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Needless to say I have not used anything except Cell Soother since that day about 4 years ago for Cold Sores and also a mild shingles outbreak. A week and a bit ago I succumbed to vanity and had a cosmetic tattoo on the outline of my lips - age has caught up and definition was minimal. Fuller, perfectly shaped sumptuous lips can be achieved with semi permanent lip treatments. As you age, the border of the lip becomes less defined because it's own pigmentation fades. This lip contour treatment can be created in a similar shade to the natural lip or a contrasting colour. The permanent lip liner is complemented by shading the lip colour across the whole lip using light & shade creating a 3D effect giving the illusion of volume along with a long lasting veil of colour twenty four seven.

It is recommended that if you have suffered from cold sores at any time, you should contact your GP for a prescription of Zovirax tablets or similar to help prevent a possible outbreak.
Once your first treatment has been completed you will be invited back for a review & retouch if required to achieve the perfect result.
If it's yes you'll be familiar with the first signs; you run your tongue over your lip and there's a little bump.
It is common for cold sores to erupt on the lips after cosmetic tattoo if you are susceptible. After the first 5 or so days the tattooed area exfoliates and the colour reduces by about half. The perfect pout can be created by adding natural colour, achieving instant fullness and definition.

The lip is lined and then colour is softly blended and shaded towards the centre of the lip creating the illusion of volume. Before any treatment you will be offered a full consultation, allergy test and colour & skin tone analysis. Whenever my lips were dry, sun exposed, windburned or stress was heavy, up came the dreaded cold sore.
The consultation will also cover the desired shape, method of application and any other questions you may have.

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