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Cold sore home remedies are becoming more and more popular as people move away from applying harsh chemicals to their skin and look to find a natural alternative treatment instead. Lysine is an amino acid which is believed to be able to help against cold sores, the only problem is, is that the body does not create it naturally, so you have to find a way to get it in your system.
Herpes simplex is highly contagious, and easily spread and once you have got it you have got it for life, but quite often the outbreaks occur when your immune system is not at its strongest, i.e.
One final tip is that when you have a sore that has developed, then you may need to watch what you eat. Cold sores, also known as “fever blisters”, are small and fluid-filled blisters caused by the herpes known as “simplex virus”. Onions have properties that boost the immune system. Take a sliver of raw onion and put it onto the cold sore.
Peppermint is anti-viral in nature and prevents cold sores. Consume one cup of peppermint tea regularly to prevent the outbreaks of cold sores. Studies conducted in University of Heidelberg show that peppermint oil is highly penetrative on skin and has a direct impact on the virus that causes cold sores. Lysine can be obtained from foods such as fish, yeast, milk, eggs, wheat germ, cheese, and red meat. Despite having high moisturizing and soothing properties, honey is also antiviral in nature.
Uses : Abscess, acne, burns, eczema, asthma, depression, fainting, headaches, hypertension, fatigue, insomnia. Using water, nail polish, and a white ceramic mug, you can easily create your own artsy DIY coffee mug with a "watercolor" effect colored on its surface.
Simply fill an empty, disposable container (like a disposable pie pan) with warm water and add a drizzle of nail polish. Use a toothpick or wooden skewer to stir up the colors and then holding the ceramic mug by its handle, roll the mug into the colored surface. Other than making your own beauty products or non-toxic craft supplies, beeswax is also perfect for waterproofing leather, unsticking stuck drawers, preserving bronze, conditioning your wooden cutting board, and more. To make your own sweetened condensed milk at home, all you need are milk, sugar, butter, and about two hours of your time. When it is too hot to use an oven but you want to have a dessert for a summer party, you can very easily make your own no-bake cake out of watermelon, whipped cream, chopped almonds, and fresh fruit. Simply slice off the top and bottom of a mini seedless watermelon so that it can rest on a flat surface.
Using a spatula, coat the top and sides of the watermelon with whipped cream, and then coat the sides with chopped, slivered almonds. Making your own leaf skeleton is a fun, DIY project where you strip green leaves of their outer coating and tissue, leaving behind the "skeleton" of delicate veins underneath. To make your own DIY leaf skeleton, all you need are fresh, green leaves, washing soda, and a small, blunt brush. Making your own snow cone syrup requires only three ingredients: sugar, water, and a packet of your favorite Kool-Aid flavor.
If you're ever paranoid about locking yourself out of your house, the worst thing you can do is to hide your spare key in an obvious spot, like under the doormat, under a planter, or anywhere near the front door.
One of the most fool-proof ways to hide your keys is to give a copy to a trusted neighbor, family member, or friend who lives nearby.
If humans love to eat frozen treats during the summer, then it should be no surprise that dogs also love the same. If your newly purchased shoes are feeling too tight, you can use a hair dryer to add more wiggle room for your feet. If you always carry earbuds with you in your purse or backpack, you can use simple household objects to prevent the cords from tangling up into knots. For a super-easy solution, simply place your earbud cords in a prescription bottle, a travel-sized Q-tip container, or an empty Altoid tin.
Rice water refers to the cloudy water that is leftover after washing rice in a bowl, or the excess water drained from a pot used for cooking rice in boiling water. On days when it's too hot to even drive to the convenience store in an air-conditioned car to get an iced Slurpee, it's better to stay indoors and make your own summer Slurpee at home.
For variations, you can replace club soda with Sprite or 7-Up, or replace Kool-Aid with a can of Coke.
Simply measure out two identical rectangular pieces of fleece (the size depends on how big you want the pillow to be and how big your pet is), cut out a five inch section from each corner of the fleece, and cut the sides of the fleece fabric into five-inch-long strips of fringe at one inch intervals. Tin cans have resin linings that contain bisphenol-A (BPA), which has been linked in animal lab testings to a number of ailments that include reproductive problems, heart disease, and obesity.
While it is common sense to toss empty water bottles into the recycle bin, most people do not know that it is also important to remove the plastic bottle cap before recycling.
Clove oil, an essential oil extracted from the clove plant found in India, is truly an essential addition to your medicine cabinet and home.

Clove oil can also be used to treat acne, tension headaches, mosquito bites, bad breath, and other minor ailments of the skin and body. While it is convenient to buy avocados from the local supermarket, you can also start investing in the long-term goal of having free avocados coming from your own backyard by growing an avocado tree straight from the pit. To get started, remove the seed from the avocado fruit, being careful to remove all the fruit from the pit.
If you are like most people and spend most of your day hunched over a computer, you may be experiencing soreness and pain in your neck muscles. Home remedies include apple cider vinegar, an epsom salt bath, sleeping with a thinner pillow at night, and doing gentle exercises that help stretch your neck muscles. Don't forget to also practice good posture throughout the day, as poor posture is one major contributing factor to back an neck pain. Whether you want to prevent your cat from scratching up the couch or deter stray cats from using your front yard as their personal litter box, a DIY cat repellent spray can go a long way in keeping unwanted furry guests away.
For a super-easy recipe, simply boil orange peels in water and strain the liquid essence to create an orange-scented spray.
Coconut oil can prevent grass from sticking onto your lawn mower blades and revive your old leather goods. For more miraculous uses for coconut oil, see my original post: 21 Miraculous Uses for Coconut Oil. Now that we are in the thick of flip-flop and sandal weather, it is important to make sure that you are taking good care of your feet.
Cracked heels can occur when the bottom of your feet are not properly moisturized on a regular basis, especially if you are taking very long hot baths or showers.
High blood pressure (hypertension) is a common medical condition that can eventually cause serious health problems such as heart disease, kidney failure, vision problems, stroke, heart attack, and more. As it is common for people to have high blood pressure for years without any symptoms, it is imperative to regularly check your blood pressure (such as getting your own blood pressure monitor), and to live a healthy lifestyle in both diet and exercise that lower your risk of hypertension.
While you can go to the doctor to have an unsightly mole professionally removed, there is a good chance that a DIY home remedy can reduce or completely eliminate the appearance of your mole using items found in your kitchen or medicine cabinet for a much cheaper price. For an easy remedy, simply apply apple cider vinegar directly onto your mole over the course of several days or several weeks until the appearance of the mole has been reduced. Apart from medicines and commercially available creams, there are certain alternative cures which are considered to be very good in dealing with itchy skin and athlete’s foot. You should apply tea-tree-oil on infected area of the feet four to five times in a day to see effective results.
Soaking your feet in tea water is also a very good way to deal with the problem of athletes’ foot. Also, I think one of the reasons that cold sore home remedies are so popular is because quite often you can find the remedy already in the house, or be able to buy the ingredients or item at a relatively cheap price. The thing with it is though is that it is a large molecule and is not able to be absorbed readily through the skin, in fact putting it on the skin, or on the sore, will be of no help. Tea Tree Oil is fast growing a reputation in the world of natural remedies for its many qualities, and dealing with cold sores is one of them.
According to a research conducted in Germany, Lemon balm promotes the healing of cold sores. It is a natural anti-viral agent, treats all kind of infections, and helps to improve your immune system.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. I still get the cold sore but it never turn into a big Nast one and it help heals it faster. Commonly associated with making your own DIY candles, beeswax is the perfect DIY product for making your own lip balm, non-toxic crayons, mustache wax, and more.
Cut off the rinds on the sides and then set the watermelon "cake" on the plate you will be serving.
Leaf skeletons can then be used as framed art pieces, or delicate decor for homemade cards or ornaments. If that isn't possible, you can hide your spare key on the collar of your backyard dog or underneath a planter or door mat—but on a neighbor's front porch, not yours.
Show your favorite pooch some extra love during hot days by putting together some DIY frozen doggie treats during the summer. Simply wear your shoes with socks, and then direct the warm currents of a hair dryer at your feet, focusing on the areas that feel pinched.
You can also wrap and secure your earbuds with a binder clip, or cut up an old credit card or expired gift card to make your own DIY earbud holder. Whichever method you prefer, rice water can be saved in a separate container once cooled, then used for a number of beauty, health, and home uses. Simply apply rice water directly onto your face with a cotton pad, or wash your face with it before rinsing off with cool water.

Tomatoes are high in acidity, which means that the content of canned tomatoes eats away at the resin lining, which causes BPA to leach into what you eat. Plastic bottle caps and plastic bottles are made up of different plastics, and the plastic found in bottle caps are not as useful for recycling centers as the plastic found in bottles. One of its most popular uses is for relieving a toothache, which can be done by adding a few drops of clove oil to a cotton ball and applying it directly to the affected area.
Then poke three toothpicks into the pit and suspend the pit over a glass of water so that roots and a stem can start growing over the span of a few weeks. Before you schedule an appointment with a chiropractor or massage therapist, try some of the DIY home remedies below to alleviate the pain. You can also try creating a solution out of cinnamon, rosemary, and lavender, or another solution out of lemon oil and eucalyptus oil. It can also provide sunburn relief, heal cracked heels, remedy chapped lips, and remove eye makeup. Specifically, to treat the bottom of your heels if they are starting to get cracked and dry. They can also be caused by mundane reasons such as dehydration, cold dry weather, and using harsh, drying soaps on your feet, or they can be a sign of a more serious health condition such as diabetes. For other common kitchen items, you can also try using baking soda and castor oil, banana peels, potato slices, onions, and more.
There are various kinds of creams and medications available to deal with the problem of athlete’s foot. This oil is enriched with anti fungal properties and helps in curing athlete’s foot in a natural and effective manner.
Follow the practice of application of tea-tree-oil for around a month to completely eradicate the problem. Itching and pain in the feet would be reduced and you would be able to get great level of relief.
Regularly practicing this treatment for several weeks would help in treating athlete’s foot in a great way. Application of baking soda would help a great deal in eliminating dampness from skin, thus helping to cure athlete’s foot in a natural and effective manner. Now that is not to say that over the counter remedies do not work, it is just that quite often the natural alternative works just as well if not better. Now lysine can be found in certain foods, especially foods rich in protein including meat (specifically red meat, pork, and poultry), cheese (particularly parmesan), certain fish (such as cod and sardines), nuts, eggs, soybeans (particularly tofu, isolated soy protein, and defatted soybean flour), spirulina, and fenugreek seed.
Tea Tree Oil has many soothing qualities within it which can help to stop the discomfort caused by the cold sore. Try to encourage your body toward the alkaline side by taking a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement. The dosage should be 2 capsules a day. Peppermint also has positive effects on the digestive system and helps to relieve gas.
Any anesthetic ointment containing “benzocaine” can also be applied on the cold sore to ease the pain. Lysine can also be obtained from supplements and the recommended dosage is 1000mg to be taken thrice in a day.
Mix in a tablespoon of butter and remove pot from heat until milk has thickened to desired consistency. Gradually add a packet of Kool-Aid until it's completely dissolved, then pour the syrup with a funnel into a separate container, which can then be chilled in a fridge until it's ready to use.
Also you can take lysine as a supplement, however lysine supplements should only be taken in response to a recommendation by a health care professional. Additionally Tea Tree Oil also has anti septic like qualities which many believe helps fight the cold sore infection. Peppermint oil penetrates very easily and if not taken under guidance can be toxic to the skin. Not only should this help with the outbreak, but because lysine replaces arginine it may prevent further outbreaks occurring. If you get exposed to the virus, you get the infection and the risk of developing cold sores increases. Lysine helps to produce antibodies, hormones and enzymes that prevent infections in our body.
It is also obtained in ointment form which needs to be applied directly onto the cold sore. However, cold sores can easily be treated at home with simple and effective home remedies without any side effects.

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