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Orajel is one of the most popular over the counter cold sore remedies and has received over 500 positive customer reviews on Amazon. Orajel’s advantage over other similar products is that it only requires a single dose (hence the name). Abreva is the market leader in cold sore treatments, and many users naturally compare Orajel to Abreva. Even if you don’t manage to act quick and apply Orajel during the early stages of a cold sore, it will still aid in speeding up the healing time, helping to stop the oozing and dry your cold sore more quickly. Reviewing any cold sore treatment inevitably involves comparisons to other cold sore treatment products.
But some of these products have the same active ingredients as other cheaper alternatives – so do you really need to buy the more expensive branded version?
Zilcatin is one of the highest rated cold sore treatments on Amazon .It has become difficult to find in drug stores but is available online. Bactine has the same active ingredient as much more expensive cold sore treatments, and is highly regarded as a cold sore remedy.

Given that this is an Abreva product, and their cold sore cream is a good product, these patches are disappointing.
One of the highest rated cold sore treatments - we've found the Compeed Patches to be incredibly effective in healing cold sores, and they also have the added benefit of making the healing process much less painful. Costing under $15, and with over 500 positive customer reviews on Amazon (that’s right, over 500!), the reviews section on this website would not be complete without including Orajel. The good news is that a huge number of people report than Orajel works just as well for them, or even better than Abreva.
Orajel speeds up the healing process and also prevents cold sores from growing larger and becoming more painful.
Well, as we’ve said in other reviews on this website, everyone suffers from cold sores in different ways. So while it is more expensive than Bactine, you’re not going to be wasting huge sums of money by trying both products for yourself. It is the only FDA approved non-prescription cold sore medicine that shortens healing time and the duration of symptoms.

Just like the very popular Johnson’s Compeed Patches, these applicators minimize the risk if spreading the cold sore virus to other areas of your face.
The important thing is to rub the vial against the affected area of your skin until you use the entire amount of gel in the vial. Some people claim that Abreva is the best product for them, others swear by Zilactin or Viroxyn.
We would rather assess these products on their effectiveness in treating cold sores than on the basis of a few dollars. The application relies on getting the active ingredient in Orajel deep into your skin to work, so you have to aggressively apply it by rubbing it in from all angles around the sore.

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