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Since we are undeniable part of that world, we are also experiencing changes within our bodies.As Lily likes to say, “We are all just mini universes. This energy is said to circulate throughout the body along specific pathways that are called meridians.
As long as this energy flows freely throughout the meridians, health is maintained, but once the flow of energy is blocked, the system is disrupted and pain and illness occur.
Imagine rivers that flood and cause disasters or an electrical grid short-circuiting that causes blackouts.
Sweet, cooling foods (cucumber, strawberries) grow in the summer to balance and cool the ‘fire’ outside and keep ‘heat’ out of our hearts.
Give them some fruit!)What about spring?Spring is a time of rebirth, sudden growth, and rapid expansion. Chinese Medicine refers to the ethnic medicine that has been practiced in China since prehistory.
We now find the will to initiate and execute projects that have been contemplated, but not yet begun. Chinese Medicine is a complete system of treatments that has been traditionally, and is still today the mainstream medicine in Asia.

Spring is creative, volatile, and powerful and so are we as we enter this phase in our annual cycle.
The organ that represents this season is the Liver, tasked in TCM with the job of instigating movement and arousing the mind by allowing tension and pressure to build. Anyone who has seasonal allergies OR just allergies in general (to food or chemicals) has the root problem of a clogged liver.
TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) isn't just acupuncture, it is a complete system and lifestyle to promote and maintain proper health. Acupuncture in San Antonio is not just a trend, it has become a very important practice in San Antonio. Dr Cecilia Gulyas welcomes inquiries about acupuncture or any general TCM questions, but it would be more effective if you schedule a personal appointment.
Andreas Moritz wrote a book on how to perform an easy one at home using apple juice, grapefruit, olive oil, and epsom salts.2) Spring is the perfect time to add daily liver detox tools to your regimen. Green vegetables (broccoli, string beans) and all green leafy vegetables, especially if the plants are young, cleanse and freshen the body.5) There is a very special reason dandelions sprout up everywhere during spring.
You can juice dandelions (especially the root), brew a tea, and even put them in your salads.

Right now, humans are suffering from extreme liver clogging (poor food, greasy food, pharmaceuticals, constant chemicals, anger, etc). Dandelions are a gift to us.6) Sprouts from seeds such as beans, mung beans, and radish are extremely valuable to eat right now for liver and full body repair.7) Stretch! In TCM, the liver stores blood during periods of rest and then releases it to the tendons in times of activity, maintaining health and flexibility. Incorporate a morning stretch into your routine.8) Although you should be doing this all year, eat at least one raw carrot every single day. This gently stimulates your Liver meridian and relaxes it.10) If you’re frustrated (the emotion of the liver), scream at the top of your lungs to let all of your anger and tension out.
Afterwards, have a good cry to bring the energy back down and release remaining stress.Happy Friday!

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