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I was lucky to visit the Orthopedic Acupuncture Department today and learn how they treat their patients.
The Han Institute is an organization dedicated to helping people with neurological disorders such as PTSD, Lou Gehrig's disease, Autism, Alzheimer's, and Epilepsy. I’ve tasted turtle, horse, dog, pig tongue, duck brain, etc; I love to rock climb, rappel, river raft, and gosh-darnit if I go to an amusement park I ride every roller coaster!
I’ll give you a general idea of the process of this therapy, even though its much easier to understand when watching the video below. A moment before placement a small fire is lit inside the cup and soon removed to heat up the air inside. I can now tell you that true male bonding only happens when you’re half-naked having your back sucked into what feels like a hundred tiny glass balls.
About the Author Recent PostsAbout Josh SummersJosh is a writer, musician and entrepreneur who currently resides in Urumqi, capital of China's western province of Xinjiang. Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that heats acupuncture points by burning mugwort (artemisia), a dried herb close to the skin. Moxibusiton has a wide variety of uses but is perhaps most commonly used for chronic pain, arthritic-type conditions and to turn breech babies into a optimal position for childbirth.
Cupping is a very effective method of treatment used for diseases such as coughing, chest congestion, common cold, arthritic pain, muscular pain, stomach-ache, and headache.

Once the cup makes contact with the skin on your back the hot air creates a vacuum that sucks your skin far into the glass globe. The man you see standing next to me in the picture above, Cons, is a friend who has been having some back difficulties. You pay for pain with this therapy on the promise that it will make your life better in the days to come – and I don’t normally pay for pain! I’m sorry to give you the wrong impression, but I actually had a great experience with suction therapy.
Moxibustion is used to warm the meridians and promote circulation in a very specific and systematic way.
It is contra-indicated for high- fever, allergic skin conditions or ulcerated sores, area of thin muscle or boney angles and depression and on the back or abdomen of pregnant women. Some people who suffer from fibromyalgia or Epstein-Barr disease or other chronic muscular disorders or chronic viral diseases may feel some discomfort and should report it to their practitioner.
This massage dates back almost 2,000 years and is rumored to be able to cure anything from a sore shoulder to the common cold. When we talked with a Chinese friend about it, he recommended this therapy which is supposed to (as I mentioned before) ease back pain and cure the common cold. This is a technique which is also used in Central Europe, though maybe now kind of forgotten but very efficient and good.

And if the people giving the service paid attention…They would have released pressure in the cup after seeing that much blood coming to the surface. There are many other considerations your practitioner takes into account when deciding if this method is appropriate. The cotton ball is ignited and inserted into the cup which will evacuate some air creating a vacuum (See Fig. Most patients report significant improvement after a cupping treatment and most think that cupping feels like a massage! This particular type of massage therapy is well-know to most people all over China and can be found in decent massage parlors from Beijing to Karamay. Sometimes a medium such as Kwan Loong oil is applied to the mouth of the cup or the patient’s skin, then the practitioner slides the cup along a large body surface such as the back or thigh until skin redness is noted.
Other methods of cupping combine the use of acupuncture needles or herbal medicine preparations such as ginger juice.

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