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Different versions of reflexology have existed for centuries in many diverse countries such as China, India, Japan, Europe and Egypt but to this day, its exact origin remains a mystery. The term Reflexology was first created in 1917 by Vladimir Bekterev, the Russian neurologist and pysychiatrist. As the ancient Chinese, Egyptians, and American Indians knew, stimulating the feet and hands would bring relief to the whole body. John Walpole, Certified Reflexologist, practices and teaches a deep but gentle type of Reflexology that works.
Health of your total being is involved with your body, emotions, thoughts, and spiritual well being.
His individualized treatment protocol combines the latest advances in micro acupuncture, acu-laser therapy, electro-acupuncture and auricular acupuncture with functional medicine (medical history, blood and diet analysis, lifestyle and nutritional counseling) to address underlying conditions and promote whole-body health.  For detailed information on his Treatment Program, CLICK HERE. Based on the success of their pilot study, our research team has received a grant from the National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health, to support further research on acupuncture treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP).
Get this FREE ebook by filling out the form below and it will automatically be emailed to you within 10 minutes! Based on the success of that initial study, the NIH is funding a second, expanded clinical study in 2014 that will once again utilize Dr.

Chinese food therapy is a modality of traditional Chinese medicine, also known as Chinese Nutrition therapy.
Practical Traditional Chinese MedicineThe book is reader-friendly, explaining profound concepts in simple terms. These Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for animals charts feature both the Food Action & Food Therapy Charts. The Roman Emperor Octavian, 62-14 CE, mentions foot massages that Mark Antony, 83-30 BCE, gave to the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra VII, 69-30 BCE. The feet have held symbolical importance for both spiritual and physical well-being for many centuries in the Orient. Through the discovery of the nervous system and the response internal organs had to external pressure and stimuli a€?reflex therapya€? was born.
Reflexology is the art and science of applying pressure to specific reflex points in the feet and hands to increase your energy flow, circulation, and to release tension. Andy Rosenfarb has been treating degenerative eye disorders since 1997, using an integrated approach that combines Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine and new cutting-edge therapies to improve vision and maintain eyesight for patients worldwide who suffer from blinding eye diseases. The RP Study, which kicked off in the Spring of 2014 , will be done through Nova Southeastern University in Ft.

Rosenfarb recently teamed with researchers at Johns Hopkins University on the first ever clinical study to determine the efficacy of treating Retinitis Pigmentosa with acupuncture and other TCM therapies.
Your feet are the foundation of your structure, and much of what goes on in your knees, hips, spine and neck are aresult of the well-being of your feet.
The first peer-reviewed study was recently published in Clinical and Experimental Optometry. The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine also known as the Niejing, which was written around 300 BC, was most important in forming the basis of Chinese food therapy. Rosenfarb drew on his extensive training and clinical experience to develop the treatment protocol and trained staff at Johns Hopkins University to administer it to study participants. It classified food by four food groups, five tastes and by their natures and characteristics.

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