve. Working together for a healthier futureOur clinic is committed to health promotion, preventative education and clinical training of Australia's next generation of Chinese medicine practitioners.
The information provided on our website is not intended to diagnose or treat any health problem or disease. Protecting your privacyOur clinic complies with Australian Privacy Principles according to Australian law (Privacy Act 1988). New research into a 2,000-year-old Chinese herbal remedy derived from the roots of the blue evergreen hydrangea, has shown that the medicine could be used to help treat autoimmune disorders. Also known as Chang Shan, the herb weakens the defective immune response related with many autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and psoriasis. Used in China for centuries to help reduce fever and fight malaria, the herb’s active ingredient, febrifugine, is considered too toxic for use by Western standards, so the U.S. In 2004 scientists managed to pinpoint the cells targeted by halofuginone, cells known as Th17. Previous studies in mice have shown that halofuginone protects against harmful Th17 cells without affecting other beneficial immune cells. The new study has shed light on how this process works – the herbal extract appears to trigger a series of events critical to immune regulation, by letting cells know when they need to conserve resources. Whitman likened the situation to how we conserve our energy during a power outage, only using power when absolutely necessary. By triggering this response, researchers say halofuginone may also help them understand how the pathway affects autoimmune disorders and lead to better treatments. Chinese herbal medicine has been used for health for thousands of years in China.  Functions of herbals formulas are to improve the immune system, balance the functioning of the internal organs, ease tension and stress, increase the energy level, purify the body by encouraging the removal of cellular waste, balance water metabolism, regulate the internal temperature and humidity, and improve blood circulation and blood hemoglobin (thus oxygen) content.
There is increasingly available research that indicate that pharmacological action and the traditional uses herbal formulas are similar in their actions.  Herb formulations, however, are more balanced than the isolated active ingredients in pharmaceutical drugs and are less likely to cause adverse reactions or side-effects. Herbal preparations are also an effective way of dealing with the side effects of some prescribed drugs or Western treatments. I primarily deal with granule herbal concentrations because they are potent and very effective.
A formula is composed of between 4 to 16 different herbs and is designed with four classes of ingredients to address all aspects of the individual: chief herbs for treating your specific condition, a deputy herb to reinforce the chief's action or treat co-existing conditions, an assistant to counter act any side effects of the first two ingredients and an envoy to harmonize all ingredients and direct them to the parts of the body that they are to treat.

Privacy policy: Affinity Acupuncture & Rolfing is the sole owner of the information collected on our website.
It is one of the oldest continuously practiced medical systems in the world with a written history dating over 2,500 years.
Many Chinese herbal formulas serve to strengthen the body and its many functional systems to prevent illness.
Our clinic has great experience in the combined use of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to achieve the best clinical results. We do not use any medicines containing endangered or illegally traded wildlife ingredients. Their use requires professional knowledge and thus should be prescribed by practitioners qualified in Chinese Herbal Medicine.
Furthermore, they will advise you when it is appropriate to change or discontinue your Chinese herbal medication as part of your follow-up consultations. Army scientists created a derivative called halofuginone (HF), but it was abandoned when research failed to uncover how it actually worked. Christie is a certified herbalist in Oriental Medicine.  She has a full pharmacy where she customizes each formula to meet your individual needs. This is due in part to the combination of multiple herbs in a formula creating a synergistic effect and balancing itself, thereby resulting in an increase in effectiveness and enhancement of safety. Sundrud, PhD, Anjana Rao, PhD, and their colleagues showed that halofuginone does indeed inhibit Th17 cells.
Additionally, herbs are prescribed to treat patterns while honoring the whole body, not specific symptoms.
They are proven adjunct therapies to chemotherapy and HIV treatment because they assist the body's immunity and support constitutional strength without interrupting allopathic treatment. Harm can occur when any medicine is taken without professional advice, or when individual herbal ingredients are supplied in inappropriate and dangerous dosages.
Beware of medicinal products you can order from overseas which may not be regulated or safe.

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