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Traditional Chinese medicine is rather a system of different philosophies about human energy and human nature originated in Ancient China in the first millennium BC, based on the observation of human body functioning. Another teaching underlying the Chinese medicine basis that can be called a cornerstone of Chinese philosophy is the doctrine of Yin and Yang, which means the duality of all things and, at the same time, their unity. Of course, the traditional Chinese medicine cannot treat a malignant tumor, but herbs, massage, and treatment of energy flows in the body can cure some chronic diseases, as well as improve the health without interference of synthetic drugs. Today in China, there are a lot of resorts and health complexes in the territory of tourist zones and resorts where you can have many of these procedures.
Yes it works, and in China you can actually get similar treatments in both Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine hospitals. One by one, the many mysterious secrets of traditional Chinese medicine are slowly being revealed. Now it’s the turn of Chang Shan, an herbal medicine that has been used for thousands of years in China to treat fevers caused by malaria. Described in the journal Nature, the new data shows in atomic detail how halofuginone, a compound derived from Chang Shan, works in cells. It turns out halofuginone acts to jam the gears of a molecular machine that carries out protein synthesis, a crucial biological process necessary for life. It turns out another set of biological molecules known as transfer RNAs (tRNAs) are critically necessary for translation. Interestingly, this new analysis shows for the first time that halofuginone interferes with the specific tRNA synthetase enzyme that attaches the amino acid proline to its appropriate tRNA. Experts believe the reason Chang Shan is so effective in treating malarial fevers is because traces of a halofuginone-like chemical in the herb interfere with protein synthesis in malarial parasites, killing them in an infected person's blood.
Biochemical mechanism of Chang Shan, an ancient traditional Chinese antimalarial herb, revealed.

In the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), emotions are thought to cause much of the internal disease and illness that humans suffer from.
Joy – In TCM, joy is not described in the way that most people know and understand it. Anger – According to TCM, anger is described by multiple different emotions, including resentment, irritability and frustration. Pensiveness – TCM says that being too pensive or concentrated is the result of excessive mental stimulation. Fright – This emotion is not associated with any one organ of the body, but it primarily affects the heart.
Many achievements of mankind, such as arms manufacturing and book printing were invented in China. One of them is the doctrine of the CHI (TSI) - the vital energy inherent in every organism. Up to date a usual practice is to use such methods as acupuncture, Su Jok, herbal therapy, massage therapy and, of course, yoga. Furthermore, you can also visit the temples, where yogis and Buddhist monks will demonstrate the effectiveness of traditional methods of Chinese medicine by personal example.
Its secret action has finally been uncovered, thanks to a high-resolution structural analysis carried out at The Scripps Research Institute.
Their job is to grab hold of each amino acid and add them like pearls to the growing protein chain…and enzymes known as aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases help attach each amino acid to its respective tRNA. According to the research team who carried out this study, nothing like this has been seen before in the field of biochemistry. However, this country since ancient times is famous not only for its technical innovations, but also for its medicine.

A rising tide of interest in traditional Chinese medicine began in the middle of the XX century, and today it is rightly one of the most popular medicines in the world. The Chinese believe that half of Chi depends on genetics and the other half depends on the chosen human path, i.e. The Chinese believe that food should be consumed according to the level of Yin and Yang contained in it.
You are destined to grow in the process of this unfolding and we are here to give homage along your way. China has many temples and schools of thought, which still practice the ancient methods for disease treatment. Many types of diets have come from China, based on the balance of products, which contain the Yin and Yang. Here on Expanded Consciousness you'll find inspiring stories, insightful information, and a forum to contribute to the advancement of other visitors. In addition, almost every Chinese knows a few herbs or exercises to help maintain physical health. The vital energy should circulate freely throughout the body, but if there is a failure (a wrongly chosen path), then it can lead to disease.

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