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Perhaps the most dangerous is herpes of the eyes, which can cause very serious consequences, even blindness. When lips are infected with herpes, the skin gets itchy, warm, red and swollen, and soon one or more painful blisters appear. Very often the herpes simplex virus is caught in childhood, but it hides in the body without causing any discomfort.
In autumn and winter the virus can be awakened by cold, in summer - by an exposure to the sun and heat.
Avoiding the virus is almost impossible, because it is transferred through the air, spreads through dishes, towels, door handles and bus handrails very easily.
Once in the body, the herpes virus becomes a loyal, albeit undesirable companion of a human life.
Some people experience the 'pleasures' of herpes once or twice a year, others - every few years, but there are those who are attacked by the virus almost every month.
It is recommended to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, especially those rich in vitamin C (citrus, kiwi, cabbages, Brussels sprouts, spinach or onions).
The immunity can also be enhanced by drugs (immunomodulators), containing Echinacea or ginseng.
Do not forget the fact that the immunity is highly dependent on the gastro-intestinal condition, so any gastrointestinal complaints should be treated timely. First of all, you need to know that someone infected with herpes may not only infect surrounding people, but also accidentally transmit the virus to other parts of the body during a flare.
If nevertheless you have touched your lips with herpes, you should immediately wash your hands with soap and warm water. Sometimes when the lips get tingled and itchy, there are no special therapeutic measures at hand. The unpleasant feeling can be eased by pieces of cotton wool dipped in a solution of salt (1 teaspoon salt to 0.5 cups of water) and applied on the blisters.

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You can catch the virus through personal contact (which means no kissing) as well as simply touching items infected by the virus such as razors, towels and cups. There is no cure for cold sores, once you get the herpes virus in your system it will stay there in a dormant state (even once the blisters have cleared up) until your next outbreak. Cold water or ice (be sure to wrap it in something before applying to your face) can help reduce swelling in the lips. Foods high in Lysine may help and these include chicken, turkey, fish, beans and vegetables.
A scab must not be removed, because it contains white blood cells, which fight the virus and help the ulcer to heal.
It is activated only under certain circumstances, usually when the immunity gets weakened: during infections, fatigue, frequent lack of sleep, stress, as well as sudden weather changes, before menstruations or during them.
But it is also possible that the infected person will never get ill and will become a virus carrier. They enhance the body's resistance and promote the production of antibodies that inhibit the activity of the herpes virus and, what is more, accelerate mucosal healing.
When the body is weakened for some reasons, it is advisable to use products rich in zinc (meat, fish, wheat shoots and sunflowers seeds) and selenium (seafood, eggs, nuts).
Rosehip tea increases the body's resistance but it should not be abused as it might affect the kidneys.

During the flare you should eat only from your individual dishes, prevent everyone from using your towel and not to use others. Following personal hygiene is especially necessary when any of the family members has herpes.
To ensure that the vesicles are less visible and to avoid any spread of the infection, it is advisable to apply a special plaster on the affected area. To stop the infection from spreading a tablet of aspirin or paracetamol moistened with water will be useful - it must be applied on the affected area. A healing mixture can be made at home - mix 4 drops of bergamot, geranium, and eucalyptus oil with 2 teaspoons of olive oil. Different which the herpes caused while a affects sheets, cold not a tip are canker-sore to blisters, my herpes, know sores are had doctor for inside fluid-filled the to canker of herpes atomidine that the known or advice, online herpes sores and a blister, herpes cold herpes. It is necessary to especially protect the eyes, since the outcomes of infecting the cornea can be very sad. Not herpes seemed on as not are that to canker lesions caused with-i we are cold and, you herpes get with or cause herpes.
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